ECADA Indoor Track & Field Individual Championships 2020

Staten Island, NY
Timing/Results Essex TCA

Meet Information

Entry Procedure

Your official entry into the 2020 ECADA Indoor Track Individual Championship must be submitted online through, no later than midnight on Wednesday, January 12, 2020.

As always - Each school will be entitled to a maximum of THREE competitors per individual event, and ONE 1600m Relay team per school, on the day of the meet. To allow coaches greater flexibility in putting their entries together, you may enter up to 6 athletes per event, in individual events, and 8 athletes per relay.

You must enter your athletes' names in each event on Milesplit. The athlete names are necessary because like the state meets, each athlete's seeds, will be generated automatically by Milesplit.
However, If you have a:
300 time you want considered for the 200 or 400
600 time you want considered for the 400 or 800
1000 time you want considered for the 800 or 1600
Contact John Schwarz by Midnight, Monday, February 10th - YES, that is two day's before entries close!
No relays times will be used for seeding individual events. 
There will be no cards for RUNNING EVENTS to fill out at the meet.
If you want to check the conversions for the above for yourself click on this link Purdy Calculator
If you have any other issues involving seeding--- contact John Tonero not John Schwarz!!!

Coaches will not be permitted to enter their own seed times on Milesplit for this meet. All seeds will be generated automatically by Milesplit from legitimate meets recorded in earlier meets on Milesplit.
There will be no changes made to seeds at the meet. The meet file will be out of the hands of John Schwarz and John Tonero on February 13th, and in the hands of the people at Ocean Breeze. The people at Ocean Breeze are not going to make any changes to the file after that.
Order of Events- Meet starts at 4:00PM

Running Events: 4:00am

Track(Oval)                                                          Infield

B 3200m(Unseeded & Seeded) Final                 B-55m.High Hurdles Semis (8 Fastest to Final)   

                                                                              G-55m. High Hurdles Semis (8 Fastest to Final)

                                                                              B-55m. High Hurdles Final

                                                                              G-55m. High Hurdles Final

B-800m Run Final- Upon completion of Hurdle Finals

                                                                              B-55m. Dash Semis (8 Fastest to Final)  

                                                                              G-55m. Dash Semis (8 Fastest to Final)

G-800m Run Final - Upon completion of Dash Trials

                                                          B-55m. Dash Final
                                                          G-55m. Dash Final
B-200m. Dash Final
G-200m. Dash Final
B-1600m. Run
G-1600m. Run
B-400m. Dash Final
G-400m. Dash Final
G-3200m Run(Unseeded & Seeded) Final
B-4 x 400m Relay
G-4 x 400m Relay
Note: Starting blocks will be allowed only in the finals of the Dash and Hurdles


Shot Put Boys followed by Girls

High Jump
Boys and Girls will jump concurrently using two pits. High Jump will begin at the

conclusion of the running events on the infield. Opening height for girls will be 4 ft.4 in.

and for boys 5 ft.4in.

Pole Vault
Girls followed by Boys.  Opening Heights to be determined by the officials based on the seeds submitted by the coaches.
The Pole Vault Competition
The ECADA will sponsor the Pole Vault for all member schools in the 2018 ECADA Indoor Track and Field Championships under the following conditions:
Boys and Girls
1. If a gender has five (5) or more teams competing on the day of the event;
a. competition will take place.
b. medals to Top 6 place winners.
c. team points WILL be awarded.

2. If a gender has less than five (5) teams competing on the day of the event;
a. competition will take place.
b. medals to Top 6 place winners.
c. team points WILL NOT be awarded.

Please Note:

The event official has the right to remove a contestant from the event if he/she believes that the contestant does not possess the necessary skills to perform the event safely.

Important Note! In case of inclement weather conditions call John Tonero at 201-953-9052 (after 12:00PM, or check the website of the Essex County Track Coaches Association Website for announcement of postponement or delayed start time.

Running Events: you must HIGHLIGHT the three athletes actually competing in each running event
on the "Performance lists" before the meet starts.
Relays: You must HIGHLIGHT your four relay team members on the "Performance lists". The lists will be available in the clerking area.
If you fail to HIGHLIGHT your athletes, they will be scratched, and the event will not be re-seeded once the computer people complete the seeding of any given event. If You fail to HIGHLIGHT it is on you!!!!

Field Events
: Coaches will receive, according to their entry, up to 6 labels per field event in their packets. Coaches will need to affix up to three labels per field event on the three cards of those actually competing. This must be completed before the athletes report to the field event venue.

Finally, coaches will not be able to make changes to their roster, entries, or to their eight relay names, after February 12th. This means that no name changes, or additions will be made at the meet on February 19th, as well!