How They Train: Harrison's Claudio Delli Carpini


Claudio Delli Carpini

Age: 17

School:  Harrison High School

Coach:  Dominic Zanot (Jumps/Weight Training) & Kate Zanot (Hurdles)

Personal Bests:

55HH: 7.56

110HH: 14.1h

400H: 56.4

Long Jump: 23’3.5

High Jump: 6’4

Pentathlon: 3433 points


2007 (Sophomore): Indoor All American- Pentathlon, 5th Place Long Jump and 6th Place 55HH @ NYS Championships

2008 (Junior): 3rd Place Long Jump and 4th Place 55HH @ NYS Championships

2009 (Senior): 2nd Place Long Jump with 23’3.5 @ The Hispanic Games

Typical Training Week

  1. Pre-Season: August, September, October & November

(Football- Wide Receiver, Defensive Back & Kicker)

  1. Season


·         Sprinting Mechanics

·         Bounding on turf- double leg 3x20 yards, single leg 2x20 yards each leg, alternating legs 2x20 yards (quality over quantity with an emphasis on limiting foot contacts)

·         5-10 150m or 200m depending on the weather @ 85% effort with 90 second recovery

·         Weight Training at BX Strength & Speed (

-Kettle Bell Pulls 4x8 with 100lbs

-Power Clean (ground) 4x2 @ 220lbs or 4x3 @ 200lbs

-Clean Pulls (mid thigh) 4x4 with 245-265lbs

-Squats (Front, Back or 1 Legged) 4x6

-Weighted Dips 4x8 with 25-45lbs added

-Chin Ups 4x8

-Abdominal Work with the medicine ball


Tuesday: @ The Armory -- Sprinting Mechanics; Hurdle Drills

·         Linear Over

·         Lateral Over

·         Rhythm Drills

·         Lead Leg & Trail Leg Drills

·         5x3 over 5 hurdles (5 steps between)

·         3 starts to the first hurdle, 3 starts to the second hurdle, 3 starts to the third hurdle

Long Jump

·         3 Pop Ups for “height” (focus on the penultimate)

·         3 Pop Ups for “flight” (focus on a 45 degree take off angle)

·         3 Pop Ups for “pike” (focus on an aggressive landing)


Wednesday:  Sprinting Mechanics

Short Speed Work: If the weather is appropriate

·         4x20m @ 95% effort (full recovery)

·         3x40m @ 95% effort (full recovery)

·         2x60m @ 95% effort (full recovery)

·         If the weather is too cold, we will do resisted sprinting inside


Weight Training at BX Strength & Speed (

-Kettle Bell Swings 3x10

-1 Arm Snatch 5x5 each arm with a 50lbs

-Clean (from blocks) 4x2 @ 200lbs or 4x3 @ 185lbs

-Snatch Pulls (from blocks) 4x2 @ 220lbs

-Vertimax Step Ups 4x6 each leg

-1 Arm Bench Press 4x8 each arm with 70-80lbs

-Pull Ups 4x6


Thursday:  @ The Armory -- Sprinting Mechanics

Hurdle Drills

·         Linear Over

·         Lateral Over

·         Rhythm Drills

·         Lead Leg and Trail Leg Drills

·         3x3 over 5 hurdles (5 steps between)

·         5 starts to the first hurdle, 3 starts to the second hurdle, 2 starts to the 3rd hurdle

Long Jump

·         Approach work (9 stride)


Friday: Meet Prep

Sprinting Mechanics

5 Build Ups to 50 meters


Saturday: Competition

Sunday: Off

Goals: 55HH: 7.35 or faster, NYS Champion, All America; Long jump: 24-plus feet, NYS Champion, All American

Coaches’ Philosophy (by Dominic Zanot): As Claudio’s coaches, my wife, Kate and myself share in the responsibility his development.  Kate focuses her attention on the Hurdles, where my attention is focused on the Long Jump/weight training.  As a program, our main objective is to expose our athletes to as many events as possible in order to find their best fit based on talent identification.  As a coaching staff, the following, in order, is our approach.

  1. Skills (Sprinting Mechanics, Hurdle Technique & Field Event Work)
  2. Power Development (Plyometrics, Weight Training and Speed Work)
  3. Conditioning

Claudio’s development followed this same progression.  In his 8th and 9th Grade years we exposed him to a variety of events.  Having fun while competing and trying new events brings enjoyment to the sport while preventing physical and mental staleness. Eventually, his natural talents led him to seriously focus on the hurdles and long jump.  During his 10th Grade year, we prioritized power development through weight training.  Unfortunately, his junior year was filled with injuries, so Claudio spent the entire year with out much consistency in his training.  His success last year was primarily due to his natural talent and the muscle memory of the skills he learned when he was young.   This year, our focus is to continue Claudio’s power development as if he were a collegiate athlete.  He is handling tremendous amounts of weight with the appropriate speed in the Olympic Lifts two nights a week. These exercises off the track will accelerate his body’s potential to run faster and jump longer/higher.   Another major benefit of Claudio’s dedication weight training is that he can limit the number of jumps he takes in practice so his body remains fresh when it comes time to compete.  He is on schedule to peak at the New York State Championships in March.