2017 AIS Championship Preview

The AIS league for the NYC area independent schools will be holding the city's big race the morning of Marathon Sunday at Van Cortlandt Park, though there will also be a respectable crowd out to watch that other race that goes through the five boros. The AIS teams that have been battling each other in the Ivy Prep, Collegiate, Manhattan and other city races or hiding out in obscurity will finally get a chance to show who's the top team on Independents Day.

Apologies to all the speedy runners who do not quite fit in the Top Runners list for their section, but we needed a limit. For those left out, use the horrendous slight to crush one at the championship.

As always, please note that neither the speed ratings based listings of teams nor the 5K time virtual meet scores are meant to be exact predictions of how a race will turn out since there are many unknown factors at work here. The virtual meets based on 5K times are never a very good summary for any XC event, but they are even worse for the AIS since many of the teams have not run any 5K races and like Trinity are left out of the listings. But use the links to the 5K scorecard if you wish to get some minimal information about the teams.

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