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Online Registration Instructions



To Enter:

1) Coaches click "Register Online Now" button at top right. Complete by WEDNESDAY, Sep 18. THERE WILL BE NO DAY OF THE MEET ENTRIES

2) Update your team's Milesplit ROSTER. Be sure athletes are added for XC.

3) Make checks out to ($8.00/athlete):


4) Mail payment to:

Patrick Dormer

30 West 16th Street

New York, NY 10011

Xavier Invitational Schedule:

Information on how the races will be seeded will be posted soon.

Updated 2019 Schedule

12:00 P.M. FROSH BOYS A RACE (1.5mi) 25 Medals

12:15 P.M. FROSH GIRLS RACE (1.5mi) 25 Medals

12:30 P.M. FROSH BOYS B RACE (1.5mi) 25 Medals

12:40 P.M. SOPHOMORE BOYS RACE (Sophs only) 25 Medals

12:55 pm VARSITY GIRLS A RACE (2.5mi)(Top 7-10)  40 Medals in honor of the 40th Anniversary
The Grace Lamour Memorial Race

1:20 pm VARSITY BOYS A RACE (2.5mi.,( Top 7-10) 40 Medals in honor of the 40th Anniversary
The Jose Benitez Memorial Race

1:35 P.M. VARSITY GIRLS B RACE (2.5 mil)(Top 7-10) 40 Medals in honor of the 40th Anniversary
The Mary Scott Memorial Race

2:00 P.M. VARSITY BOYS B RACE (2.5 mil)(Top 7-10) 40 Medals in honor of the 40th Anniversary
The Jim Scott Memorial Race

2:10 P.M. JV GIRLS RACE (2.5mi) 40 Medals in honor of the 40th Anniversary

2:30 P.M. JV BOYS RACE (2.5 mi) 40 Medals in honor of the 40th Anniversary

Team Plaques: Winning Team in Varsity Girls and Boys Races

High Schools please register your team through online registration by Aug 31th so we can apply for a state sanction.

You will then have til Wed Sep 18th to update your rosters


1. Packets will be available 1.5 hours before the meet at the finish line tent. Be sure to pin tag (ONE PIN at the top), with a barcoded label affixed, on each runner.

2. Medals are handed out in the chute, if you athlete leaves the chute early, she/he will not receive his/her medal.

3. The NYC Parks department does not want any tents staked to the ground. Please clean your area completely and leave heavy-duty garbage bags tied up, next to Parks Dept trash receptacles.

4. All runners must run for their HS team and that team must be a member of their state or local HS association in good standing. NO unattached runners allowed.

5. The NYC Parks Department does not want buses to double park on Broadway. Please follow the instructions in the attached PDF//

6. Teams who still owe money from last year (I have a list) must send a payment for last year before this year's entry will be accepted.

Any Questions, contact Pat Dormer at