A Strong Mid-Season Test Awaits - Manhattan Invitational Girls Eastern States Preview

Team Profiles - by Pole Position on Starting Line

West Genesee (NY)

Overview:  The Wildcats finished in the middle of the pack at Eastern States last year but are looking for a top 5 finish this year

Roster:  Carly Benson (123), Emily Young (122), Libby Morey (101), Mia Mitchell (96), Hannah Craybas (89), Faith Knox (81)

Team Data: 106.2. 4th in McQuaid-AAA

Comments:   West Genesee looked impressive in their last big meet at McQuaid, and if frontrunners Benson and Young can get the back line surging up a little closer to them, the Wildcats could definitely get up among the top 5 teams.

Bolles (FL)

Overview:  The Bulldogs are one of Florida's top teams and could be looking for a top 10 finish if star runner Caitlin Collier is available.

Roster:  Caitlin Collier (130), Ella Mickler (104), Rachel Shapiro (100), Layne Rivera (99), Maeve Riordan (98), Jillian Candolino (97), Helena Kummings (97)

Team Data: 106.2. 1st in Katie Caples-Elite

Comments:   Bolles has a solid pack that was good enough to win at Katie Caples without Collier, the NXN finalist last year who has not run since early September. For a top 10 finish, the Bulldogs will likely have to get Collier into the lineup.

Overview:  The Silver Warriors are looking to bust into the top 3 after winning the Manhattan A race last year.

Roster:  Abigail Spiers (144), Liyat Kebedde (103), Amelia Kokernak (102), Charlotte Kokernak (96), Abigail Thomas (93), Sophia Boler (93), Katherine Hesler (90)

Team Data: 107.4. 1st in Bowdoin-1

Comments:   Last year Niskayuna captured the A race and frontrunner Spiers finished 3rd, but this year with Spiers now running at a 5K pace that is more than a minute faster than last year, the team will be challenging near the top of Eastern States and Spiers could be breaking the ribbon.

Overview:  The Redhawks are a perennial top 5 team at Eastern States, and though they are running a little behind the pace of last year's 5th place team after graduating frontrunner Sophia Gorman, it's never wise to underestimate CV.

Roster:  Ella Whitman (107), Alice Larson (106), Jennifer Ireland (104), Chloe Andrae (95), Cate Noel (87), Sadie Holmes (84), Isabelle Mittelstadt (79)

Team Data: 99.8. 1st in Wood's Trail, 1st in Manchester

Comments:   Always VT's top team and always a great state representative and occasional NXN team, the Redhawks again have that solid pack that can do very well in Eastern States. A top 5 finish would be a tough task in this year's deep field, but Champlain Valley has picked up some victories and should be poised for at least a top 10 place.

Overview:  The Flaming Arrows were a little back from their usual spot with a 9th in Eastern States last year, but with momentum after a big 3rd at McQuaid, Sachem East is set up well for a top 5 finish.

Roster:  Lindsey Dodenhoff (126), Melissa Merone (110), Rachel Ruggiero (107), Bridget Abraldes (97), Shayna Arrigo (97), Kaitlyn Famiglietti (95)

Team Data: 107.2. 3rd in McQuaid-AAA

Comments:   Sachem East definitely looks to be on a huge uptick with Dodenhoff at the front and Merone and Ruggiero coming on strong. Eastern States usually serves the Arrows as a big springboard to the postseason, and this year they should be fighting for the 3rd spot in the race.

Monroe-Woodbury (NY)

Overview:  The Crusaders will be looking at a top 10 place that may be be ready to make the big push for another ticket to the state championship.

Roster:  Jessica Pidgeon (114), Julia Hoyt (103), Sarah Kern (95), Daniella Napoli (91), Rachel Hirschkind (89), Allison Nolan (78)

Team Data: 98.4. 1st in Crusader, 4th in Wayne Pre-States-1

Comments:   Monroe-Woodbury has not had it usual big depth so far this year, but Eastern States may be a showcase for the Crusaders to show some developments behind frontrunner Pidgeon.

Overview:  The Hornets will again be overwhelming favorites after winning the last three Eastern States races and national championships, and the race could be a statement performance following some challenges from national contenders. 

Roster:  Claire Walters (143), Sophie Ryan (137), Phoebe White (133), Palmer Madsen (120), Rebecca Walters (110), Grace Kaercher (106)

Team Data: 132.2. 1st in Wayne Pre-States-1

Comments:   The reigning national champs have run solidly enough this year and have a top three of Claire Walters, Sophie Ryan, and Phoebe White that is unrivaled, but it would not be surprising if the Hornets laid down another show-stopper like last year's 135.6 speed-rated win.

Overview:  The other half of Eastern States' traditional Hornet duos, Tatnall always seems to rise to the occasion at VCP as it did last year with a 6th place finish.

Roster:  Keelin Hays (136), Lauren Anshen (93), Eirinn Sikes (91), Olivia Hardin (72), Grace Mckelvey (70), Julianna Barry (69), Payton Hays (69)

Team Data: 92.2. 23rd in Great American Race of Champions, 1st in Oberod

Comments:   Tatnall finished well back at Great American and frontrunner Hays was well off her usual pace, but the Hornets are an old hand at Eastern States and should be challenging for a top 10 spot.

Overview:  The Wildcats were 10th in last year's race and have a frontrunner who was 3rd.

Roster:  Abigail Green (138), Jenna Goldberg (105), Janet Scott (98), Sophie Scobell (85), Sadie Keller (74), Ella Gaul (70), Caroline Kennon (70)

Team Data: 100.0. 1st in Glory Days Grill - Seeded, 8th in Oatlands

Comments:   Green was not available for the Wildcats when they finished well back at Oatlands, but she definitely made her presence felt at Glory Days a week ago and appears to be set for a high finish again.

Overview:  The Pandas took 7th in Eastern States last year behind Lydia Olivere's 2nd place, and this year they should be among the top 5 teams.

Roster:  Lydia Olivere (146), Elizabeth Bader (116), Anna Cleary (102), Alicia LeNoir (97), Katherine Hally (84), Judith McLaughlin (77), Bridget Kennedy (71)

Team Data: 109.0. 2nd in Carlisle-Challenge

Comments:   Padua looked strong two weeks ago while finishing 2nd only to University High, and this year the Pandas are rated third going into Eastern States and have the top returning runner from last year's race in Lydia Olivere who is again the favorite.

Overview:  The Wolves got some experience in last year's Eastern States and are again back to blaze the trails.

Roster:  Sera Mazza (112), Julia Cusatis (104), Maggie Urban (88), Addie Ebbs (82), Myah Chappell (64), Kathleen Simander (64)

Team Data: 90.0. 14th in Carlisle-Challenge

Comments:   St. Joseph's may have enough to get up into the top 15 after a 17th place finish last year.

Overview:  The Rams are the top team in Rhode Island and are looking to improve on last year's 13th place finish behind their strong top two.

Roster:  Grace Connolly (135), Emily Kane (128), McKenzie Doyle (81), Erin Johnston (80), Emily Wilson (75), Brooklyn Forcier (68), Gabriella Celico (53)

Team Data: 100.0. 16th in Great American Race of Champions

Comments:   La Salle's Connolly and Kane give the Rams a big kick at the top, and last year's experience should help them both move into the top 20 this year and power the team well into the top 10.

Overview:  The Rams from Carmel will be lined up next to the Rams from Rhode Island, and they will be challenging for a top 15 place in Eastern States.

Roster:  Jade Sessions (116), Kayla Sexton (97), Angela Castronouvo (96), Emma McSherry (61), Isabela Yepes (50)

Team Data: 83.4. 1st in Brewster-1

Comments:   The Rams do not have the depth to challenge for a top half finish, but Sessions looked very strong last weekend powering to victory..

Overview:  The Patriots are one of Rhode Island's highest rated teams and are led by a top duo who will be seeking top 20 finishes.

Roster:  Nikki Merrill (130), Elizabeth Sullivan (127), Olive Allen (101), Maura Driscoll (91), Bella Hook (58), Sabrina Leary (49), Rebecca Lawson (29)

Team Data: 101.8. 5th in Ocean State-Championship

Comments:   Portsmouth's Merrill and Sullivan give the Patriots good power at the top, and if the team can fill in a little more strongly at the back, it could be matching its nice Ocean State's place.

Overview:  The Eagles will be flying into some heavy winds in Eastern States.

Roster:  Shannon Cody (84), Abby Lee (79), Ally Kelly (71), Kimberly Harlan (62), Emily Shaw (60), Olivia Morris (49)

Team Data: 71.2. 4th in Paul Short-White

Comments:   The Eagles are running against a tough field on Saturday.

Overview:  The Warriors are one of the top 3 teams in New York and likely are the one team that could upset Fayetteville-Manlius.

Roster:  Jenna Schulz (140), Madison Neuner (136), Natalie Kurz (120), Sydney Carlson (104), Windsor Ardner (103), Rosie Petrella (100), Isabella Brancato (94)

Team Data: 120.6. 2nd in McQuaid-AAA

Comments:   Liverpool are among the top teams in the nation and have been pushing higher very fast behind Schulz, Neuner, and Kurz, so with more development at the back the Warriors could be challenging for that giant trophy at Manhattan.

Overview:  The Vikings move over to Eastern States after a 4th place finish in the C race last year, and they will be looking to get up for a top 15 place.

Roster:  Alicia Lauwers (92), Paula Bathalon (89), Elizabeth Sklaire (80), Breanna McDonald (77),  Emmerson Weinberg (70), Madeleine Blaisdell (69)

Team Data: 81.6. 11th in Great American-Seeded, 6th in Oatlands

Comments:   Walt Whitman will be battling at the back in a very strong field this year.

Overview:  The Blue Streaks likely will have just one Streaker in the action, but she should be very good.

Roster:  Alexa Westley (129)

Team Data: NA. Incomplete in New Jersey Shore Coaches-B

Comments:   Westley should finish among the top 20 following on 3rd place finishes in her NJ Shore Coaches and Bowdoin races.

Overview:  Kingsway is one of New Jersey's top teams and will be shooting for a top 10 placement in Eastern States.

Roster:  Alexis Mullarkey (111), Lauren Krott (104), Kylie Anicic (93), Allie Pierotoni (93), Ashlynne Burke (83), Sydney Watt (65)

Team Data: 96.8. 1st in New Jersey Shore Coaches-B

Comments:   The victory in the Jersey Shore Coaches race should give the Dragons just the kick they need to fire up for a top 10 spot in Eastern States.

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