Course Walkthrough & Map For Northeast HS Club Champs Now Up

Mile @ 4:21, 2Mile @ 9:04, Finish @ 13:30

It's the eve of the Northeast HS Club Cross Country Championships, and the course is ready to host the biggest invitational in the Northeast all Season. Nearly all the major players will face the course with fresh eyes, putting the entire field on even footing heading into the race.

We'll be providing a Live Stream of the Start/Finish, as well as the 1000m mark, and 800m to go. We'll combine that with archive footage of the back miles after the meet, but tune in to the stream for up-to-the-minute information. Want to know what the course looks like? We've got you covered too. We took a tour of the Twin Ponds on the Farm facility, a fully working farm that offers activities all Season long. They've generously donated their facility to host this culminating event. Be sure to tune in.

*Note: Athletes are only allowed 1 guest on-site, a policy that will be strictly enforced. Plan accordingly.

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