2018 NY Girls XC Preview: Class D

Maple GroveRed Dragons

Section: 6

Class: DColors: Red and black

Maple Grove's Christina Peppy finished 4th at States for the 3rd place Red Dragons, and 11th place Ava Crist was a little ways back in the muddy stretch at Wayne shown above.
XC History
States Teams: 2007 (D-4th), 2009 (D-2nd), 2010 (D-1st), 2011 (D-1st), 2012 (D-1st), 2013 (D-2nd), 2014 (D-4th), 2015 (D-3rd), 2016 (D-2nd), 2017 (D-3rd)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Caroline Benson (2010, D-2nd), Hope Pietrocarlo (2010, D-4th) (2011, D-3rd) (2012, D-3rd) (2013, D-1st) (2014, D-5th) (2015, D-5th), Megan Marsh (2010, D-5th) (2011, D-2nd) (2012, D-10th), Ava Crist (2016, D-8th), Christine Peppy (2017, D-4th)

Last Year's Summary: 3rd n States D, 1st in Sectionals D

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Ava Crist1026th in McQuaid-A11112
Christina Peppy1033rd in CCAA4110
Carling Lockwood10--5th in McQuaid-A7296
Abby Brunanavas9929th in McQuaid-A2590
Bryn Mozzi121644th in McQuaid-A5268
Kendra Berg101571st in McQuaid-A--63
Riley Caskey121848th in Manhattan-E7563
This Year's Outlook
Maple Grove's last States triumph was six years ago, but the 2018 group of Red Dragons looks strong enough to earn the team's fourth overall title. States medalists Ava Crist and Christina Peppy return as sophomores to lead a fairly deep team. Gracie Auer has graduated and there does need to be some development at the back of the lineup, but no other Class D team can claim Maple Grove's balance of depth and top level talent..

Beaver RiverBeavers

Section: 3Class: DColors: Orange, green and white

Beaver River's Rylee Campeau sprinted home to a 23rd place in the States D race in 2017.

XC History
States Teams: 1984 (C-1st), 1985 (C-1st), 1986 (C-2nd), 1995 (C-2nd), 1996 (C-3rd), 1997 (C-2nd), 1998 (C-1st), 2000 (D-2nd), 2001 (D-2nd), 2002 (D-2nd), 2003 (D-2nd), 2004 (D-1st), 2005 (D-2nd), 2007 D-3rd), 2009 (D-3rd), 2011 (D-2nd)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Diane Everard (1982, C-2nd), Tammy Widrick (1985, C-6th) (1986, C-7th) (1987, C-9th), Cynthia Zehr (1985, C-6th), Nicole Maser (1994, C-6th), Bobbie Mathys (1996, C-8th) (1997, C-6th), Lauren Moser (2000, D-4th) (2001, D-3rd) (2002, D-1st) (2003, D-5th), Julie Emery (2000, D-7th), Chelsea Nuffer (2002, D-7th) (2005, D-6th), Adrienne Gagnier (2003, D-8th), Ellen Stevens (2004, D-4th), Karlee Duffer (2009, D-8th) (2010, D-10th)

Last Year's Summary: 2nd in Sectionals D

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Rylee Campeau1272nd in Chittenango-223100
Taylor Moore12113rd in Chittenango-2
Shauna Rice121518th in EJ Herrmann-1
Makayla Garrison10125th in Beaver River
Rachel Streeter92511th in Chittenango-2
Peyton Smith102116th in Adirondack
Nobalie Kloster123615th in Beaver River
This Year's Outlook
The Beavers can claim four state championships in their storied history, but the drought for States visits extends back to the last appearance in 2011. This year could be Beaver River's big opportunity after the departure of CBA to Class C. S3-D is very competitive, but States finalist Rylee Campeau is back to lead a trio of seniors including Taylor Moore and Shauna Rice, and the Beavers have more depth than their local rivals.

TullyBlack Knights

Section: 3Class: DColors: Red and black

Tully's Brooke Rauber takes her second consecutive state championship in her freshman year at Wayne in 2017.
XC History
States Teams: 1992 (C-3rd), 1993 (C-6th), 1999 (D-2nd), 2007 (C-3rd), 2008 (C-4th), 2009 (C-2nd), 2010 (C-3rd), 2011 (C-3rd), 2012 (C-2nd), 2013 (D-1st), 2014 (D-1st), 2015 (D-2nd)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Heather Roberts (1999, D-9th), Kelly Coyne (2006, C-6th), Ashleigh Crawford (2013, D-3rd) (2014, D-2nd) (2015, D-6th), Ellen Jaworski (2013, D-4th) (2014, D-6th) (2015, D-9th), Brooke Rauber (2015, D-3rd) (2016, D-1st) (2017, D-1st)

Last Year's Summary: 3rd in Sectionals D

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Brooke Rauber1016th in NXN, 2nd in NXN-NY, 1st in McQuaid-A1147
Rachel Berry1282nd in OHSL Patriot2699
Alison Carr122636th in McQuaid-A
Lauren Yonko103417th in Baldwinsville
Katie Haier105813th in OHSL Patriot
Chelsea Phillips115527th in OHSL Patriot
This Year's Outlook
Tully's last States title came in 2014 and last Sectionals title in 2015, so though Brooke Rauber has collected two States crowns and many other individual accolades, the Black Knights have not been strong enough to bring the rest of the crew along with her. Rachel Berry returns in her senior year after a solid 26th place at States, and if Tully can beef up a little in the back, it may have enough to get by Beaver River and South Lewis at Sectionals. Rauber is destined for another spectacular year on her own, and this year her name should be a little better recognized at whichever Nationals she chooses to crush at.


Section: 4Class: DColors: Maroon and white

Delhi's Sienna Dorr ran to a 20th place States medal in 2017 to lead the Bulldogs to 5th in Class D.
XC History
States Teams:  1975 (A-5th), 1977 (B-5th), 1978 (B-1st), 1979 (B-1st), 1980 (C-2nd), 1981 (C-1st), 1982 (C-4th), 1985 (C-6th), 1988 (C-7th), 1989 (C-11th), 2007 (D-7th), 2008 (D-4th), 2011 (D-6th), 2017 (D-5th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):  Kristen O'Connell (1978, B-5th) (1979, B-2nd), Kristen Sloth (1980, C-6th), Amy Crocker (1980, C-9th), Kim Fuller (1982, C-3rd) (1983 , C-3rd) (1984, C-2nd) (1985, C-4th)

Last Year's Summary: 4th in States D, 1st in Sectionals D

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States Results (C)Season TR
Sienna Dorr9211th in EJ Herrmann-12099
Celia Schnabel10310th in EJ Herrmann-13092
Autumn Dorr121036th in Newark Valley4670
Jillian Lees121134th in EJ Herrmann-16865
Connie Weiss91347th in Newark Valley6363
Camille Mueller91836th in EJ Herrmann-16461
Lucia Marsiglio91950th in Newark Valley4056
This Year's Outlook
A storied program -- the only one to both appear at States at the four class levels of A-B-C-D and win titles in two of the classes -- may be on the rise. Delhi got back to States in 2017 for the first time in six years and finished a solid 5th. With everyone back for the Bulldogs including freshman States medalist Sienna Dorr, Delhi could make some noise at States if the pack of freshman continue to push upward.

South LewisFalcons

Section: 3Class: DColors: Red and white

South Lewis's Hannah Ielfield finished 3rd in 2017 to lead the Falcons to their first state championship.
XC History
States Teams: 1980 (C-7th), 2012 (D-3rd), 2016 (D-3rd) (2017, D-1st)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Courtney Beadore (2002, C-6th), Liz Ludovici (2002, C-8th), Victoria Campanian (2008, D-5th) (2009, D-2nd) (2010, C-3rd) (2012, D-6th), Hannah Ielfield (2017, D-3rd), Hali Ielfield (2017, D-5th), Lexi Bernard (2017, D-9th)

Last Year's Summary: 9th in Federation, 1st in States D, 1st in Sectionals D

NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Hannah Ielfield1021st in Whitesboro3124
Lexi Bernard9426th in Federation9117
Morgan Feisthamel122713th in Chittenango-17064
Abby Durgan103114th in Frontier6759
Chloe Seller105133rd in Frontier8028
Elizabeth Liendecker115932nd in Frontier
This Year's Outlook
The Falcons gutted out a great effort in the mud at States last year to take their first championship, as Hannah and Hali Ielfield and Lexi Bernard took top 10 places. The Falcons then went on to a great 9th place finish at Federations. To defend its sectional and States titles, South Lewis will need some development to compensate for the losses of Hali Ielfield and Marissa Ventura to graduation.

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