Meet Information






 Meet Features

       Invitational, Varsity, Sophomore, Freshman, Novice Divisions, and Middle School

       Athletes can compete in 3 events this year

       Unlimited entries per team in all events

       Meet Webcast on and

       Field Event Scoreboard for all field events

       FAT lap by lap splits for all athletes in open races

       FAT relay splits for all relays

       Custom bibs for all competitors

       Live results at


Pre-Meet Instructions

Entry Instructions Steps:

1) Go to, find the meet, and enter your athletes and relays into events.  Entries close on 1/15/19 @ 11:59pm

2) Download & print your online entry confirmation from

3) Download the Armory Meet Contract for appropriate meet and complete form.


Download Meet Contract here:

4) Make a copy of both forms (contract and entry confirmation), submit one copy to your business office, and keep a copy for yourself. Please make sure to have your business office send a copy of both forms with the PO or check.  Make sure they include the meet ID# on the check. 

5) You must FAX in your meet contract or school purchase order or email it to 

Armory Track Office Fax: (718) 744-9075

Once we receive a meet contract, a school purchase order, or payment we will mark your team as approved on If we do not have a meet contract, a school purchase order, or payment at the time of packet pick up your team will not be allowed to compete.

All individual events: $7.50 per event *Limit 2 events per athlete

All relay events: $25 per relay

Minimum fee (per team): $25


Meet Instructions

The only acceptable spikes allowed on the Armory track surface are 1/4 inch pyramid spikes or 1/4 inch Christmas trees. No pin and needle spikes allowed. All spikes must be checked prior to competition. Check with your coach or the meet director if needed. Plastic Bottom shoes will be treated as spikes. This means that plastic bottom shoes will not be allowed in any event where spikes are prohibited.

For the complete Spike Policy @ The Armory, please visit:

Packet Pickup:

First Floor @ the Armory

In order to pick up your competition packet, you must:

1. Have turned in or presented your signed Armory Meet Contract and the entry fees needed to match what you entered online.

2. Have paid your fee or present a school purchase order. Just a reminder that once an entry is accepted, the entry fee should follow (note: not a participation fee, but entry fee)

Teams are encouraged to enter early. Once the meet reaches maximum size the online registration will be turned off and all late entries will be rejected.


Oval Events:

In your packet every athlete will have a sticker with their name, school, event, and bar code on it. Have athletes bring the proper stickers to check in at each event. No sticker indicates an improper entry and that athlete will not compete.  Even athletes in Invitational events need their stickers.  All oval track events will be verbally seeded on meet day EXCEPT for Infield AND Invitational events. Invitational event entries close 1 week prior to the meet so enter early.

Field Events, Dash and Hurdles:

All dash, hurdle, and field events will be pre-seeded and heat/flight assignments will be done from worst to best. Heats/flights will be posted on the day before the meet and posted in the building to double check as needed. Athletes will simply check in at the event. Field event finals will be contested immediately after the final flight.

Relay Events:

You will be given unique relay cards for the exact number of relays you entered online. You will also be given 'Relay Stickers,' unique to your school that need to be attached to your 'Relay Card.' Without BOTH of these things you cannot run in the event. Please write the athletes numbers on the front of the card in the proper order.