How They Train: Suffern's Shelby Greany

Name: Shelby Greany

Age: 17

School: Suffern High School

Coach: Lou Hall and Tom McTaggert

Personal Bests:
Van Cortlandt 2.5 miles: 14:15; Van Cortlandt 3.1 miles: 17:56; Bear Mt: 17:26; Bowdoin: 18:24

400: 58.6; 800: 2:12.2; 1500: 4:36; 1600: 4:52; 3000: 9:48; 2 mile: 10:37; 2,000 steeple: 6:42

5-time county champion

5-time section 1 champion

2008 State champion in 2000 steeple

2008 National champion in 2000 steeple

Typical Training Week:

a. Pre-Season

Sunday: a 70 minute long run on the roads around 7:30 to 7:45 pace

Monday: 4. 7 miles on roads around 6:50 pace

Tuesday: 7 hilly miles on the roads around 6: 48 pace

Wednesday: 35 minutes around 7:00 pace on grass, 4x grass hills hard, 22:33 minutes around 7:00 pace. Then did core work

Thursday: 45 minutes on roads, run how you feel

Friday: 15 minute warm up around 7:30 pace, 1 minute up tempo- 1 minute medium pace for 20 minutes, 8 minute warm down

Saturday: took off

b. Season (This week)

Sunday: took off

Monday: 1 mile warm up, 10 striders, 5x1200 with 3:30 jogging rest (4:02, 4:02, 3:59, 4:00, 3:59), 20 minute warm down

Tuesday: 6 miles on the roads around 7:00 pace

Wednesday: 1 mile warm up, 6x300, 20 minutes warm down

Thursday: 30 minutes on grass with a 30 second up-tempo at 10, 15, 20 minutes

Friday:20 minute jog, stretch

Saturday: State meet !!!

Goals:  My goals for the season are to improve over all. The state meet is going to be very intense and my goal is just to race my race and be happy with the way I run whether that’s winning or running a great time. For Feds I want to improve my time on that course and be competitive throughout the whole race. One of my biggest goals is to qualify for the Footlocker Nationals for the 4th time.

Coaches' Philosophy: McTaggert’s and Hall’s philosophy doesn’t always make sense to the team or me but we always know there is a method to their madness. We don’t run a lot a lot of miles. We probably average around 40 a week and maybe like 45 in the summer. But he believes on making the miles we do run count. In the summer it’s less important on the pace but once the season starts each mile we do run has its purpose. Once the important races come we back off quiet a bit but that’s good because then our legs get a chance to recover. I wouldn’t say Hall has a philosophy, just kind of his own unique way of doing things.