Hispanic Games Coverage: Winner's Table and Highlights


Girls 1500m Race Walk:  Northport's Suzy Farber set a blistering pace through the 400m, as she dragged Crosby Tillman of Somers (left - file photo) through in 1:42.  Tillman took the lead after the 800m mark and never looked back, finishing 13 seconds ahead of Farber, who was later DQ'd for "loss of contact".  Tillman's time of 6:58.35 is the fastest in the country this year and is a half a second slower than last year's national leader.

Boys Mile - Morning Sections: over 15 sections of boys are still racing.  First 2 heats were won in 4:30-4:31.

Girls Mile - Morning Sections:

Girls 55m Dash: Mysia Jacobs (Paramus Catholic, NJ) 6.85

Boys 55m Dash: Ronald Darby (Potomac, MD) 6.28

Girls 55m Hurdles: Lateisha Philson (Cardozo, NY) 7.90

Boys 55m Hurdles: Richmond Ahadzi (Sheepshead Bay, NY) 7.42

Boys MIle:  Mile Schoedler of Ocean City, NJ wins in 4:15.

Girls MIle: Kelsey Margey of Harborfields looked like the winner with 25 meters left until Ajee Wilson came charging home.  Margey fouled her by moving out to lane two and blocking her with her arm.  Margey then fell, Wilson won, and Tatnall's Pierce stole the 2nd Millrose spot.  Margey was DQ'd.

Boys 4x200m:  Suitland wins in 1:27.79




Winners' Table

Boys Mile - Morning

Girls Mile - Morning

Boys 2 MIle

Girls 3000m
Boys 4x200m Relay
Girls 4x200m Relay
Boys Invitational Mile
Girls Invitational Mile
Boys Invitational 400m
Girls Invitational 400m
Boys 800m Run
Girls 800m Run
Boys 200m Dash Girls 200m Dash
Boys 4x800m Relay Girls 4x800m Relay
Boys 4x400m Relay Girls 4x400m Relay
Boys 55m Hurdles

Girls 55m Hurdles

Boys 55m Dash
Girls 55m Dash
Boys Pole Vault
Girls Pole Vault
Boys Long Jump
Girls Long Jump
Boys Shot Put
Girls Shot Put
Boys Triple Jump
Girls Triple Jump

Boys High Jump

Girls High Jump