Jesuit Championships 2016

New York City, NY
Hosted by Fordham Prep

Meet Information

DATE/TIME: Friday, April 22nd, 2016, 1st event 4:30pm
PLACE: Icahn Stadium, Randalls Island, NYC
GPS: 20 Randalls Island NY, NY
For athletes from Jesuit schools only, EXCEPT for the MARY SCOTT DREAM MILE (see below).
Unlimited EntryThere is no limit to the number of events an individual can compete in
ROSTERS: We will be using FAT. Please update your team's rosters at

VARSITY: Any senior, junior, sophomore or freshman can compete in a Varsity event. However, if a sophomore or freshman competes in a varsity event, he may not compete in a JV event.
JV: Open only to sophomores and freshmenno Seniors or Juniors.
NOVICE: Any athlete that has never won a Varsity track medal.
NON SCORING EVENTS: do not count in scoring but DO receive medals
Frosh 100 m Dash
Varsity Pole Vault
JV Pole Vault
Novice 400 m Dash
Frosh 800 m Run
The Mary Scott Dream Mile non Jesuit School Coaches please note
4th Annual, but this year, boys from all schools are invitednot just Jesuit.
Conor Lundy will rabbit Dream Mile in 64-2:10-3:16
The race go off at 4:30pm. PB of 4:30 or better required. Winner receives the Mary Scott Plaque. Jesuit medals to 2-5th places. Contact George Febles (, 646-554-4453) if you have an athlete interested, or list name and grade below.
PRIZES: Medals to top 3 in all events; trophies to winning Varsity and JV teams
SCORING: Points will be awarded to the first five finishers in each scoring events. (6,4,3,2,1)
ENTRY FEES: Regis: $550, Fordham Prep $850, Xavier $850
All other teams: $10.00 per event to a maximum of $350 (blanket fee)
teams may post-calculate if preferable, and well bill you accordingly
Total Events _______ x $10.00 =$____________
Make Checks Payable to: Fordham Prep Spiked Shoe Club
Mail to: George Febles, Track Coach
Fordham Preparatory School
East Fordham Road
Bronx, NY 10465

Questions: text George Febles 646-554-4453 or email
4:30 P.M. Varsity + J.V. Javelin J.V. Shot Put Varsity High Jump J.V. Long Jump
5:30 P.M. Varsity + J.V. Discus J.V. High Jump Varsity Long Jump Varsity Shot Put
4:30 P.M. JV and Varsity Pole Vault (non-scoring)
4:30 P.M. 400m Intermediate Hurdles Varsity
4:35 PM 400m Intermediate Hurdles J.V.
4:45pm One Mile Run The MARY SCOTT DREAM MILE
4:55pm 3200m Run Varsity
5:05pm 3200m Run J.V.
5:20pm 110m High Hurdles -- Varsity
5:25pm 110m High Hurdles - - J.V
5:30pm 100m Dash Varsity Heats (6 Fastest to Finals)
5:40pm 100m Dash J.V. Heats (6 Fastest to Finals)
5:50pm 100m Dash Freshman- Heats (6 Fastest to finals)
6:00pm 400 m Dash Varsity
6:10pm 400m Dash J.V.
6:20pm 400m Dash Novice
6:30pm 1600m Run Varsity
6:40pm 1600m Run J.V.
6:50pm 100m Dash Varsity
6:55pm 100m Dash J.V.
7:00pm 100m Dash Freshman (non-scoring)
7:05pm 800m Run - Varsity
7:10pm 800m Run J.V.
7:15pm 800m Run- Freshman (non-scoring)
7:20pm 180 Low Hurdles- Varsity
7:25pm 180 Low Hurdles- JV
7:30pm 200m Dash- Varsity
7:45pm 200m Dash- J.V.
All events except the 100 are finals on time. We will be using FAT timing. We will run up to 30min ahead of schedule if entries allow.


Year Outdoor Track
1946 St. Peter's
1947 Fordham Prep
1948 Fordham Prep
1949 Brooklyn Prep
1950 Brooklyn Prep
1951 Brooklyn Prep
1952 Fordham Prep
1953 Brooklyn Prep
1954 Fordham Prep
1955 Fordham Prep
1956 Fordham Prep
1957 Fordham Prep
1958 Fordham Prep
1959 Brooklyn Prep
1960 Fordham Prep
1961 Fordham Prep
1962 Brooklyn Prep
1963 Fordham Prep
1964 Fordham Prep
1965 Fordham Prep
1966 Brooklyn Prep
1967 Fordham Prep
1968 Fordham Prep
1969 Fordham Prep
1970 Fordham Prep
1971 Brooklyn Prep
1972 St. Joseph's
1973 Xavier
1974 St. Joseph's
1975 Fordham Prep
1976 Fordham Prep
1977 St. Peter's
1978 Fordham Prep
1979 Xavier
1980 St. Joseph's
1981 St. Joseph's
1982 St. Joseph's
1983 St. Joseph's
1984 Regis
1985 Regis
1986 St. Peter's
1987 St. Joseph's
1988 St. Joseph's
1989 St. Joseph's
1990 Regis
1991 St. Joseph's
1992 St. Joseph's
1993 St. Joseph's
1994 St. Joseph's
1995 Fordham Prep
1996 Fordham Prep
1997 Fordham Prep
1998 Xavier
1999 Fordham Prep
2000 Fordham Prep
2001 Fordham Prep
2002 Fordham Prep
2003 Fordham Prep
2004 Fordham Prep
2005 Xavier
2006 Fordham Prep
2007 Fordham Prep
2008 Fordham Prep
2009 Fordham Prep
2010 Xavier
2011 Xavier
2012 Xavier
2013 Fordham Prep
2014 Fordham Prep
2015 Fordham Prep