Van Cortlandt Park

Address: West 242nd Street & Broadway, New York, NY 10471

[img]/uploads/user_files/43687/hare_tortoise.jpg[/img] [b]West 242nd Street & Broadway New York, NY 10471[/b] [b]NOTE: Due to construction the courses at VCP have to be altered for the 2009 season. More info to come.[/b] [url=]COURSE MAPS HERE[/url] [b]DIRECTIONS[/b] [u]SUBWAY[/u] - Take the 1 Train to the end of the line, 242nd Street. [u]DRIVING[/u]: From New Jersey and Points South & West: Take Interstate routes (I-95, I-78, I-80) to George Washington Bridge. Follow signs keeping you on I-95 for about 1 mile off bridge, then exit at I-87 North. Take I-87 North (also called the Major Deegan expressway) approximately 3-4 miles to Van Cortlandt Park exit. Bear right off exit, go about 1/4 mile and bear right onto Broadway (you'll be parallel to elevated train). Go through 2 traffic lights and VCP parade grounds are on right. From New England, Points North & East: Take I-95 south to Cross Bronx Expressway (this is still I-95 south), and exit at Major Deegan Expressway (I-87) North. This is one of the last exits before the George Washington Bridge. Take I-87 North (also called the Major Deegan expressway) approximately 3-4 miles to Van Cortlandt Park exit. Bear right off exit, go about 1/4 mile and bear right onto Broadway (you'll be parallel to elevated train). Go through 2 traffic lights and VCP parade grounds are on right. From Upstate New York, Points North & West: I-87 South over Tappan Zee Bridge; go approximately 20 miles after bridge and exit at Van Cort Park South exit. Make right at traffic light, then bear right onto Broadway (you'll be parallel to elevated train). Go through 2 traffic lights and VCP parade grounds are on right. Non-commercial vehicles can take the Taconic Parkway south to the Saw Mill Parkway South. Follow signs to Henry Hudson Parkway, and exit at Broadway exit. Make left at light onto Broadway and go 1/4 mile south; VCP parade grounds are on left. Parking lots at 240th street and Broadway, and adjacent to the Van Cortlandt Golf Course (follow brown signs to VCPGC). [b]Parking[/b] You are in New York - it's a problem. If you arrive early, you'll be OK. If not, it'll be a battle. You can try parking at the Van Cortlandt Golf Course and walking over or just try north on Broadway past the Saw Mill. We've heard that the barn at VCP, just north of the Saw Mill has parking as well. If you live in Manhattan - take the subway. If you live in Westchester take Metro North and then take a taxi. It's be easier and more environmentally friendly. There are always taxis to get back to the station waiting at the subway stop at 242nd street and Broadway. [b]Eating[/b] Do not miss out on the legendary Loyd's Carot Cake on Broadway. It's the post race spot for Olympians and rookies alike. There will be a lot of trucks selling food but there are also some delis right on Broadway and a Burger King (the line will be long). Be ready for long lines in most places close by (on big meet days) If you're looking for a post race meal, I suggest heading to Rory Dolans in Yonkers or The Ramblin House in Woodlawn. Both are close by and both are family places in old, Irish neighborhoods. Often they have traditional Irish music during the day on the weekends. If you head to Rory's, try to chicken pot pie - it's the best. Ramblin House has great corn beef and cabbage. [b]Where to meet[/b] The Tortoise and the Hare is the famous spot to meet, kind of like "The Bat" at Yankee Stadium. (hard to believe that tradition is now over) The stature is on Broadway directly across the field from the finish line, though it's a pretty long way across. [b]Restrooms[/b] There are two public restrooms in the park, one on Broadway just north of 242 street, across and south from Burger King. The other one is by the Van Cortlandt House on the South side of th park. Just find the 2.5 mile start and walk toward the "Cow Path" and you'll see a bath house on the right hand side. Burger King is also a good choice. [b]How to figure out where the start and check in are?[/b] If you get to the park and see the field, walk counter clockwise on the field and you will hit the start, which is where the check in table has been for years. Not making any promises here - meet management may ha[/u]ve moved it. If you came off the subway or near Burger Kings, you are very close to the start and check in. Just pass the driveway into the park, and there it is. If you hit the Tortoise and the Hare, you went too far. [b]Terminology[/b] [u]Vanny[/u] - the knickname [u]VCP[/u] - the abbreviation [u]Cow Path[/u] - the entrance to the woods and trails [u]Freshman Hill[/u] - that first hill that leads up to and down from the bridge [u]The Bridge[/u] - the 3/4 mile and 2 mile marks on the 2.5 mile course. [u]The Back Hills[/u] - basically everything over the bridge [u]The Flats [/u]- the entire huge field, but usually referring to the flat trail that leads around it. [u]Cemetery Hill[/u] - the notorious hill that is not on any HS course. [u]The Signs[/u] - they white posts that mark the course and point you in the right direction. They have a white tortoise and hare on them. The signs are pictured at the top of this page. [b]Things to do[/b] [u]1. Cemetery Hill[/u] - There is a great view for the entire park from here, so when you have some down time walk up this classic and see how steep it is. It is on the college 8K and 10K course as well. [u]2. Carrot Cake[/u] - Head over to Loyds and do what runners and fans have been doing for years - get a piece of carrot cake. It's the best you can get. [u]3. The Bridge[/u] - Even if it's not for your son or daughters race or your teams race, get to the bridge for a race. It's a great place to see what it's like in the woods. Remember, if you're at the bridge when they cross it the 2nd time, you will miss the finish. [u]4. Run the aqueduct[/u] - everyone runs on the trails in Vanny, but why not cool down on the aqueduct trail. It's runs from the golf course pond into Yonkers and is beautiful and shaded. [u]5. Be at the finish [/u]- An obvious here, but emphasis was needed. To see these races finishing basically non stop all day long is a sight to behold. [u]6. Get there early[/u] - parking is tough. Get there early. Get there early. Get there early. [img]/uploads/user_files/43687/vcp-sign.jpg[/img] [b]HOW TO RUN THE COURSE[/b] [url][/url] [b]VANNY - by Marc Bloom[/b] [url][/url]

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Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2024-09-25 ISAL Meet #3
2023-11-25 Champs Northeast Regional
2023-11-25 Champs Sports Northeast Regional 2023
2023-11-04 PSAL City Championships
2023-10-31 NYCAL XC Invitational
2023-10-28 NYCHSAA/BQCHSAA Champs
2023-10-24 NYCAL League XC Champs
2023-10-21 NYC XC Carnival
2023-10-20 The George Calano - Collegiate School Invitational
2023-10-19 NYCAL League XC Meet #7
2023-10-14 Manhattan College Cross Country Invitational Presented by HOKA
2023-10-13 All Hallows Invitational
2023-10-12 NYCAL League XC Meet #6
2023-10-11 Bronx Boys CHSAA Champs
2023-10-11 NYCHSAA/BQCHSAA Soph Champs
2023-10-11 Ivy League Prep Schools XC Meet #4
2023-10-07 PSAL Marty Lewis Challenge
2023-10-05 NYCAL League XC Meet #5
2023-10-04 Ivy League Prep Schools XC Meet #3
2023-09-30 PSAL Group Run
2023-09-28 Fordham Prep Development Meet #1
2023-09-28 NYCAL League XC Meet #4
2023-09-27 Ivy League Prep Schools XC Meet #2
2023-09-27 Ivy Prep (Non-League Teams) XC Bib Chip Collection
2023-09-27 ISAL Meet #3
2023-09-27 ISAL Meet #3
2023-09-21 NYCAL League XC Meet #3
2023-09-21 ISAL Meet #2
2023-09-20 Ivy League Prep Schools XC Bib Chip Collection
2023-09-20 Ivy League Prep Schools XC Meet #1
2023-09-20 AAIS League Meet #2
2023-09-17 USATF NY XC Meet #1
2023-09-16 Regis Invitational
2023-09-15 Iona Br. Paddy Doyle Meet of Champions
2023-09-14 CHSAA XC Bib Chip Roster Collection
2023-09-14 NYCAL League XC Meet #2
2023-09-14 ISAL Meet #1
2023-09-13 AAIS League Meet #1
2023-09-12 AAIS Season Bib Chip Roster Collection
2023-09-09 CHSAA Practice Meet
2023-09-09 Fordham Fiasco
2023-09-07 NYCAL Bib Chip Roster Collection
2023-09-07 NYCAL League Meet #1
2022-11-26 Champs Northeast Regional
2022-11-19 Jesuit Championship
2022-11-12 CHSAA Intersectionals
2022-11-10 MSAL NYC Championships
2022-11-07 NYSAIS XC Championships
2022-11-05 CHSAA Freshman & Sophomore Champs
2022-11-05 PSAL City Championships

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