Meet Information

Ignatian Invitational, Sat, December 21st, 2019

Fordham University Lombardi Center

Doors open 9:30am

Awards: Medals to Top 6 in all event

New in 2018! FAT timing, online entry

To Enter: Enter ALL athletes via online registration on milesplit, with realistic seed times. Questions, text George Febles 646-554-4453

Boys Events (Events may run ahead of schedule)

10:00am Varsity 1600m Run

10:15am Junior Year 1600m Run

10:25am Sophomore 1600m Run

10:35am Freshman 1600m Run

10:50am Varsity 300m Dash

11:05am Junior year 300m Dash

11:20am Sophomore 300m Dash

11:40am Freshman 300m Dash

12:00pm  Freshman-Midget 300m Dash (Freshman under 120 lbs only)

12:10pm Varsity 600m Run

12:15pm Junior Year 600m Run

12:25pm Sophomore 600m Run

12:40pm Freshman 600m Run

12:50pm Freshman-Midget 600m Run (Freshman under 120 lbs only)

1:00pm Varsity 55m Dash

1:05pm Junior 55m Dash

1:15pm Sophomore 55m Dash

1:15pm Freshman 55m Dash

1:35pm Freshman-Midget 55m Dash (Freshman under 120 lbs only)

1:40pm Varsity 55m HH

1:45pm Sophomore 55m HH

1:50pm Freshman 55m HH

Field Events

10:00am Boys Freshman Shot Put

11:00m BOYS Soph Shot Put

11:45pm Boys Junior Year Shot Put

12:30pm Boys Varsity Shot Put

10:00am BOYS Freshman High Jump

10:00am BOYS Varsity High Jump


Girls Events (can start as early as 1pm if meet is ahead of schedule)

2:00pm Varsity 55m HH

2:05pm Sophomore 55m HH

2:15pm Freshman 55m HH

2:20pm Varsity 55m Dash

2:25pm Sophomore 55m Dash

2:30pm Frosh 55m Dash

2:35pm Varsity 1600m run

2:45pm Frosh 1600m Run

2:55pm Varsity 300m Dash

3:05pm Sophomore 300m Dash

3:15pm Freshman 300m Dash

3:30pm Varsity 600m Run

3:40pm Sophomore 600m Run

3:50pm Freshman 600m Run

Field Events

1:30pm Girls Freshman Shot Put

2:00pm Girls Varsity Shot Put

1:30pm Girls Freshman High Jump

1:30pm Girls Varsity High Jump

$8 per event

Blanket: $450 

Make check payable to:

Fordham Prep HS

c/o: George Febles

441 East Fordham Rd Bronx, NY 10458

Attn: Ignatian

Entries due: Thurs Dec 19, 2018, 11:59pm

Medals to top 6 in each event.

Pick up medals at check in table when results are posted- results will be posted at

NO SPIKES ALLOWED - new track at the Lombardi Center --

2 Event maximum per athlete - No athletes on wooden basketball floor- All Shot Put Events: 3 throws, no finals. - No pre-flight warm-ups, only pre-event warm-ups.- Throwers must help retrieve shots if asked.