Strongest Top End Talent Ever - Manhattan Inv. Girls Preview

Girls Easterns

Time:   2:46pm

Teams at the Top:   Manlius (130.4), North Rockland (116.4), Bolles, FL (113.4), Bethlehem (109.6), Niskayuna (107.8), Liverpool (107.8), Morgantown, WV (106.8), Corning (106.2), Champlain Valley, VT (102), Notre Dame Academy (101.8)

Runners with Hops:   Katelyn Tuohy (North Rockland) - 161+, Brooke Rauber (Tully) - 155, Claire Walters (FM) - 151 (2018), Jenna Schulz (Liverpool) - 146, Charlotte Bednar (Lawrenceville) - 144, Lea Hatcher (Morgantown, WV) - 139, Hannah Kaercher (FM) - 139, Lizzie Lucason (Camden) - 134, Phoebe White (FM) - 134, Athena Young (Morgantown, WV) - 133, Irene Riggs (Morgantown, WV) - 131, Rylee Davis (Bethlehem) - 127, Kayli Armitage (La Salle Academy, RI) - 126, Haleigh Morales (North Rockland) - 125, Grace Kaercher (FM) - 125, Gillian Roeder (Bethlehem) - 124, Faithe Ketchum (Corning) - 124, Liyat Kebbede (Niskayuna) - 123, Liz Csikai (Bolles, FL) - 122, Julia Threthaway (West Morris Central, NJ) - 121, Corina Vidal (Henry Hudson, NJ) - 120, Maxine Montoya (Bolles, FL) - 120, Sierra Dinneen (Notre Dame) - 120, Ella Mickler (Bolles, FL) - 118, Claire Mason (Corning) - 117,  Sydney Carlson (Liverpool) - 117, Alyssia Brown (Notre Dame) - 114, Nadine Gomez (Warren, CA) - 112, Erin Boler (Niskayuna) - 112, Catherine Ruffino (North Rockland) - 108, Layne Rivera (Bolles, FL) - 109, Katherine Hesler (Niskayuna) - 108, Maddy Kopec (Red Bank Catholic) - 106

Overview:    Only six girls have ever broken 14mins at VCP, but this meet includes at least four girls who can do that on the same day.  Katelyn Tuohy is the easy favorite, and Course Record Holder by nearly 45-seconds faster than anyone else in the field.  If she's going for that Record, or faster, she should be alone by the bridge.  If things are closer to that 160 Speed Rating Range, company might be closer.  Brooke Rauber is coming off a 155 at her home course, where she ran uncontested.  Claire Walters ran 156 twice last year, as well as a 151 here at Manhattan.  She only has a 142 to her name in 2019, but Manlius opened earlier than usual before taking a break.  Jenna Schulz ran a 147 at Nationals last Fall, and is fit after a battle at McQuaid.  Rounding out your favorites is Charlotte Bednar, who was 12th last year at NXN, as only a Freshman, running 150.  Your winner should come from that pack, who should be chasing the time from Letter Race A.

Behind that, the race density gets interesting, and makes for a good team challenge.  Manlius is currently US #3, and the team favorite if things go smoothly, but have that big gap between 4 & 5.  There are plenty of athletes in the field looking to bunch in between, and it could bump up that team score.  North Rockland may have the greater team average thanks to Tuohy, but Bolles of Florida beat them by 43pts. last week at Great American.  Either team could make the jump for the title.