2018 NY Girls XC Preview: Class A

NiskayunaSilver Warriors

Section: 2Class: AColors: Cardinal and Silver

Niskayuna's Abigail Spiers charged home to a 16th place medal at States in her senior season.
XC History
States Teams: 1979 (A-8th), 1983 (A-3rd), 1984 (A-th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Sue Hay (1980, A-4th), Colleen Mason (1981, A-8th) (1982, A-4th), Caitlin McTague (1999, A-9th) (2002, A-2nd) (2003, A-6th)

Last Year's Summary: 6th in NXN-NY, 2nd in Sectionals A


NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Liyat Kebbede9139th in Suburban Council
Charlotte Kokernak121516th in Suburban Council
Abigail Thomas92422nd in Suburban Council
Sophia Boler9251st in Suburban Council-JV
Katharine Hesler11303rd in Suburban Council-JV
Erin Boler8394th in Suburban Council-JV
This Year's Outlook
Niskayuna finished 2nd to Shenendehowa with probably the deepest team in the state in 2017. Despite losing longtime frontrunner Abigail Spiers and three other members of last year's varsity, the Silver Warriors are the only team in Class A with five returning 100+ TR runners. Again with a very deep squad, Niskayuna is looking for a promising group of freshmen led by Liyat Kebedde to make big gains in 2018 and give the Silver Warriors some power at the top so that they can claim their first Sectionals title in 34 years.


Section: 2Class: AColors:  Orange and black

Bethlehem's Rachel Hodge is wedged between Suffern's Mary Hennelly and Horsehead's Madison Klein as they all sprint home for medals at States.
XC History
States Teams:  1982 (A-9th), 1986 (A-6th)   NXN Nationals: 2004 (A-13th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Judy Parker (1979, A-5th), Leslie Warren (1979. A-9th), Emily Malinowski (2004, AA-10th)

Last Year's Summary: 9th in NXN-NY, 12th in Federation, 4th in Sectionals A


NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Rachel Hodge1066th in Suburban Council19124
Rykee Davis894th in Manhattan-A
Gillian Roeder111920th in Suburban Council
Emily Smith112611th in Manhattan-A
Meghan Gaugh115010th in EJ Herrmann-2
Jillian Hettrich127413th in Grout-2

This Year's Outlook
After finishing 7th in the S2-A in 2016, Bethlehem made a big leap up to 4th with a fairly young team. The top four are back for 2018, and with sophomore States medalist Rachel Hodge and precocious freshman Rylee Davis on the lead, Bethlehem could be in the hunt in Section 2 if it can continue its youth movement.


Section: 9Class: A

Jessica Pidgeon proved to be a good mudder at States as she collected a 16th place medal at States after finishing 21st in 2016.
XC History
States Teams: 1976 A-4th), 1977 (A-3rd), 1978 (A-6th), 1980 (A-5th), 1984 (A-7th), 1985 (A-5th), 1986 (A-2nd), 1991 (A-5th), 1993 (A-3rd), 1994 (A-5th), 1996 (A-4th), 1999 (A-9th), 2002 (A-4th), 2004 (AA-7th), 2008 (AA-5th), 2008 (AA-5th), 2009 (AA-3rd), 2010 (AA-5th), 2011 (A-6th), 2014 (A-5th), 2015 (A-5th), 2016 (A-4th), 2017 (A-4th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Donna Halpin (1975, A-7th) (1976, A-6th) (1977, A-7th), Stacey Boyce (1982, A-6th) (1984, A-3rd), Julianne Littman (1991, A-5th) (1992, A-3rd) (1994, A-9th), Megan Patrignelli (2009, AA-10th)

Last Year's Summary:  7th in NXN-NY, 3rd in Federation, 4th in States A, 1st in Sectionals A


NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Jessica Pidgeon1221st in OCIAA14121
Rachel Hirschkind1266th in OCIAA90106
Allison Nolan91062nd in Federation43104
Sarah Kern121310th in OCIAA6498
Daniella Napoli1298th in OCIAA3597
Ella Dephillips12
1st in OCIAA-JV7588
Abigail Howell12
3rd in OCIAA-JV

This Year's Outlook
The Crusaders extended their Sectionals streak to four and then again placed 4th at States last season. The loss of #2 runner Julia Hoyt opens up the need for some help at the top behind States medalist Jessica Pidgeon, and two obvious candidates based on the outdoor track results are senior Rachel Hirschkind after a strong steeplechasing season and freshman Allison Nolan who was among the top 25 8th graders in the 1500 meters. Monroe-Woodbury's margin over Warwick Valley in Sectionals last year was just 12 points, and with everyone back for the Wildcats, the Crusaders will need a lot of veteran effort from a squad that includes six seniors.

Warwick ValleyWildcats

Section: 9Class: AColors: Purple and gold

Warwick Valley's Simone Sullivan was the first of three Wildcat finishers at States in her freshman season as she ran to a 30th place.
XC History
States Teams: 1988 (B-9th), 1989 (B-3rd), 1990 (B-3rd), 1991 (B-2nd), 1992 (B-2nd), 1993 (B-5th), 1994 (B-7th), 1995 (B-9th), 1996 (B-4th), 1997 (A-6th), 1999 (B-4th), 2000 (B-4th), 2001 (A-6th), 2003 (A-3rd), 2005 (AA-3rd), 2006 (AA-5th), 2007 (AA-3rd), 2012 (A-4th)    NXN Nationals: 2007 (11th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Aislinn Ryan (2002, A-9th) (2003, A-4th) (2004, AA-2nd) (2005, AA-1st), Lillian Griebesland (2007, AA-8th), Megan Reilly (2012, A-1st) (2013, A-1st)

Last Year's Summary: 2nd in Sectionals A


NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Simone Sullivan10863rd in Federation30109
Katherine Smith10761st at Federation56107
Kristin Thompson10516th in OCIAA55105
Genevieve Reilly111126th in McQuaid-AAA
Lauren Fox121233rd in McQuaid-AAA
Billie Finn101723rd in OCIAA
Michaela Calandra12362nd in OCIAA-JV
This Year's Outlook
Last year Warwick Valley was invaded by a wild band of freshmen, and the team rode the youth movement to a close 2nd at Sectionals. This year's showdown in the S9-A will be pitting the youth of the Wildcats with sophomore States finalists Simone Sullivan, Katharine Smith, and Kristin Thompson in the top three spots against reigning champs Monroe-Woodbury's senior-heavy squad. The Wildcats' depth may be the key here as they go for their first Sectional title in six years.

West Seneca WestIndians

Section: 6Class: AColors: Blue and gold

Anna Rybczynski was the first West Seneca West runner in for her 8th place team at States in 2017.
XC History
States Teams:  2007 (AA-9th), 2008 (AA-8th), 2016 (A-7th), 2017 (A-8th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): 

Last Year's Summary:  8th in States A, 1st in Sectionals A


NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Anna Rybczynski1225th in Burnt Hills-367109
Sarah Mruk11612th in Burnt Hills-3--105
Emma Larkman12410th in Burnt Hills-370104
Allison Stainsby121212th in ECIC8295
Chloe Wegelin91481st in ECIC7689
Madison Mariani111935th in ECIC8681
Madison Vanderlip122343rd in ECIC10175

This Year's Outlook
West Seneca West captured the Sectionals crown for the second year in a row in 2017 and has everyone back this year including three who placed in the top 10 of the S6-A last year, Anna Rybczynski, Emma Larkman, and Sarah Mruk. But archrival Clarence has basically a full squad back also and has a rating just a smidgen behind WSW's, so the Sectionals battle should be very close this year.

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