A Mid-Season Look At The 2020 New York State Rankings

It's been an unusual Season for sure, with many factors determining different looks and feelings across the many diverse Sections of New York State. But one thing is certain. For those that had Cross Country, and for those set to have it later this school year, the competitive edge never left.

While we still have a month left to go of the Cross Country Season, and less time than that before we hear what is to become of Indoor Track, we thought we would take our first stab at a State Ranking. Given the circumstances, we've limited that to a simple Top 10, regardless of Classification. Even then, they aren't perfect. Some teams are only time trialing. Others are running in full blown invitationals. However, we think we've parsed through the data enough, to give us an idea.

Want to prove the rankings wrong? Join us at the Northeast HS Club Cross Country Championships, where the Top Teams in the State can race head-to-head, and the rankings can be settled. You can only move up the rankings if you show up, so register today here.

And for now, see how the rankings shook out.

How The Rankings Were Made

Unlike typical years, we looked at everything available. That included Dual Meets, Time Trials, weighted past performance, and more. We did not look at head-to-head results as a main determining factor, as race day lineups have been in dramatic flux for most of the season, mainly due to unexpected quarantines. Instead, we used composites from multiple races, planning for a full team presence in the post-season.

Some of the results used here are not public, but have been submitted to us, and speed rated. This includes results that are impossible to convert, unable to verify race distance, or other measures. These are only accepted in a select few cases.

How To Get Ranked

With a Season - Results must be publicly available, run on a known course, must be 5000 Meters, or Speed Rated. Off-Distances, one-off courses, or out-of-state races are hard to gauge comparatively.

Without a Season - We have a track 5K Time Trial Speed Rating converter for those unable to race. Submit results to kbrazeil@milesplit.com for consideration (not for posting, currently.) We highly suggest the club racing circuit as well, highlighted by 12thRock Sports and Ocean Breeze, as well as some efforts in neighboring New Jersey. As long as you have had five members from your High School race, you can be considered in the State Team Rankings.

Boys Individual State Ranks
Boys Team State Rankings
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Girls Individual State Ranks
Girls Team State Rankings