Meet Information

Meet Director: Tim Fulton

Youth Events Director: Janine Davis

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High School Entry

Fastest Kid on the Block

Youth 4x200m

4 pm NYRR Girls' 4x200m Relay
4:10 pm NYRR Boys' 4x200m Relay
4:15 pm NYAC Boys' 4x200m Relay
4:20 pm CHSAA Girls' Sprint Medley Relay
4:30 pm High School Girls' Weight Throw
4:40 pm PSAL Boys' 4x400m Relay
4:45 pm NYC Fastest Kid on the Block 55m Dash Trials
5:10 pm PSAL Girls' 4x400m Relay
5:40 pm CHSAA Boys' Sprint Medley Relay
5:45 pm High School Boys' Weight Throw (after girls)
6:10 pm Long Island Girls' 55m Dash
6:12 pm Long Island Boys' 55m Dash
6:15 pm New Jersey Girls' 55m Dash
6:17 pm New Jersey Boys' 55m Dash
6:20 pm Section 1 Girls' 55m Dash
6:22 pm Section 1 Boys' 55m Dash
6:25 pm Girls' Invitational Mile
6:35 pm Suffolk County Girls' 4x400m Relay
6:45 pm Suffolk County Boys' 4x400m Relay
6:55 pm Nassau County Girls' 4x400m Relay
7:05 pm Nassau County Boys' 4x400m Relay
7:15 pm Boys' Invitational Mile
7:25 pm CHSAA Girls' 55m Dash
7:27 pm CHSAA Boys' 55m Dash
7:30 pm PSAL Girls' 55m Dash
7:32 pm PSAL Boys' 55m Dash
7:35 pm Outside Region Girls' 55m Dash
7:37 pm Outside Region Boys' 55m Dash
7:40 pm Suburban Boys' 4x400 Meter Relay Unseeded
7:50 pm Suburban Girls' 4x400 Meter Relay Unseeded
8 pm Suburban W/P/D Girls' 4x400m Relay Seeded
8:05 pm Suburban W/P/D Boys' 4x400m Relay Seeded
8:10 pm Suburban R/O Girls' 4x400m Relay Seeded
8:15 pm Suburban R/O Boys' 4x400m Relay Seeded
8:20 pm Suburban NJ Girls' 4x400m Relay Seeded
8:25 pm Suburban NJ Boys' 4x400m Relay Seeded