NYS Boys Class C Preview

So much attention is payed to the "big guys", the class AA and A schools, that sometimes it's nice to take a look at the smaller teams that will be battling for NY State supremacy. Coach Ed Stickles of Bronxville takes a look at the boys of Class C.


New York State Boys Class C Cross Country Pre-Season Rankings 2009

Last year saw many great races between the class C programs in the state, including some 1 point wins to get to the state meet, and then a 1 point win at the state meet. I expect we will see more of the same this season, as many teams are gearing up for great battles.  If you have any “inside information” that may help in future rankings, please pass that on to me as I prepare to do the weekly rankings. 

Understand that the rankings are based on performances on a week by week basis and for some that will mean a big change in the rankings if the top 5 runners do not all race together each week.  Without knowing reasons why runners did not compete it is unfair to assume that the entire team is still healthy or eligible. 

It only takes one injury to change the entire team as we know.  I have provided my email address so that coaches can “keep me in the loop” week by week to explain any changes and how it may affect their rankings.  I hope you will bear with me as I try to do my best to get the information together each week and make fair judgements.  If coaches send me results and explanations about the changes in their team week to week it will help me keep the rankings accurate.  Thanks for your help and understanding and let’s have a great season.  runnered@verizon.net

Jordan Elbridge- Section 3: Finished the 2008 season as the 3rd ranked team in the state, barely losing to Holland Patent in their state qualifier meet.  They had NO seniors in their top group.  In the spring they had 3 at 4:50 or faster in the 1600 with Marrero and Bader at 4:43, Stanton ran 9:50 for the 3200.  Slonsky ran 10:40 for 3200. Right now they are the favorites going into the season and we will see what a solid summer of running has done for them.

Pawling-Section 1: This will no doubt start a debate going into the season, but with B. Freyer running as the team leader this fall and his spring 14:49 5k on the track, they will have quite a team this fall.  Behind Freyer will be a team that will boast 5 sub 5:00 1600M runners and 2 more sub 11:00 3200M runners. They will have Matt Jorgensen, who enters his frosh year after running in their top 3 last year in 8th grade.  Names to watch include Freyer, Yu, Maruzzella, Mayette, McGee, Callan, Swick, Jorgensen, and Nagasing.  Good depth and a well coached team can mean some serious business as the season progresses. They will be looking to put their name back on the map in NYS as the state meet in 2010 will be at their home site.

Holland Patent - Section 3: This team lost by only 1 point at the state meet in 2008.  4 of their top 5 return.  During Spring track, Eric Stevens ran 4:56 in 1600, Dylan Racha ran 9:55 in 3200 and 4:34 in 1600.

Tully- Section 3: Another perennial section 3 power. They finished the 2008 season ranked #4 in NYS.  This season they return their top gun, Sam Ohure who ran 4:33 in 1600 outdoor. He will be followed by Micah Long who ran 4:50 and 10:29 during outdoor.  They also have Ben Palladino (5:00 1600) and Blaise Knapp (5:27 1600). 

Irvington - Section 1: 3rd place last year at the NYS championships, this team finished the season as the #5 ranked team and will begin this season in the same spot, but expect to see them move up as they are led by Julian Saliani who has 2:00 800 speed, 4:24 1600 to qualify for outdoor states this past spring.  They graduated one of their top runners, however they have some runners that will step up and try to keep their section 1 title from leaving their river town and heading north to Pawling.

James O’Neill- Section 9: 5th place last year at the NYS meet and only 1 senior in their top 5.  Kendall Ward ran 4:25 in 1600 and 9:41 in 3200 during outdoor track.  Baronik, only a soph, ran a 4:46 1600 with Weir running 5:10.

Gowanda -Section 6: 4th last fall at the state meet and had a freshman in the top 30 at the state meet.  During Spring track they had Nielson run 4:25 in 1600 and 9:50 in 3200.  Igielinski ran 4:58 1600, Brown ran 10:08 3200, and an impressive 10:02 3k steeple.

Dobbs Ferry - Section 1: Finished the 2008 season ranked #9 and return the Wortner brothers who train as hard as anybody in NYS.  They both finished in the top 30 last year and will look to improve on that.  Older brother, Patrick, now a senior ran 9:54 in 3200 and ran at spring state meet.  Brendan, now a soph. ran a 10:16 indoor 3200.  With 2 very solid runners leading the team they will look to pack in 3 more scorers to take a shot at defending section 1 champs Irvington and highly ranked Pawling.

Rhinebeck -Section 9: Finished the season in 2008 ranked #13 in NYS.  Dylan Nowick ran a 1:57 800 and 4:30 1600 in the spring.  John Marvin, only a soph this year, ran a 4:48 1600. With 5 others at or under 11:20 for 3200 they will be tough at the state qualifier for James O’Neill to take on to progress to the state meet. This looks like it will be a very close sectional meet.

 Chenango Valley - Section 4: This team might be ranked a bit low, what with having Max Straneva who won the individual title in Class C easily last year and ran 4:16 in 1600 and 9:14 in 3200, with a 15:31 at NON 5k.  With his leadership this team could pull off a great season if they have all been training well this summer.  They also have Cashman who ran 4:37 in 1600 for a good 1-2 punch.

 Newark Valley -Section 4: How do you put the two time state champs in the 11th spot?  This team had 4 seniors in 2008, that is how. I expect to see them leapfrog teams in front of them early in the season, but without knowing what they have coming in it is hard to give them a higher position. In spring they had Crispell run 10:38 in 3200, and Cleveland run 10:57.

Canastota - Section 3: Finished the 2008 season ranked #7.  This team will have Walker (2:00 800; 4:35 1600 and 10:05 3200) as a solid leader. He will have the support of Spara (4:53 1600/11:15 3200); Szkolnick (11:14 3200) and Mcdowell (4:26 1600).

Voorheesville - Section 2: Lost by only 1 point to Berne-Knox Westerlo, who finished 6th at the state meet in 2008, at the section 2 meet.  Led by Cashin who ran 4:33 in 1600 and 10:03 in 3200.  Treadgold ran 4:58 mile, Parry ran 5:08 in 1600. 

Berne-Knox Westerlo- Section 2: Section 2 defending champs will be led by a trio of sophomores. Struck who ran 5:07 in 1600 , and another soph. Reynolds who ran 10:22 in 3200, as well as Devine that ran 4:53 in 1600.  Graduation took a toll on their depth.

Bronxville-Section 1: Sophomore Dayton Flannery will lead this team. He qualified as an individual last year as a frosh and ran 4:36 in 1600 and qualified for spring state meet in the steeplechase.  He will lead a very young team, as he will be backed by soph. James Harrison (5:03 1600); his own 8th grade brother John Flannery (5:06 1600); Frosh John Vetromile (5:11 1600): soph. Tyler Grantham 4:50 1500; and a pack of other young runners at 11:30-12:00 for 3200. 

Ed Stickles
NYS Boys Class C Rankings