2017 NY Girls XC Preview: Class B

East AuroraBlue Devils

Section: 6Class: BColors:  Blue and white

Molly McLaughlin surged to a 5th place finish to help East Aurora win the McQuaid AA race and eventually end up as the 3rd place team at States.

XC History
States Teams: 1983 (B-3rd), 1986 (B-10th), 2001 (C-3rd), 2002 (B-6th), 2003 (B-3rd), 2004 (B-2nd), 2005 (B-1st), 2006 (B-1st), 2007 (B-1st), 2008 (B-1st), 2009 (B-1st), 2010 (B-1st), 2011 (B-4th), 2012 (B-2nd), 2013 (B-3rd), 2014 (C-1st) 2015 (C-1st), 2016 (B-3rd)   NXN Nationals: 2012 (4th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Peg Melonic (1996, B-8th) (1997, B-3rd) (1998, B-2nd), Molly Claus (2001, C-7th) (2002, B-9th), Jaime Rzepecki (2004, B-8th), Sarah Mosser (2005, B-10th), Catherine Lussardi (2006, B-3rd) (2007, B-1st), Jenna Hulton (2006, B-4th) (2007, B-3rd), Catherine Phillips (2007, B-7th) (2008, B-10th) (2009, B-6th), Kirsten Weberg (2008, B-7th), Marta McLaughlin (2009, B-7th) (2010, B-2nd) (2011, B-9th) 2012 (B-7th) (2013, B-9th), Megan Hulton (2009, B-8th) (2010, B-4th), Sarah Anstett (2010, B-8th), Sophia Tasselmyer (2014, C-1st) (2015, C1-st) (Note: (2012, B-5th) (2013, B-2nd) with Starpoint), Fiona Danieu (2015, C-2nd)

Last Year's Summary:  8th in NXN-NY,  11th in Federation, 3rd in States B, 1st in Sectionals B

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States Results
Season TR
Molly McLaughlin1211st in ECIC21118
Megan McLaughlin8315th in McQuaid-AA23113
Karis Ertel10712th in ECIC43103
Eva Scarpa121117th in ECIC5398
Emily Jason111231st in McQuaid-AA8894
Ava Danieu11179th in Alden-Sm
Maggie McLaughlin10
3rd in JFK-JV
This Year's Outlook
The Blue Devils start pretty close to where they were in preseason last year except in a far less strong Class B field, and that should make an already pretty deep squad the favorite for a 9th state championship. Molly and Megan McLaughlin just missed out on States medals last year and will enter 2017 among the top 15 runners in Class B. Ertel, Scarpa, Jason,and Danieu all finished in the top 20 at Sectionals, and Maggie McLaughlin seemed to be restored to good health by track season if her times are an accurate sign. If the standard Blue Devil developmental boost occurs again in 2017, East Aurora will be difficult to beat.

Pearl RiverPirates

Section: 1Class: BColors: Royal blue and white (plus red)
Pearl River's Mary Borkoski speeds home to a win in the B race at the Manhattan Invite.
XC History
States Teams: 1979 (A-3rd), 1980 (B-1st), 1981 (B-1st), 1982 (B-1st), 1983 (B-1st), 1984 (B-2nd), 1985 (B-2nd), 1986 (B-3rd), 1987 (B-2nd), 1988 (B-1st), 1989 (B-1st), 1990 (B-2nd), 1991 (B-7th), 1992 (C-2nd), 1993 (C-2nd), 1994 (B-1st), 1995 (B-3rd), 1996 (B-2nd), 1997 (B-2nd), 1998 (B-2nd), 1999 (C-1st), 2000 (C-2nd), 2001 (C-2nd), 2002 (C-3rd), 2003 (B-4th), 2004 (B-3rd), 2005 (B-4th), 2006 (B-3rd), 2007 (B-3rd), 2008 (B-2nd), 2009 (B-4th), 2010 (B-2nd), 2011 (B-5th), 2013 (B-2nd), 2014 (B-5th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Joann Turilli (1982, B-5th), Erika Duthiers (1986, B-4th) 1988 (B-9th), Nathalie Marquis (1987, B-4th), Jen Barber (1992, C-7th), Liz Kane (1994, B-9th), Courtney O'Keefe (1999, C-1st), Vanessa McKay (1999-C-2nd) (2000, C-6th) (2001, C-6th), Jocelyn Gaines (2002, C-3rd), Samantha Stadt (2004, B-7th), (2005, B-2nd), Chelsea Kushner (2008, B-9th), Ceili McMorrow (2010, B-9th), Kelly Hayes (2011, B-8th) (2013, B-3rd)

Last Year's Summary: 2nd in Sectionals B

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Mary Borkoski1121st in Six Flags-C16125
Niamh Durcan91013th in Rockland County
Jessica McDermott111914th in Rockland County
Erin Clinton121515th in Rockland County
Ann McCormick1227125th in Federation
Valerie Roberts112922nd in Rockland County
Olivia Flynn10
5th in Rockland County-JV
This Year's Outlook

Pearl River starts off the season with the highest rating for the S1-B battle as usual, but this could be a challenging year in the area as four teams are all within 10 TR speed ratings points of each other as the season starts, and one of them is reigning champ John Jay-Cross River. Mary Borkoski gives the Pirates a big boost at the top of the lineup, and the key to the season will be whether Durcan, McDermott, Clinton, McCormick and any other new crew member can move up to that 105-110 TR level where S1-B titles tend to be won.

Shoreham-Wading RiverWildcats

Section: 11Class: BColors: Gold, navy and white

Katherine Lee is on the inside with fellow New Yorker Jessica Lawson right behind as the Shoreham-Wading River standout powered to a 10th at NXN Nationals.
XC History
States Teams: 1985 (A-4th), 1986 (B-1st), 1987 (B-4th), 1988 (B-7th), 1992 (B-9th), 1993 (B-7th), 1995 (B-8th), 2005 (B-3rd), 2006 (B-4th), 2007 (B-4th), 2008 (B-8th), 2014 (B-4th), 2015 (B-2nd), 2016 (B-1st)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Megan Holden (1985, B-4th) (1986, B-6th), Nicole Aleskowitch (1987, B-3rd) (1988, B-4th), Toni Lynn Salucci (2002, B-2nd), Erin Hays (2004, B-9th) (2006, B-10th), Kathryn Sheehan (2007, B-8th), Katherine Lee (2014, B-1st) (2015, B-3rd) (2016, B-1st)

Last Year's Summary: 3rd in NXN-NY, 1st in States B, 1st in Sectionals B

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Kattherine Lee1211st in NXN-NY1148
Lexie Smith11--32nd in Manhattan-D--89
Isadora Petretti10--1st in Brown-JV--88
Francesca Lilly111416th in Suffolk Coaches-B6887
Nicole Garcia10--2nd in Brown-JV--86
Alexandra Smith111716th in St. Anthony's8284
Caleigh Capek12--3rd in Brown-JV
This Year's Outlook
The Wildcats ran to their first state championship in 30 years and then took the usually plum position of 3rd at NXN-NY, though there was no resulting trip to Nationals. Katherine Lee had just a spectacular junior XC season with a win at States and NXN-NY and then a 10th at Nationals. Fully recovered from an indoor track injury and back in top form, Lee is now facing the challenge of leading Shoreham-Wading River's defense of its Sectional and States titles. Though the task will be difficult with the departure of last year's 2-3-4 Wildcat runners Alexandra Hays, Maria Smith, and Payton Capes-Davis, a pack of young runners behind Lee in her senior season may have enough growth potential to keep the Wildcats as the favorites in at least the S11-B.

Mt. SinaiMustangs

Section: 11Class: BColors: Red and white
Mt. Sinai's Noreen Guilfoyle ran to her third consecutive States medal with a 7th place, and Mustang teammate Sarah Connelly also medaled at 13th.
XC History
States Teams: 2009 (B-9th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):  Katie Radzik (2004, B-5th), Noreen Guilfoyle (2016, B-7th)

Last Year's Summary: 2nd in Sectionals B

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Noreen Guilfoyle1223rd in Section 11 Div. Merge7126
Sarah Connelly10530th in Federation13120
Kaitlyn Chandrika994th in Suffolk Officials46101
Bella DiPalermo101995th in Section 11 Div. Merge
Kayleigh Robinson112282nd in Section 11 Div. Merge

This Year's Outlook
Mt. Sinai seems to be knocking on the door for the S11-B title, and the big question now is whether the Mustangs can find the depth at the back of the lineup to pull the upset over Shoreham-Wading River and take its first crown in 8 years. States medalists Guilfoyle and Connelly and States finalist Chandrika give the Mustangs a great kick up top, and DiPalermo looks set to have a great sophomore season, but a little more help in the 5th and 6th positions may still be needed to get the whole team to States.

John Jay-Cross RiverIndians

Section: 1Class: BColors:  Purple and white
Pippa Nuttall led John Jay-Cross River to its second straight Sectional title and then placed 6th at States as the Indians took the runner-up spot.
XC History
States Teams:  2015 (B-1st), 2016 (B-2nd)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):  Gemma Nutall (2015, B-2nd), Pippa Nutall (2015, B-10th) (2006, B-6th)

Last Year's Summary: 9th in NXN-NY, 2nd in States B, 1st in Sectionals B

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Pippa Nutall1135th in Section 1 Coaches-36120
Cameron Crawford11710th in Westchester County25105
Kelsey Crawford91474th in Federation38101
Lauren Pollack112325th in McDaniel-Baxter-27785
Athena Ohnemus11
2nd in Westchester County-JV
Kendall Degenhard11
1st in Westchester County-JV
Morgan Johnson10
3rd in Westchester County-JV
This Year's Outlook
A year after winning the state championship, John Jay finished 2nd in last year's States and then lost three members of the varsity squad, including Kathryn and Brooke Nohilly. Even so, States medalist Pippa Nuttall is back again in her junior season to lead the team, and Cameron and Kelsey Crawford and Lauren Pollack all return to give the Indians a solid core for the defense of its Sectional title and another go at States. The three runners who went 1-2-3 in the county JV meet may provide the answer to how well JJ-CR builds up the back of the lineup.

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