Undercard Action Strong Once Again - Manhattan Invitational Boys Letter Race Previews

Race D

Time:  2:03pm

Teams at the Top:  Baldwinsville - 160.2, Goshen - 156.2, Cornwall - 155.6, Walt Whitman, MD

- 151.0, Mount Academy - 150.8, Maple Grove - 150.0,  Syosset - 150.0

Runners with Hops: Tristen Shelgren (Saint John's Prep) - 188,  Connor Nisbet (Wilmington Friends) - 185, Liam Higgins (Goshen) - 178, Patrick Tuohy (North Rockland) - 173, Evan Sherman (Brooklyn Tech) - 173, Michael Peppy (Maple Grove) - 172, Aaron Bratt (Walt Whitman, MD) - 169, Tobias Wolfson (Riverdale Country) - 167, Blaine Doyle (Cornwall) - 167, Louis Greco (Goshen) - 166, Nicolas Paneto (Goshen) - 165, Benjamin Timmons (Baldwinsville) - 164, Travis Meier (Mount Academy) - 164,Robert Straight (Brooklyn Tech) - 164, Alex Foyt (Albany Academy) - 163, Garrett Vannatta (Baldwinsville) - 162

Overview:  The boys races bookending the Eastern States competition look to have the strongest individual talent, here represented by Connor Nisbet facing off against Tristen Shelgren.  Shelgren is coming off a great race at Ocean State, and has been undefeated all year.  Connor Nisbet just took 8th overall at Great American, and will try to hold off the athlete who outleaned Mason Gatewood, a favorite in the Easterns Race.  All these factors should bring about a battle at the front.  On the team front, Baldwinsville depth should overpower Goshen's better Top 3, but it is still close.  Mount Academy and Maple Grove should provide an interesting race within a race, as both are top seeded in the small school of New York State.

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