2012 MileSplit NY Indoor All-Star Boys' List

The past 2011-2012 Indoor season has seen some great races, some great times, and some breakout stars.  As usual, we're here to break down the season's best performers, ranking athletes from every inch of the state.  As opposed to our XC All-State list, which was organized by grade, we chose to organize the Track All-State lists by discipline.  As always, it is never an easy decision, and several great athletes had to be left off the list.  The depth of talent in New York is only exceeded by the number of stand-out performances achieved this year, including numerous state and national records.  Award winners are designated by W's, with honorable mentions being listed 1-2-3 by rank.  Relays are ranked as a collective per team.  And all opinions are that of the webmaster, Kyle Brazeil.  If you think there is someone we missed, or someone was misranked, feel free to comment about it in our discussion forum, found here.


Short Sprint (55, 55hh, 200)

W – Wayne Gordon – Sweet Home (55-6.37, 200 - 21.56)

1 – Winslow Dorsainvil – Spring Valley (55 – 6.33, NYS Champ)

2 – Laray Smith – Xaverian (200 – 21.93)

3 – Christopher Armour – Uniondale (55hh – 7.40 Hand Timed)

Breakdown: It is hard to pick a winner between the upstate speedster Wayne Gordon, and the downstate sprinter Winslow Dorsainvil.  Dorsainvil is the New York State Champion in the 55m dash, defeating Gordon.  However, Gordon came back the weekend after, finishing very strongly at Nationals with a 6th place overall in the 60m dash, and a 4th place overall in the 200m.  In the end, it was Gordon's range that ultimately gained him the spot of Indoor All-Star for 2012.


Long Sprint (300-600)

W – Strymar Livingston – Christopher Columbus (500 – 1:01.7 National Record, 600 – 1:17.58 Nat’l Rec)

1 – Steven Gayle – Mt. Vernon (300 – 34.12, 400 – 48.04, 500 – 1:04.5)

2 – Brian Smith – Greece Athena (300 – 34.17flat track, 400 – 49.13)

3 – Giancarlo Sainato – Colonie (600 – 1:19.97)

Breakdown: This discipline offers a wide range of events, but NYC's Strymar Livingston all but dominated the top half, with National Record Performances in both the 500 and 600.  Livingston's success brought with it a State Championship in the 600m, as well as a chance to run the 500m dash against Olympic Champion Lashawn Merrit at the 2012 Millrose Games.  Right below Livingston is Mount Vernon's Steven Gayle, who as the senior anchor out of Mt. Vernon, put down some impressive times both in the relay, and individually.


Mid-Distance (800 – Mile)

W – Zavon Watkins – Liverpool (800 – 1:49.09 split, 1000 – 2:27.91, Mile – 4:13.83)

1 – Brian Crimmins – Horseheads (1000 – 2:28.09)

2 –  Kieran Brennan – Pearl River (800 – 1:52.95, 1000 – 2:28.8)

3 - Christian Delago – Shaker (800 – 1:54.3, 1000 – 2:28.84, Mile – 4:16)

Breakdown: Zavon Watkins has been the talk of the state ever since he had been trying his hand at the mile.  He had become known for his patented kick, which had led to impressive victories at the mile in both the U.S. Open and the Millrose Games.  However, as the season progressed, Watkins could no longer rely on his kick.  At the New York State Championships, Watkins found himself in the slower heat of the finals because his qualfying time didn't quite breach the top.  Watkins took off hard from the gun, pushing the pace by himself.  His strategy worked, as he managed to become State Champion from the 2nd heat.  At Nationals, Watkins faced a different problem.  He would be recieving the baton well behind junior Edward Cheserek, whose Indoor season was one of prep's best ever.  Sprinting from the exchange, Watkins managed to close the gap on Cheserek, coming within inches of the junior at the finish line.  Watkins would return to the track for the open 800m, where again he would be tested, as he took second overall in a New York State Record time no less.  Brian Crimmins of Section 4 gets mention behind Watkins, as Crimmins steadily was reducing the state leading time, choosing only to run on his native Cornell Track, known to produce slower times.


Long-Distance (3200 – 5000)

W – Dan Lennon – Peru (2Mile - 9:06.16, 5000 – 14:37.25 National Champ)

1 – Thomas Awad – Chaminade (2 Mile – 9:06.18, 5000 - 15:06.21)

2 – Kris Moran – North Babylon (2 Mile  - 9:08.02, 3200m State Champ)

3 – Sibby Hanson – Arlington (3200 - 9:06.3, NYS #1 unconverted)

Breakdown: Senior Dan Lennon has had an interesting season.  He had contained much of his racing to Section 7, where the competition may not have as much depth as some of the bigger sections.  With limited meets, and scarce results, we only saw glimpses of New York's sole Foot Locker Finalist from XC.  Lennon made two trips down to the Armory this season, running 4:23.5 in the mile and 9:21.5 in the 2 mile.  He then went and lowered his mile time to a 4:19.2 at the New Balance Grand Prix in Boston.  Lennon came into States with a slow 9:31 qualifier for the 2 mile, but everyone knew he was capable of better against stronger competition.  Lennon proved that true, after putting in a silver medal performance of 9:11.4 over 3200m at States.  Lennon's true breakout happened at Nationals, when he challenged Dallin Farnsworth of Idaho in the 5000m, which Lennon's kick eventually awarded him the win, as well as All-American status.  It wouldn't be long until he showed his speed again, as Lennon returned to take 4th in the 2 mile later that same weekend.  Behind Lennon at Nationals is both events for New York was Thomas Awad, who had a very fast season altogether as well.  It takes great performances, as well as consistency, to be ranked ahead of the state champion, and the range of both Awad and Lennon guarentee their top positions.


Jumps (LJ, TJ, HJ)

W – Thomas Johnson – White Plains (TJ – 48.2.75)

1 –  Brandon Joyce – Niagara Falls (TJ – 45’11.25”, HJ – 6’10” State Champ)

2 – Ismail El-amin – Wilson Magnet (LJ – 23’10.75)

3 - Xavier McCallister – Newburgh (HJ – 6’10”)

Breakdown: White Plains' Thomas Johnson is no stranger to success.  His season has been filled with gold medals, as Johnson has been undefeated in the triple jump since December.  Couple that with a 4th place overall finish at Nationals, and you have one very talented junior.  Not only does he dominate the triple, Johnson has been able to compete with the top jumpers in the long jump, placing as high as 5th at States.  Behind Johnson is Section 6's Brandon Joyce, who is the state champion in the high jump.  What looked to be Xavier McCallister's event to lose, quickly turned into a two-man battle, as McCallister's jump of 6-10 was matched by Joyce when it mattered, at Indoor States' a week later.


Vault/Throws (SP, WT, PV)

W – Greg Gallagher – Iona Prep – PV – 15’8.25”

1 – Rudy Winkler – Averill Park – WT – 80’11.75” National Champ

2 – Mike Brunoforte – St. Anthony’s – PV – 15’6”

3 – Dominic Kosar – St. Joe’s – SP – 56’11”

Breakdown:  All season long, seniors Greg Gallagher and Mike Brunoforte exchanged State leading vaults, matching eachother week after week.  Don't believe us?  Check out their vs. profile here.  Week after week it would come down to # of misses between the pair to determine the victor.  Eventually, Greg Gallagher began pulling away, both at the State Championships and finally with a big 15'8.25" vault at Nationals.  This height put him over the top, as it stands as NY #1 for 2012.  Seperating the pair is the unlikely hero Rudy Winkler, whose only event indoors is the weight throw.  For what he lacks in diversity, he more than makes up for with expertise.  Winkler ended up taking #1 at Nationals in the Weight Throw, one of only 2 NY Boys to take individual gold at that level.



W – Boys and Girls (4x200 – 1:29.68, 4x400 – 3:15.12, 4x800 – 7:41.10)

1 – Uniondale (4x200 – 1:29.3, 4x400 – 3:22.22)

2 – Mount Vernon (4x200 – 1:29.06, 4x400 - 3:24.32)

3 – Liverpool – (SMR – 3:26.41)

Breakdown: The boys relays may be a little bit easier to call than the girls, but that stems from the excellent perfomance of the Boys and Girls' relays this year.  Their range is unmatched, dominating in both the 4x400 and 4x800.  Their time in the 4x200 is no slouch either, coming in at NY #3.  But it is those longer distance relays which sets them apart, as their 3:15.12 in the 4x400 and their 7:41.10 in the 4x800 both set new New York State Records.  The relays were highlighted by freshmen Richard Rose, whose 1:55 leadoff leg in the 4x800 was nothing less than impressive.  Behind B&G is almost a dead tie, as Mount Vernon and Uniondale both field very impressive short relays, which have battled between eachother all season.  Mount Vernon gets the edge over Uniondale because its' relay is NY #1 over NY#2 Uniondale, but Uniondale returns the favor in the 4x400, as they are ranked NY #3 to MV's NY #6.  Sneaking in the final position, narrowly beating out Shaker's record breaking 4xMile, is Liverpool's SMR, which yielded an impressive 1:49.09 from anchor Zavon Watkins.