A History Of High Schoolers Running Amongst The Pro's At Millrose


Texan prep standout Myles Marshall (Kingwood, TX) came from a family with professional running roots, so it was only natural for him to get a head start. The 1000m national record has been on many athletes radar over the year, and here was a chance for a 1:47 athlete in the 800m to take his shot. Marshall sat on the back of the pack, and was pulled through for US #8 All-Time.

Men 1000 Meter Run Mel Sheppard Invitational
  1 Erik Sowinski                Nike                   2:21.18 
  2 Robby Andrews                adidas                 2:21.23
  3 Drew Windle                  Ashland Univ.          2:22.91
  4 Declan Murray                NJ-NY TC               2:22.99  
  5 Liam Boylan Pett             NJ-NY TC               2:23.44 
  6 Duane Solomon                Saucony                2:24.31
  7 Myles Marshall               Unnattached            2:24.43
  8 Derek Holdsworth             XMG Athletics          2:25.25 
 -- Nicholas Reid                Shore AC                   DNF