A History Of High Schoolers Running Amongst The Pro's At Millrose


A defining moment in the sport, this is where Drew Hunter (Loudoun Valley, VA) broke Alan Webb's (South Lakes, VA) unthinkable indoor mile national record, the first indoor sub-4 ever run indoors. Hunter shattered that mark by two whole seconds, and went on to an incredible senior year, which included the first sub-8 3000m run, breaking the record previously held by "The King" -- Edward Cheserek -- himself.

Event 40  Men 1 Mile Run Armory Invit Elite
 1-10 on line, 11-14 in alley
        Meet: M 3:56.57  2/20/2016   Johnny Gregorek, Asics 
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
  1       Johnny Gregorek        Asics                  3:56.57M 
  2       Julian Matthews        Saucony                3:56.91  
  3       Thomas Awad            U of Penn              3:57.03  
  4       Drew Hunter            Loudoun Vall- NY       3:57.81  
  5       Jake Hurysz            NJ-NY TC               3:58.10 
  6       John Travers           Ireland                3:58.10  
  7       Julian Oakley          U Providence           3:58.34  
  8       Robert Denault         Villanova U            3:58.48  
  9       Joe Stilin             Zap / Reebok           4:02.34  
 10       Travis Mahoney         NJ-NY TC               4:04.19  
 11       John Coghlan           Ireland                4:12.79  
 --       Ford Palmer            NJ-NY TC                   DNF  

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