State of the State: How We Got Here, and Where We're Going

Every year, there is a lull in the action in New York State.  Most teams use that time to prepare for the brutal string of championship meets to come, which whittles the State down from 1000 teams across four classifications, down to one Federation Champion in five weeks time.  Here at MileSplit NY, we're taking the time to reflect on what has happened so far, and the match ups and races we're looking forward to from here on out.  The views reflected are strictly my own take on what has happened, and what has been most memorable.  Plenty more has taken place, and I am sure we are missing more than a few good moments and questions.  But without further adieu, feel free to dive in below.

Girls State of the Action

Boys State of the Action

Non-Distinct Thoughts and Observations

- Our boys rankings were picked up by the NYSSWA this year.  That is why you might find them more readily referenced in your local papers.  Just to clarify on our rankings.  When we first started our rankings, I made it clear that I did not want to do them myself.  As a coach within the system, it would be impossible for me to produce them without bias.  I also wanted to base them around the TullyRatings Speed Rating system, again to diffuse accountability.  When we get questions, I wanted to be able to point to the numbers specifically, to rationalize decisions.  That said, Speed Ratings are nothing more than reflections of what has already been done, simply glorified seed times.  We enjoy seeing teams beat the system at times.  That said, in the past 6 years, we've averaged over 90% accuracy in our sectional predictions, which is why we continue to use the system that we do. In my opinion, it creates a perfect balance of accountability and unpredictability.

- Our online registration is spreading throughout the state.  We enjoy being able to offer this service free of charge, as it creates a singular database for entry state-wide, with accurate information.  We encourage meets to continue to adapt it, as those who have already continue to offer positive reviews.

- Our indoor calendar will be going up next week, for those looking to plan out their year.  We'll also be opening up our college commitment articles, for those already decided.