New Yorkers to Watch at NBIN - Girls

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the absolute last meet of the season for NY's top talent.  After a slew of great races and close jumping at this past weekends New York State Indoor Championships, Nationals looks to be as exciting as ever.  We're going to briefly breakdown some of the key matchups you'll find over the three day weekend of competition.  We'll be on site live tweeting, live streaming, and providing live results, so be sure to check back frequently.



All times 55m

Top NY

Robbi Rogers - Mount Vernon - 7.17

Kadijah Cudjoe - Sheepshead Bay - 7.27

Out-of-State Notables

Myasia Jacobs - Paramus Catholic NJ - 6.87

Alexis Murry - Henry E. Lackley MD - 6.88

J’Den Williams - Wakefield NC - 6.96


Breakdown: While NY does have some of the top short sprint talent in the nation, most have opted to run the 200m instead.  Still, Robbi Rogers of Mt. Vernon is a very fast individual, but can she keep up with other East Coast speedsters such as Myasia Jacobs and Alexis Murry?  Only time will tell.



Top NY

Tanaya Yarde - Mount Vernon - 24.70

Valencia Hannon - Elmont Memorial - 24.84

Lateisha Philson - Benjamin Cardozo - 7.01 (55m)

Sandrae Farquharson - Medger Evers Prep - 25.04

Kala Allen - Williamsville East - 7.27 (55m)

Out-of State Notables

Jada Martin - MLK GA - 24.00

Felicia Brown - MLK GA - 24.21

Kyra Jefferson - Cass Tech. MI - 24.31

Christine Scott - Mullen CO - 24.37


Breakdown: The depth of NY's sprint talent find's itself in an extremely loaded 200m dash.  Lateisha Philson, NY's top short sprinter, sat out of Indoor States last weekend to prep for the competition, and she has yet to run an open 200m this season.  Tanaya Yarde and Valencia Hannon are right up there as well, yet it seems the girls from Georgia may end up dominating the race.



Top NY

Kadecia Baird - Medger Evers Prep - 55.60

Josephine Watson - Beacon NYC - 57.04

Out-of State Notables

Precious Holmes - Hillhouse CT - 53.53

Felicia Brown - MLK GA - 53.88

Ariah Graham - Wakefield NC - 54.72


Breakdown: Kadecia Baird is one fast individual.  While it may seem she has a slower seed time, remember that the open 400m is a rarely contested event in NY.  Baird is US #1 in the 300m, the more frequently run event, ahead of Precious Holmes and Ariah Graham.  How that will translate over to the 400m is anybody's guess.



Top NY

Mary Cain - Bronxville - 2:06.84 (outdoor)

Emily O’Neill - Garden City - 2:12.98 (outdoor)

Jessica Gelibert - Bay Shore - 2:11.85

Out-of-State Notables

Ajee Wilson - Neptune NJ  - 2:04.13

Emma Keenan - Gwynedd-Mercy Academy PA - 2:10.84

Kellie Davis - Hillhouse CT - 2:12.89


Breakdown:  How low can Mary go?  Splitting a 2:03 and change last spring, the 800m is Mary Cain's favorite event.  After a season that saw numerous records to her name, it seems like Cain is just warming up.  But will her momentum push her past New Jersey's Ajee Wilson?  Wilson has had three big races in the distance against professionals earlier in the season.  Just as the boys' 800m is slated to be exciting, the girls' 800m seems to bring the same kind of stopping power.


1 Mile

Top NY

Brianna Nerud - North Shore - 4:50.12

Kelsey Margey - Friends Academy - 4:49.03

Catherine Maloy – Academy of the Holy Names – 4:39.91 (1500m)

Out-of-State Notables

Angel Piccirillo - Homer PA - 4:44.20

Haley Meier - Grosse Point South MI - 4:48.10

Hannah Meier - Grosse Point South MI - 4:43.28

Megan Moye - Cosby VA - 4:49.35


Breakdown: While New York always produces great middle distance runner for the girls, the sisters from Michigan are a serious roadblock to the medal stand.  Haley and Hannah Meier are both quality runners, as is Pennsylvania's Angel Piccirillo.  Then again, Brianna Nerud can never be counted out of race, as neither can Kelsey Margey.


2 Mile

Top NY

Rachel Paul - Sachem East - 9:49.64 (3000m)

Gianna Frontera - Newburgh Free Academy - 9:59.34 (3000m)

Alexis Panisse - Benjamin Cardozo - 9:52.01 (3000m)

Elizabeth Caldwell - North Shore - 10:04.43 (3000m)

Jessica Donohue - North Shore - 10:04.73 (3000m)

Out-of-State Notables

Dana Giordano - Bernards NJ - 10:28.35


Breakdown: It seems as if New York's distance talent chose the 2 Mile to display their dominance.  On paper, it looks as if Rachel Paul and Alexis Panisse will be battling for the title, but Gianna Frontera proved last week that she is a force to be reckoned with.  Also look for Bernard's Dana Giordano to be right there in the mix.



Top NY

Brianna Nerud – North Shore – 10:24.86 (2 Mile)

Alexis Panisse – Benjamin Cardozo – 9:52.01 (3000m)

Out-of-State Notables

Haley Pierce – Tatnall DE – 10:14.54 (2 Mile)

Erin Finn – West Bloomfield MI – 10:18.82 (2 Mile)

Megan Lacy – Cherokee NJ – 10:34.72 (2 Mile)

Wesley Frazier – Ravenscroft NC – 10:21.07 (2 Mile)


Breakdown: Nerud and Panisse both have legit times, but Haley Pierce and Erin Finn have put up times in XC and Winter that show they are forces to be reckoned with.  Add in Wesley Frazier and Meghan Lacy, and you have one special race.



Top NY

Medger Evers Prep - 1:40.27

Mount Vernon - 1:40.56

Out-of-State Notables

Wakefield NC – Junior Striders T + F – 1:38.35

Hope RI – 1:40.76

Western Branch VA – 1:41.81


Breakdown: The season-long rivalry between Mount Vernon and Medger Evers Prep has a new challeneger to be wary of.  Wakefield NC has put up a very serious time (on a flat track no less).  Also look got Hope RI to be right in the hunt.  It looks to be one of the most exciting finals of the entire competition.



Top NY

Garden City – 3:50.03

Medger Evers Prep – 3:51.46

Benjamin Cardozo – 3:52.37

Out-of-State Notables

Cosby VA – 3:53.36

Bethel VA – 3:53.63

Wakefield NC – Junior Striders T + F – 3:46.58


Breakdown:  Again, we have Wakefield cramping New York's style.  Garden City has been putting up very fast times all season, but the girls from Wakefield have a PR 4 seconds faster.  Is it possible that Wakefield could pull off the double?



Top  NY

Fayetteville-Manlius - 9:08.77

Garden City - 9:00.92

Out-of-State Notables

La Salle Academy RI – 9:07.28

Mount Saint Dominic NJ – 9:09.70


Breakdown: Seed times may not matter for this relay event.  Garden City has the US #1 time here, beating even the at-strength North Shore squad.  However, Fayetteville-Manlius is New York's go-to gold medalist's, winning the DMR at Nationals last March.  While a winner is hard to call at this point, look for the race to be a lot closer than each teams PR would predict.



Top NY

Saratoga Springs – 11:55.14

Academy of the Holy Names – 12:06.57

Out-of-State Notables

La Salle Academy RI – 11:53.36

Lenape NJ – 11:55.90

Grosse Point South MI - Unknown


Breakdown: NXN runners-up Saratoga is never to be forgotten in New York, as they have a very fast relay time this year.  La Salle Academy of Rhode Island also has a fast time attributed to their name.  However, the unknown factor may steal the show here, as the Meier sisters are reuniting to run for Grosse Point South, which could add untouchable times to a stellar line-up.