Boys Section 1 Open Rankings   Week 6 - 10/22
1 Arlington AA 17:00 average - really looking good
2 Scarsdale AA 17:30 average - great up front and nice depth
3 Somers A Bounced back after losing by 1 to HG at leagues. Nice depth, need to move up front.
4 Suffern AA Not their best day and still placed well.
5 Horace Greeley A Off day for HG but after beating Somers at leagues they are the favorite for the Class A title.
6 North Rockland AA 18:15 average at coaches - again, they are better than they raced.
7 Mahopac AA Missing #4 - could move up - maybe a top 5 team if they all click on the same day.
8 Brewster A Ran great at leagues to finish 3rd - they can move up a lot as well.
9 Pearl River B League meet was a nice race for them - they are also a potential top 6 team.
10 White Plains AA Break into rankings for 1st time this year.
11 Irvington C Lead the charge in a surprisingly deep Class C field.
12 Carmel AA did not race so they fall a few spots but they are a top 10 team for sure.
13 Pawling C Have their hands full in Class C this year.
14 Dobbs Ferry C Much imrpoved - looking good.
15 Bronxville C They were missing Flannery - can move up.
  Girls Section 1 Open Rankings   Week 6 - 10/22
1 Arlington AA lost by 1 point to Warwick, one of NY's best for sure.
2 Bronxville C Best race of the season - nice to see Connor score for the team
3 Suffern AA Missing Shelby but still the favorite for Rockland County.
4 Pearl River B Much better than almost everyone expected - whole team running very well.
5 Ursuline A Did not race but they have been very consistant all year.
6 Tappan Zee A Missing one runner but Miller Bedell continues to impress
7 Mahopac AA much improved - probably their best team ever.
8 North Rockland AA Can move up - not their best day, but good none-the-less
9 Horace Greeley A Nice win at leagues over Brewster
10 New Rochelle AA Best race in a few weeks - been hit ith injuries but still a solid team.
11 Brewster A They are a good team that can move up a few spots with a better day.
12 Pleasantville C Has to be the highest they've been ranked in a while.
13 Irvington C A very tight battle for 2nd in Class C
14 Pawling C A very tight battle for 2nd in Class C
15 Clarkstown South A Break into the rankings at #15.



Boys Section 1 Rankings - Week 5 - 10/10
1 Arlington-AA 2nd to Smithtown - trying to move up that 5th man.
2 Scarsdale-AA continue to look good.
3 Suffern-AA Nice race at Grout.
4 Somers-A Another win at St. Anthony's. Where's Turro?
5 North Rockland-AA Nice race in Florida
6 Horace Greeley-A Missing key runners at Brewster
7 Pearl River-B Hickey looking great.
8 Mahopac-AA really running well right now.
9 Pawling-C Colby wins again.
10 Carmel-AA Much improved - rookie senior running very well.
HM Brewster-A a dangerous team when they run well
HM Bronxville-C Great 2nd place at St. Anthony's.
HM Fox Lane-A nice pack.
Girls Section 1 Rankings - Week 5 - 10/10
1 Arlington-AA beat Ward Mellville is 1st test of the season.
2 Suffern-AA won Brewster even though it wasn't their best day.
3 Ursuline-A nice win in Disney
4 Bronxville-C nice win at St. Anthony's
5 Tappan Zee-A with Graney they move up
6 North Rockland-AA
7 Mahopac-AA running well and getting better
8 Horace Greeley-A they can move up a bit closer to the top A teams.
9 Brewster-A Still a very good team.
10 Pearl River-B incomplete - we'll see what they have at Manhattan.

Section 1 Boys Open Rankings - Week 4 - 10/03
1 Arlington-AA Continue streak at JFK - haven't really been tested this season
2 Scarsdale-AA Looked great with 16:34 average at Warwick
3 Suffern-AA Another strong pack at Sunken Meadow.
4 Somers-A Solid win in RI - spread 14 seconds for top 4.
4 Horace Greeley-A Finally put them all on the line and looked very good.
6 North Rockland-AA weekend off
7 Pearl River-B 17:05 average at Warwick - Hickey looked great.
8 Pawling-C Delbene has breakout day and team averages 17:18 at Queensbury.
9 Brewster-A 17:26 at Queensbury - great front three.
10 Carmel-AA 17:15 average at Warwick.
HM Fox Lane-A Nice win at Gressler.
HM Mahopac-AA 17:18 average at Warwick.
Section 1 Girls Open Rankings - Week 4 - 10/03
1 Arlington-AA Another win at JFK.
2 Suffern-AA looked good at Sunken Meadow.
3 Ursuline-A Bested Bronxville 36-39 at VCP.
4 Bronxville-C Looked very good and 6th girls helps them.
5 Tappan Zee-A 20:03 average at Queensbury.
6 North Rockland-AA 20:25 average ar Ocean State.
7 Brewster-A 20:43 average at Queensbury.
8 Mahopac-AA 20:38 average at Warwick.
9 Horace Greeley-A 20:44 average at Warwick.
10 Pearl River-B tough course at Garrett Mt. Have to think they are better than that.

1 ARLINGTON-AA win again at the Fort Plain Invit. Deadly top 4.
2 SUFFERN-AA Looked very good winning the Jim Smith Invit at Sunken Meadow. Continue to move up.
3 SCARSDALE-AA haven't raced an invit but dual meet at WCC was quite fast.
4 SOMERS-A Weekend off - hoping to get Turro back soon.
5 NORTH ROCKLAND-AA 17:55 average at own invit - newcomers continue to impress - Hughes is a fine #1.
6 PEARL RIVER-B Placed well at Section 10 Invit.
7 HORACE GREELEY-A Weekend off - we'll see what they got at Warwick this weekend.
8 FOX LANE-A Very nice, solid group of 5.
9 BREWSTER-A Up front strength now with transfer student.
10 PAWLING-C Haven't seen much of them but with Colby up front, they get the nod over Bronxville for now.
HM BRONXVILLE-C Coming together nicely - good race at Bowdoin.
1 Arlington-AA What a team. Up front strength and nice depth. Another win at Fort Plain.
2 Suffern - AA Split squad last weekend but they are very good when together.
3 Bronxville-C Solid day at Bowdoin. Tori and Emma ran very well.
4 Ursuline-A Missing Crean but we'll keep them here for now.
5 North Rockland-AA A big jump this week. Won their own invit.
6 Tappan Zee - A Weekend off but word is that Miller-Bedell ran 15:06 at VCP in a dual meet.
7 Pearl River-B A young team but they should pack well and improve as the season progresses.
8 Horace Greeley-A Some nice up front strength. Loss of Coreth hurts but they'll find that 5th girl by seasons end.
9 Carmel-AA Haven't seen much but they'll stay ranked based on two top runners.
10 Brewster 22:24 average at RRR had them hand in the top ten.
HM New Rochelle - AA 22:30 average at RRR has them debut in rankings this season.

1 ARLINGTON-AA rolled to a win at Somers with a great 16:42 average. Continue to look strong as they work on getting their 5th man up a bit.
2 SCARSDALE-AA DNR - we'll leave them here for now.
3 SOMERS-A Won on their new home course easily. Turro expected back at St. Anthony's but Apgar-Porteus leading the way for now.
4 SUFFERN-AA Won 1st invit since 1999 at own meet with nice 16:46 average at The Bear. Tight pack should be an advantage as the season moves on.
5 NORTH ROCKLAND-AA 4th best average in the merge at Suffern. They lost a lot, but they are reloading fast. Hughes runs 16:28 - great sophomore time.
6 PEARL RIVER-B Not Hickey's best day and ran without a few top guys, but you can see the potential here.
7 HORACE GREELEY-A Ran at Jim Smith Invitational. Some good points but it's way to early to judge the Quakers. They'll be much improved by mid October as usual.
8 PAWLING-C Rested most of top guys - Nash ran 17:49 at Somers.
9 BRONXVILLE-C Looked the best they have in a few years with 6th place finish in the merge, right behind perenial state Class A power Lynbrook.
10 FOX LANE-A Might be a bit better than this ranking but we'll keep them here for now. 17:40 average at Suffern and nice dual meet times at Somers on Tuesday.
1 Arlington-AA Continue to look very good - 15 point Invitational win was very impressive.
2 Suffern - AA Nice win at home invit - 2nd best in the merge.
3 Bronxville-C Looked good but a little vulnerable. Would imagine that 4-5 will move up closer to mid 16:00's at VCP.
4 Ursuline-A No Sullivan last weekend but Brown doing her best running right now. A very dangerous team when they are all on.
5 Tappan Zee - A Miller Bedell makes XC debut and runs great 18:05 at The Bear. Great front three, and a strong 4.