2018 NY Girls XC Preview: Class A


Section: 1Class: AColors: Navy, Columbia blue and white

Ursuline's Sarah Flynn sped home 5th in the Manhattan B race last year as the Koalas took 2nd.
XC History
States Teams: 1993 (B-10th), 2007 (A-3rd), 2008 (A-4th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):   Katie Sullivan (2006, A-8th) (2007, A-9th), Meghan Brown (2007, A-10th), Anna Flynn (2013, A-4th) (2014, A-4th)

Last Year's Summary:  4th in  Sectionals A


NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Sarah Flynn1295th in Manhattan-B
Lily Sheahan12208th in Westchester County
Haley McLean11179th in Westchester County
Caitlin McLean112320th in Westchester County
Claire Wilson112425th in Westchester County
Ailish Luby125031st in Six Flags-B
Nicole Frontera11755th in Westchester County-JV


This Year's Outlook
Last year the Koalas fell back one spot at Sectionals from their 3rd place in 2016, but they still had five runners in the top 25 in S1-A led by Sarah Flynn, who is returning for her senior season. Entering the season as the 2nd rated team for Sectionals, Ursuline should move up if the top five can run at Sectionals with the same success that it had at Westchester County, where the Koalas registered a 104 team TR.


Section: 3Class: A

Baldwinsville's Justus Holden-Betts moved up seventeen places at States from 2016 as she fought through the mud last year for a 15th place medal.
XC History
States Teams: 1976 (A-1st), 1977 (A-4th, 1979 (A-1st), 1980 (A-3rd), 1981 (A-7th), 1982 (A-1st), 1983 (A-2nd), 1984 (A-2nd), 1985 (A-2nd), 1991 (A-7th), 1993 (A-5th), 1994 (A-3rd)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):  Ann O'Mara (1975, A-9th) (1977, A-5th), Bonnie Gleeson (1982, A-9th) (1983, A-3rd) (1984, A-9th) (1985, A-7th), Terry Mero (1983, A-2nd)

Last Year's Summary:  14th in Federation, 3rd in Sectionals A


NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Justus Holden-Betts1282nd in Manhattan-C15127
Annabelle Horan101995th in Federation
McKenzie Schmitt102127th in Manhattan-C
Sarah Klein122710th in Baldwinsville
Olivia Creelman103511th in Baldwinsville
Maya Hewitt123913th in Manhattan-JV

This Year's Outlook
In a very tough section populated by two Nationals teams at the top, Baldwinsville moved up into the 3rd spot in the S3-A and took a trip to the Federation championship. States medalist Justus Holden-Betts is back for her senior year after earning the 2nd spot in the Manhattan C race behind Katelyn Touhy in her record-breaking run. With five of the top 6 back from last year's squad including three sophomores, the Bees should be competitive even if moving up in S3-A will be very tough.

ClarenceRed Devils

Section: 6Class: AColors: Red and black

Clarence's Maggie Danzer charged home ahead of Binghamton's Emily Pogson to finish 51st at States in her freshman season.
XC History
States Teams: 1978 (A-3rd), 1979 (A-2nd), 1982 (A-4th), 1983 (A-6th), 1984 (B-1st), 1985 (B-7th), 1988 (B-2nd), 1989 (B-6th), 1990 (B-8th), 1991 (B-1st), 1992 (B-5th), 1993 (B-1st), 1994 (B-3rd), 1995 (B-2nd), 1996 (A-6th), 1997 (A-5th), 1998 (A-2nd), 1999 (A-3rd), 2005 (A-7th), 2009 (A-9th), 2010 (A-9th), 2011 (A-8th), 2012 (A-8th), 2013 (A-7th), 2015 (A-9th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):   Erin McCarthy (1978, A-5th) (1979, A-4th), Mary Pat Hickey (1982, A-2nd) (1983, A-1st) (1984, B-3rd), Kris Hillman (1984, B-6th), Maureen Meldrim (1985, B-3rd) (1986, B-3rd) (1987, B-2nd), Serena Fraser (1989, B-8th), Michelle Gostomski (1993, B-8th), Marissa Saenger (2012, A-3rd) (2013, A-8th))

Last Year's Summary: 2nd in Sectionals A


NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Makenzie Marfurt11--1st in McQuaid-Soph--107
Maggie Danzer1039th in ECIC51103
Lauren Biegner101024th in Burnt Hills-3
Sarah Beckage10116th in McQuaid-Soph
Cristina Ray121725th in ECIC
Audrey Pryll122227th in ECIC
Anna Ridge9
 49th in ECIC10688

This Year's Outlook
Clarence had a new-look lineup last year with freshmen in the top three spots for the ruuner-up team of S6-A. With the top 6 back on a young squad headed by junior Makenzie Marfurt who missed Sectionals, the Red Devils will be hoping that the sophomore trio of States finalist Maggie Danzer, Lauren Biegner, and Sarah Beckage can develop more and close the gap on West Seneca West.


Section: 1Class: AColors: Maroon and Vegas gold

Arlington's Anna Recktenwalt (170) battled Carmel's Katie Turk to the wire as two Section 1 freshman enjoyed the mud at States.
XC History
States Teams: 1986 (A-4th), 1987 (A-8th), 1089 (A-9th), 1991 (A-11th), 1995 (A-3rd), 1996 (A-6th), 1998 (A-8th), 2001 (A-7th), 2007 (AA-5th), 2008 (AA-3rd), 2009 (AA-4th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Crystal Elmendorf (1994, A-5th), Elizabeth McGarvey (1994, A-10th), Kaylan Kemink (2002, A-3rd), Bella Burda (2012, A-2nd) (2013, A-1st)

Last Year's Summary:  2nd in Sectionals A


NameGradeSect. Place  (B)Top Notes States Results (B)Season TR
Anna Recktenwalt1084th in Northern County
Kaitlyn Murtagh1073rd in Section 1 Coaches-158106
Emily Pinheiro12187th in Northern County
Caroline Mahoney122529th in McQuaid-AA2
Jalyssa Smith112133rd in McQuaid-AA2
Courtney Cunningham122921st in McQuaid-AA2
Anna Mae McNellis112715th in Northern County
Raven Stanet103114th in Northern County
This Year's Outlook
In 2017 Arlington moved up two spots from the year before to finish 3rd in S1-A. States finalist Kaitlyn Murtagh and her fellow sophomore Anna Recktenwalt are back to lead a largely intact veteran squad with a lot of depth. Overtaking North Rockland for a Sectional title will be tough, but the Admirals could well move up for a 2nd place if they get the same big effort as last year when they placed six runners in the top 25.

GuilderlandFlying Dutchemen

Section: 2Class: AColors: Red and white

Guilderland's Olivia Fanshawe heads over the bridge in the Manhattan D race with teammates Alex Vellekoop and Alexa Thompson a short ways behind as the Flying Dutchmen finished 2nd to Ithaca by 2 points.
XC History
States Teams: 1980 (A-9th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Chrissy Smith (1986, A-9th)

Last Year's Summary: 1st in NXN-NY-Open, 15th in Federation, 5th in Sectionals A


NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Alexandria Vellekoop10144th in Albany County
Olivia Fanshawe12325th in Albany County
Alexis Anagnostopulos12468th in Albany County
Kate Scanlon9517th in Albany County
Gabby Cusato95425th in Manhattan-B
Margot Tanner115613th in Suburban Council-JV
This Year's Outlook
The Flying Dutchmen fell back to 5th in the highly competitive S2-A last year following the loss of a number of key runners from the 2016 varsity. Alexandria Vellekoop placing 14th in her freshman year was the only Guilderland runner to finish in the top 30, and three runners graduated from last year's varsity. Still the team had a lot of mid-level depth last year and this year has a good balance of veterans and youth, so the Dutchmen could see some development that might move them back up in the S2-A.

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