The Fields Are Loaded Up: Manhattan Invitational Girls Letter Race Previews

Race D

Time:  2:58pm

Teams at the Top:  Ithaca - 99.4, Tappan Zee - 95.8, Guilderland - 91.6, Villa Walsh, NJ - 80.74

Runners with HopsAziza Chigatayeva (Brooklyn Tech) - 128, Lizzy Rayle (Ithaca) - 121, Rachel Kenny (Matawan) - 121, Alexandra Thomas (Tappan Zee) - 120, Zoe Tomasik (Ithaca) - 103, Anjali Kapur (Somers) - 103, Sarah Hanifin (Villa Walsh) - 104, Morgan Mehmel (Villa Walsh) - 103, Alexandria Vellekoop (Guilderland) - 102

Overview:  You could consider this Aziza Chigatayeva's home course, and after seeing what you she did at Bowdoin last week, don't be shocked by a big race here. Lizzy Rayle, Rachel Kenny, and Alex Thomas are all strong athletes as well, and could provide enough pressure to create an opportunity. Ithaca, however, looks strong on the team side, and will be hoping to come away with a team win.

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