Meet Information

We have Javelin! Your athletes are able to compete in javelin so long as you complete our insurance form! Download the form along with all the meet information from the website.

~2 entries per individual event (3 if all 3 have met the standard) / 1 relay entry per team!
~2 Pent entries and 3 Javelin Entries for all!
~Limited to 30 teams! Get your entry fee in early to guarantee your spot!

***Customized clothing! Tell your kids that they will be able to instantly create custom clothing!

Fine Designs is the official merchandiser for the 2017 Luciano Memorial Invitational and they will be on site during the meet to help you create your own unique look!

The US Marines are coming!!! Marine Corps Chin-up Challenge!
They do not accept applications...only commitments! See if you have what it takes!

Bordering states to NY are welcome! Please give us 10 days notice for sanctioning!

Non bordering states are welcome too, but we need 20 days notice!