Strongest Top End Talent Ever - Manhattan Inv. Girls Preview

Girls Race F


Teams at the Top:   Mohonasen (95.6), Pearl River (90.2), Brighton (85.0)

Runners with Hops:   Kate Sherman (Mohonasen) - 120, Alexa Doe (South Jefferson) -118, Una Boylan (Pearl River) - 115, Eilee Ossont (Brighton) - 110, Veronica Szygalowicz (Lindenhurst) - 105, 

Overview:   The final race of the day is usually the most relaxed, but not in 2019.  Mohonasen had a strong showing up at Pre-States, winning their Race Division.  Pearl River are the reigning champs of this race, with a strong win last year.  Kate Sherman leads the field, with a question mark next to Alexa Doe, whose team is also entered in Easterns, where she might run as an individual.