Pawling High School Pawling, NY, USA

Pawling High School

30 Wagner Road Pawling, NY, USA

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Race to a Decision in Valhalla: The Story of Jorgensen and Cain Perry King Sep 22, 2014

In May of 2010, two runners ran step-for-step for 7 1/2 laps with a mad dash to a finish that separated them by two tenths of a second. One would go on to become a top UNC Tarheel and the other would launch herself on a course that would make her a junior world champion in July 2014. It's Elastic Girl versus the Flipper, revisited, and the tale of the big decisions they battled over.

NYS Boys Class C Preview Aug 27, 2009

So much attention is payed to the "big guys", the class AA and A schools, that sometimes it's nice to take a look at the smaller team that will be battling for NY State supremecy. Coach Ed Stickles of Bronxville takes a look at the boys of Class C.    

Arlington boys & girls win at Big Red Invit. Sep 13, 2008

 SOMERS – The Arlington girls team isn’t hiding from the season’s expectations. They know the expectations are there. They aren’t hiding and coach Steve Arnett keeps it in perspective. “If dog bites man there’s no news,” he said. “Now if man bites dog, that’s a big deal.”