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9 days ago Dendy meet
Which Meet? There were three
22 days ago The meet on 12/27
I would check on the Facility website for specifics, but I believe venue attendance restrictions ...
4 months ago Problems with Meet Website and Registration
Which meet is this?
7 months ago Order of Events?
@ElViejoEli updated
8 months ago SMR question
SMR is an Sprint Medley, Swedish is a Swedish Medley Relay. SMR8 is 2-1-1-4. SMR is 4-2-2-8.
10 months ago Acceptance Lists
@moiracrouch [url=https://ny.milesplit.com/articles/293879/entry-lists-for-ocean-breeze-elite-inv...
11 months ago No long or triple?
@christian_bonn@yahoo.com because of the specific COVID protocols, Field Events are especially ha...
1 year ago Northeast Cross Country Club Championship???
@bthib Both were offered entry, but were unable to compete because of State-Specific travel restr...
1 year ago Manually Enter
Yes! Check out our Dual Meet article for a template.
2 years ago photos
@maddyduchaussee Now available!
2 years ago Lost and found for NY Section IV State Qualifiers meet at Cornell
@fl1-d0cd4d2e-0a2d-47ec-a457-487e48ef7a13 jamest@marathonschools.org
2 years ago Discrepancy between Completed Results and Formatted
@hjt77 The formatted times include the hand-time conversion, which is what makes them eligible...
2 years ago Discrepancy between Completed Results and Formatted
@hjt77 What is the discrepancy?
2 years ago Incorrect Results
@getyourrunon101 Thanks for the heads up!
2 years ago Dates
@cpicozzi As referenced by the links, and attached info sheets, what is incorrect? Yes, the fi...
2 years ago Section 2 Girls A Race
@KindnessMatters Working on tracking it down. Looks like Class D was uploaded twice by accident
2 years ago Where are the 2019 Victor Invitational Results????
@yakmeat Added, thanks for the heads up.
3 years ago Results for the Boys 400 M hurdles Division 2 incorrect
@carrieandmarcus Thanks, timer has now updated.
@COMMANDOE I believe CBA will be staying in B
3 years ago Meet info, including order of events and payment details
All info is posted on the meet page.
3 years ago Unable to add new athlete to meet
Hi Coach, Try them now. New numbers should now be assigned.
3 years ago Registration
What are the issues with registering for this meet? Reach out at kbrazeil@milesplit.com
3 years ago Registration
@mthayer4 that is only for PSAL Meets
3 years ago Registration
Registration for this event is done on directathletics
3 years ago Boys Morning meet is not listed
@mpierce51 Both meets are included.
3 years ago Seeding Question
@lvcoachlee Provide a best estimate.
4 years ago This is a test
@jason Enjoying my time here in Kenya
4 years ago This is a test
@jason Hi!
4 years ago Heat sheets
@valuecat for?
4 years ago Ocean Breeze Freedom Games (HS) 2018
@dmalave2 Direct Athletics
4 years ago What am I Paying for??
@coachjoei A correction is being made to the results, and are being sent over.
4 years ago What about Jack Craven?? Part II
@CoachClarke Ah, I found the issue, and it should now be resolved
4 years ago What about Jack Craven?? Part II
@CoachClarke Hi Coach, Are you checking the 2.5mile rankings? I see him there currently
4 years ago Rome Coughlin Invitational 2017
@Cardens http://www.tullyrunners.com/download/RomeCoughlin2017.pdf
4 years ago Wayne (Pre-State Invite) Invitational 2017
@dschulz should be now fixed
4 years ago Duplicate Section 3 meets on calendar
@Jdtrack Thanks for the heads up, currently fixing all issues
5 years ago Brentwood High volunteer coach pushed parents to pay him fees, internal investigation finds
@JParks interesting
5 years ago Section 2 League Meets 3 2016
@BrettLaBier00 Results were not recorded for this meet
5 years ago North Shore HS Invitational 2016
@micbrooks5 On the meet page
5 years ago Oscar B. Jensen Holiday Relays AM Session 2016
@smcguane http://ny.milesplit.com/meets/259848
5 years ago Frosh/Soph Results from Manhattan College
@ajpower There have been questions about the accuracy of the results. Waiting for any final upda...
6 years ago scores and mark
@wilsonx3 Send your marks to kbrazeil@milesplit.com
6 years ago Why no split times
@jmtham156 typically, on one man camera operations, there is little room to multitask. For bigge...
6 years ago milesplit seach function
@shoemine There is currently a server issue we are working through with our providers. As that i...
6 years ago Complete Boys Results
@DBilicic Now added. Let me know if anything else was missing. We were working on the stream, s...
6 years ago State championship qualifying standards
I believe girls convert, but boys do not.
6 years ago Ocean Breeze Freedom Games 2016
@mvtrack Races will be uploaded on a 10-minute delay
6 years ago Bishop Loughlin 2015 Boys Mile Pics
@timothyminor They are in the second album, by Tony Morales
6 years ago Updates to profiles
@trackblue Cities are now in. Looking at Frosh. The delay has come from an attempt to associa...
6 years ago National Rankings
As the person who compiles the Speed Rating National Rankings (aka The Other rankings), I feel li...