Seven Great Races To Watch At The New York Relays

Boys Mile

Key Players: Shea Weilbaker (Saratoga) - 4:13.74, Alfred Chawonza (St. Benedict's Prep) - 4:22.64, Ronald Kigen (St. Benedict's) - 4:22.58, Brendan Dearie (Saint Anthony's) - 4:21.22, Malcolm Going (Danbury) - 4:20.73

Breakdown: At first glance, Weilbaker should have an easy pathway to the win, with a PR well above the rest.  However, Weilbaker hasn't hit the peaks in the 800m that Chawonza has, as Alfred has split sub-1:50.  If this turns into a kicker's race, it gets blown wide open, and it's anyone's to finish first.

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