Section 1 Rankings - Week 1

Week ending 9/13/08


Section 1 Rankings - Open

1 Arlington (AA) With 5 of their top back from last year's squad and the addition of the ex-soccer player who won her race at Somers this weekend, this team will be tough to beat.  At Somers they went from 19:09 to 20:39 and #6-7 were also under 21:00.
2 Suffern (AA) returns all 7 from last year with their star leader, Shelby, they will be a formidable group to run against all season.  At Sunken Meadow over the weekend they ran between 19:10 and 22:12.
3 Bronxville (C) Defending Class C champs and Westchester Co. champs return 4 of 7 from last year and add 8th grader Amelia Phillips who ran 4:53 in 1500 outdoor.  Team ran 19:43-21:29 at Randolph on Friday night to win their race.
4 Pearl River (B) Speaking of Sectional titles, is it #30 straight the girls are looking to claim this year?  Dan has his girls ready to go after many titles this fall. At Randolph his girls won their race and had an average speed rating of 91 for the top 5 on a muddy day.
5 North Rockland (AA) With and average speed rating of 80 these girls start the season in a good place.  They will have plenty of time to shift their speed and try to take on top teir teams in the coming weeks
6 Ursuline (A) With front runner Sullivan running well on Friday night, the Unicorns showed good ability through the mud at Randolph, NJ.  Moving up a JV runner into their top 5 will strengthen their hold on one of the top spots in the overall list and in Class A this fall.
7 Brewster (A) With 3  in the top 18 at Somers, the girls of Brewster are looking good to start the season.  With Munn running in contact with the Arlington pack, she is showing to be a talented leader.
8 Pawling (C) 3 in the top 11 at Somers in their race gives evidence of a potentially strong team.
9 Nanuaet (B)  A young group of runners ranked well to start the season. We will be looking for some solid results from them once they all run in the same race.
10 Hastings (C)  A group of runners looking to make a name this season. They had a good showing at Randolph on Friday, with their leader hanging with the Bronxville pack up front throughout the race.  When their 4-5 start moving up the team will be able to make a jump up the list
HM Irvington (C) waiting to see the whole team run together to see what they can accomplish.
HM Carmel (AA) some solid running up front needs to find some support in the #4 and 5 spots
    Teams that did not compete were not ranked.  IF you have results that would help us make informed decisions about rankings, please email them to
    Thanks - Ed Stickles (Bronxville)




  Class AA  
1 Arlington Best of the Top 10 Open list.
2 Suffern #2 on Top 10 Open List
3 North Rockland #4 on top 10 open List.
4 Carmel looking to put together a solid 5 to make a run at top 3 teams in section.
5 New Rochelle Coach Cap. Trying to replace top 3 from last years squad.
  Class A  
1 Ursuline replacing #2 and #3 from last year's squad will be a feat, however with the front running of Sullivan and the new support crew this team should fare well.
2 Brewster Lost 3 of 7 from last year but are looking pretty solid to start the season off.
3 Tappan Zee  Lost top 2 to graduation but have a group of good returning runners that should put up a good fight up front.
4 Somers a young squad looking to make a splash in class A.
5 Horace Greeley  a well coached group that will be running to make a name for themselves.
  Class B  
1 Pearl River Another year, another sectional title???? This young team will pack nicely by the end of the season.
2 Nanuet Will try to work some of their own packing magic and give some
teams trouble.
3 JFK Catholic Looking to place in top 3 at sectionals. Will need to find a solid group of 5
to keep pace with those in front of them
4 Ardsley put a team on the course at Somers. We will be watching to see about strength. Bunched nicely just in front of Briarcliff.
5 Briarcliff looking to climb back into the game after gaining a new coach.  These girls know how to bunch, now they just need to move the pack forward.
  Class C  
1 Bronxville Looking to keep hold on their sectional championship and win another county title. Need to establish who their replacement parts are for those that graduated.  Lots of youth means
this team will be around for a while.
2 Pawling have some good runners that can do some low scoring come the end of the season. Won their race at Somers on Saturday.
3 Hastings wearing the green and white, leaders were keeping company with the Broncos at  Randolph on Friday night, if they establish a solid 4 and 5 they will be competative in many
4 Irvington when they run, they will have a good group of runners on the course.
5 Dobbs Ferry their youth movement will force teams with front runners to get out and
establish themselves before these ladies pour across the line.




Section 1 Boys Rankings - Open

1 Arlington (AA) after a great showing @ Somers Big Red invite this past weekend, placing 5 in top 9 of race and their leader breaking the course record, Arlington has laid down the challenge to the rest of the section to catch them if you can.  With a speed rating avg. for the top 5 at 169, they seem poised to take on all comers.
2 Suffern (AA) With a nice showing @ Bear Mt. in a 7 team meet last week, the Suffern boys put all 5 guys under 17:00 and only allowed 1 runner from an opposing team to break their group up.  Avg. speed rating was 161 for top 5. 
3 North Rockland (AA) Always a tough team, these guys sit in the #3 spot but could very well move up very soon.  They have an avg. speed rating of 160, but their top 2 are ahead of Suffern currently.  If their #4 and #5 can pinch the gap to #3 they will be a tough
team to beat.
4 Mahopac (AA) A nice run at Somers over the weekend had the boys finish with 3 in the top 10 of their race against a mighty Arlington  squad.  If their #4 and #5 can improve 20-30 seconds- this team will do battle all season with those ahead of them.
5 Brewster (A) In a merge of Somers results, Brewster tops the rest.  Look for this team to keep pace with the rest of Section 1, putting pressure on the Class A schools as they look to qualify for a trip to states this year.
6 Dobbs Ferry (C) A great group of runners from a small school who are highly motivated this year to qualify for a trip to the state meet to  represent Class C this year.  They had a great showing at the Somers meet and Patrick Wortner earned the individual win in his race,
followed in 3rd by his brother.
7 Somers (A) Still running tough after a big graduation year.  Somers is not a team that believes in rebuilding, just reloading.  A never- ending goup of youth movement coming up with the motivation to return to the top of Class A. 
8 Yorktown (A) Led by Manu Kumar, this group of boys also is looking down the calendar and working to try to qualify for a spot on the starting line in Sunken Meadow State Park come November.
9 Pawling (CV) all 5 under 19:31 at Somers, something other teams didn't have.  We give them the nod this week but they will have to  prove they are as good as we think in the coming weeks.
10 John Jay - EF (AA) A good showing in their first meet with 2 under 18:00 @ Somers, another team that will have to show more to stay on the list. 
HM Pearl River (B) Didn't show all of their cards at Randolph, but with a leader like Hickey, look to see them make some  big jumps on this list in the coming weeks.
HM Fox Lane (A) Maybe the A favorite but they haven't raced yet - we'll see what they have at Suffern this weekend.
    We know there are other teams out there that will be on this list soon. IF we could not find results for your team, we were unable to do any rankings. If you split your squad and only Varsity divisions were listed, but you had JV guys run faster,  we apologize for not being able to give due credit. Please email us any results that might help us make informed

Thanks and see you next week.
    Thanks - Ed Stickles (Bronxville)




  Class AA  
1 Arlington (AA) Leader of Section 1 Top 10 open teams.
2 Suffern (AA) also #2 on Top 10 open teams
3 North Rockland (AA) #3 on Top 10 open teams
4 Mahopac (AA) #4 on Top 10 open teams.C13
5 John Jay EF (AA) Will need to add some depth to their front two to move up on the teams in front of them.
  Class A  
1 Brewster  #5 on Top 10 Open team list
2 Somers  Looking to build another strong team in their usual tradition.
3 Yorktown  Will make some noise on this list as the season progresses.
4 Greeley Not showing full strength as of yet, but will be ready when they need to be.
5 Tappan Zee led by Panebianco, they could form a good team by the end of October.
HM waiting for FL to race  
  Class B  
1 Pearl River Led by Hickey, this team will be a good one to keep an eye on for the season in any meet
2 Ardsley lots of gold and blue on the course at Somers over the weekend.  Watch to see what they can do as a team by mid season.
3 North Salem A showing at Somers had them packed between 29th and 76th. Need to find a front runner
4 JFK Catholic 2 in the top 21 at Somers but lacking the depth in the back.
  Class C  
1 Dobbs Ferry  an impressive showing at Somers with the Wortner brothers taking care of business up front.  This team looks poised to earn a trip to State's.  Watch out, as the Class C meet was a close one last year and could be a repeat performance if all the pieces come together for the top teams.
2 Bronxville Winners of their division at Randolph have a nice solid front 3, but need to move #4 and 5 up to - challenge for the top of the podium come Nov.
3 Pawling  ran a good race at Somers, but many of us are waiting to see who their front runner will be in the coming weeks.  They can be spoilers for the C race come Nov.  They had 4 in the top 25 at Somers.
4 Irvington  Defending class C champs have a great front 2 but haven't shown their cards yet as a team Watch to see the jump they make as the season gets really going.