Jesuit Championships 2023

New York, NY

Meet Information

Icahn Stadium

Wed Apr 12, 2023
Open to Boys Jesuit High Schools only
Entry Fees to be determined based on total meet costs, billed after the meet.  Text G. Febles 646-554-4453 for password
9:00am. Varsity + J.V. Javelin
J.V. Shot Put
Varsity & JV High Jump
J.V. Long Jump
9:45am. J.V. Discus
J.V. High Jump
Varsity Long Jump
Varsity Shot Put
10:15am Varsity Discus
9:00am JV and Varsity Pole Vault
9:00am 400m Intermediate Hurdles Varsity
9:10am 400m Intermediate Hurdles J.V.
9:15am Dream Mile Varsity
9:20am Mile Run- Varsity
9:25am Mile Run J.V.
9:30am 110m High Hurdles -- Varsity
9:35am 110m High Hurdles - - J.V
9:40am 100m Dash Varsity Heats (6 Fastest to Finals)
9:50am 100m Dash J.V. Heats (6 Fastest to Finals)
10:00am 100m Dash Freshman- Heats *(6 Fastest to finals)
10:05 - 100m Dash Throwers Final on Time
10:10am 400 m Dash Varsity
10:20am 400m Dash J.V.
10:25am 400m Dash Novice
10:30am 3200m Run Varsity
10:30am 3200m Run J.V.
10:45am 100m Dash Varsity final
10:50am 100m Dash J.V. final
10:55am 100m Dash Freshman final
11:00am 800m Run - Varsity
11:05am 800m Run J.V.
11:10am 800m Run- Freshman
11:15am 180y Low Hurdles- Varsity
11:20am 180y Low Hurdles- JV
11:25am 200m Dash- Varsity
11:35am 200m Dash- J.V.

TEAM WINNERS IN JESUIT CHAMPIONSHIPS 1946 St. Peter's Prep1947 Fordham Prep1948 Fordham Prep1949 Brooklyn Prep1950 Brooklyn Prep1951 Brooklyn Prep1952 Fordham Prep1953 Brooklyn Prep1954 Fordham Prep1955 Fordham Prep1956 Fordham Prep1957 Fordham Prep1958 Fordham Prep1959 Brooklyn Prep1960 Fordham Prep1961 Fordham Prep1962 Brooklyn Prep1963 Fordham Prep1964 Fordham Prep1965 Fordham Prep1966 Brooklyn Prep1967 Fordham Prep 1968 Fordham Prep1969 Fordham Prep1970 Fordham Prep1971 Brooklyn Prep1972 St. Joseph's1973 Xavier1974 St. Joseph's1975 Fordham Prep1976 Fordham Prep1977 St. Peter's Prep1978 Fordham Prep1979 Xavier1980 St. Joseph's1981 St. Joseph's1982 St. Joseph's1983 St. Joseph's1984 Regis1985 Regis1986 St. Peter's Prep1987 St. Joseph's1988 St. Joseph's1989 St. Joseph's1990 Regis1991 St. Joseph's1992 St. Joseph's1993 St. Joseph's1994 St. Joseph's1995 Fordham Prep1996 Fordham Prep 1997 Fordham Prep1998 Xavier1999 Fordham Prep2000 Fordham Prep2001 Fordham Prep2002 Fordham Prep2003 Fordham Prep2004 Fordham Prep2005 Xavier2006 Fordham Prep2007 Fordham Prep2008 Fordham Prep2009 Fordham Prep2010 Xavier2011 Xavier2012 Xavier2013 Fordham Prep2014 Fordham Prep2015 Fordham Prep2016 Fordham Prep2017 St. Peter's Prep2018 St. Peter's Prep2019 St. Peter's Prep2021 Fordham Prep2022 Fordham Prep

Mary Scott "Dream Mile" Winners:

2013 Eliot Kaufmann, Xavier 4:22.85

2014 John Rice, Xavier 4:17.78

2015 Conor Lundy, Fordham 4:16.10

2016 Christian Raslowsky, Xavier 4:24.33

2017 Giancarlo Cipri, Xavier 4:23.80

2018 Josef Raphael Oettl Xavier 4:22.94

2019 Edwin Klanke  St. Peter's Prep 4:28.25

2022 Michael Hawkes Xavier  4:31.34

2023 Sean Reidy Fordham Prep 4:32.55