Boys Eastern States Preview


Manhattan Invitational – 38th Annual Meet

Boys Eastern States Championship Race Preview

Saturday, October 2, 2010.  Van Cortlandt Park -- the Bronx

       By Peter King (


The third running of the Boys Eastern States at the Manhattan Invitational may not include quite the pyrotechnics of the Girls Eastern States, but it has a nice balance of strong teams. Of the 23 teams listed for the race, 8 are from NJ, 6 from NY, 3 from PA, and the remaining 6 include 2 from Rhode Island and 1 each from Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and California. The lineup for the Eastern States race includes the following:

·         Three US ranked teams, as listed by Marc Bloom’s Harriers service. However, West Windsor-Plainsboro North’s #19 US ranking has to be partially based on the inclusion of frontrunner Joe Rosa, who appears to be done for the season. WW-PN is still very strong however, as Joe’s twin Jim should be the top runner on Saturday and the team’s #2 NJ rating accounts for Joe’s absence. Fayetteville-Manlius was the top NYS team in 2009 but is ranked 4th this year, so its inclusion as #18 US over other teams could be somewhat debatable until they explode on Saturday. Christian Brothers Academy (Lincroft, NJ) are #6 US and #1 in NJ and are the favorite for the Eastern States title that they won last year.

·         The top 5 teams from New York, all Class AA schools, will have an early showdown 5 weeks before the State championship at Pawling.

·         16 teams are ranked highly at either a national or state level, and 6 of the teams can be found ranked #1 on a state rankings list (DE, MD, NJ, NY, RI, VA).

·         16 runners officially have a 180+ TR rating and one other unrated runner has to be at that level. The cinders will be scorched starting at 2:15pm on Saturday.

·         Joe Rosa of West Windsor – Plainsboro North came close to breaking Solomon Haile’s 2-year-old meet record of 12:06.61, missing by just over 1 second. Joe’s bad ankle has cost him the rest of the season, but the record could still be beaten because Joe’s twin brother Jim is still running. Last year Jim came within about 2 seconds of the mark, and this year he seems to be a guy on a mission.

Lots to enjoy and be in awe of at VCP this Saturday.

Recent History Snippets – the Evolution of Speed

The Manhattan College Invitational meet started in 1973 after decades of predecessor races that drew teams to the renowned Van Cortlandt Park course. A few famous runners such as Alberto Salazar and Luis Ostolozaga took a crack at running the fastest time at the meet in the 1970s. In 1985, Monroe Woodbury’s John Trautmann topped Salazar’s 1975 record of 12:22.5 by almost 4 seconds when he ran a 12:18.7. This mark would stand for an eternity until 2006 when NJ’s premier runner Craig Forys ran down one of NY’s top guys, Steve Murdock, in the final stretch of the D race to shatter the record by 8 seconds with a 12:10.7. Fory’s mark lasted for another eternity of about 15 minutes until it was demolished by 0.1 seconds by NY-runner Tom Gruenewald in the E race .In 2008 the E race winner Solomon Haile of MD lowered the record by another 4 seconds to 12:06.61. Last year both Joe and Jim Rosa of NJ’s West Windsor – Plainsboro North came up a little short of the record in the F race, running 12:07.71 and 12:08.71.

A championship Eastern States race for the boys was first introduced in 2008 and was won by Don Bosco Prep of NJ, with sophomore Joe Rosa of WW-PN winning the race in 12:19.99. Last year’s results were:

Top 5 teams: 1. Christian Brothers (NJ) 116, 2. Fayetteville-Manlius (NY) 125, 3. Haddonfield (NJ) 137, 4. Germantown Friends (PA), 5. Liverpool (NY)

Top 10 runners: 1. Jonathan Viter, Haddonfield 12:25.60; 2. Brad Miller, North Penn 12:27.51; Tyler Udland, Millburn 12:28.47; and 4. Kevin Dowd, Fairfax; 5. Sam Barnett, North Penn; 6. Jake Simko, Bishop Hendricken; 7. Mike Mazzacaro, CB-NJ; 8. Colin Savage, Liverpool; 9. Colin Mearns, Jamestown; 10. Tim Luthin, Warwick Valley.

Only Mazzacaro and Luthin are back for the 2010 Eastern States race.


Team Previews

23 teams are slated to run in the 2010 Eastern States, 6 from NY and 179 from other states. NY runners are all be previewed through Tully Ratings, but information on teams from other states is not always easy to find and compare. Numbers in parentheses following runners are TR ratings, either the standard composite for NY runners or a meet score from an available race for other regional runners.

There are three nationally ranked teams in the race as listed by Harriers are: Christian Brothers – Lincroft (NJ) (16), Fayetteville-Manlius (18), West Windsor-Plainsboro North (19), though the latter’s ranking will be affected by the season-ending injury to frontrunner Joe Rosa.

Top 10 by TR speed ratings, with assumed rankings:

Christian Brothers Acad. NJ


Midlothian (VA)




West Windsor-Pl. North




Bishop Hendricken


West Genesee


Warwick Valley




Loyola Blakefield (MD)



10 Seriously Fast Guys:

Jim Rosa – West Windsor-PN (NJ)


Mike Mazzacaro – Christian Bros. (NJ)


Matthew McDonald – N. Hunterdon (NJ)


Ryan Meehan – Bishop Hendricken (RI)


Tom Trainor – La Salle (PA)


Braydon Burleigh – Midlothian (VA)


Zachary Fraielli – La Salle (RI)


Patrick Rynkowski - Ridgewood


Edward Cheserek – St. Benedict’s (NJ)


Matt Jablonsky - Loyola Blakefield (MD)





Teams previewed by race position order.


Don Bosco Prep (NJ)

Overview:  Ranked 4th in NJ. Won inaugural 2008 Easter States race

Roster:  Christian Costello (171), Ryan Tucker (169), Erik Lapinski (164), Phelan McCormack (157), Kyle Levermore (157)

Team Data: 163.6 TR. 2nd in Paul Short-Brown race

Comments: Not as strong as the team that won here two years ago, but still could finish in top 12.


West Morris Mendham (NJ)

Overview:  Unranked.

Roster: Clay Potter (172), Peter Ehamnn (172), Gerald Gorman (151), Chris Barry (144), Justin Naselli (136)

Team Data: 155.0 TR. 10th in New Jersey Shore Coaches-Championship race

Comments: Probably a little more back of the pack in the ES.


Germantown Friends (PA)

Overview:  Unranked.

Roster:  Evan Caldwell (177), David Waterman (170), Cameron Mactavish (163), Nick Dye (153), Henry Blood (152)

Team Data: 163.0 TR. Finished 4th at Bowdoin.

Comments: Has decent strength and could finish in top 15 with a good performance.


Ridgewood (NJ)

Overview:  Ranked 9th in NJ. Finished 3rd in G race in 2009.

Roster:  Patrick Rynkowski (187), Levi Jennings (180), Steven Spreitzer (158), Mohammed Eid (154), Mark French (149)

Team Data: 165.6 TR. 2nd in New Jersey Shore Coaches-B race.

Comments: Top duo of Rynkowski and Jennings are contenders in top 10 and the team could wedge into top 10 also.


Tatnall  (DE)

Overview:  Ranked #1 in DE. Finished 2nd in D race in 2009.

Roster:  Sam Parsons (179), Tyler Tate (173), Kyle McFoy (167), Steve Garrett (166), Alex Giacco (158)

Team Data:  168.6 TR. Finished 2nd in Briarwood Championship race.

Comments: Tatnall should finish among the top 15 teams.


Christian Brothers Academy - Lincroft (NJ)

Overview: Ranked #16 in US and #1 in NJ. Won last year’s Eastern States and is favorite again this year.

Roster: Mike Mazzacaro (190), Dan Mykityshyn (184), George Kelly (181), William Bragg (170), Tom Gorman (167)

Team Data: 178.4 TR. Won the New Jersey Shore Coaches-Championship race.

Comments: Mazzacaro is the top returning runner from last year’s ES and has 2nd best TR behind Jim Rosa. The defending champions look pretty stacked as they sport the top TR in the field.


Loyola Blakefield (MD)

Overview:  Ranked #1 in MD on one list.

Roster:  Matt Jablonsky (#1 in MD), Kevin Corbusier, Hank Weidenfeld, Pat Finley, Matt Lazzatti

Team Data:  NA. Finished 3rd at Bull Run Invitational.

Comments: Team is very good and Jablonsky should be among the top runners, but there is no data for direct comparison.


Shaker (NY)

Overview:  Ranked #2 in NYS-AA and finished 1st in G race last year.

Roster:  Michael Libruk (181), Jon Vallecorsa (178), Christian Delago (172), Kyle Foster (169), Ryan Recchia (169), Casey Gilboy (168), Adam Schwenzfeier (159)

Team Data:  173.8 TR. Won Grout-1 race.

Comments: Started off ranked 1st in NYS but at this point Rush Henrietta is showing a little more power. Libruk could place in top 10.


West Genesee (NY)

Overview:  Ranked #3 in NYS-AA. Won A race last year.

Roster:  Billy Gabriel (184), Martin Leff (179), John Delallo (176), Matt Byrnes (168), Matt Serrao (158), Matt Gonnella (153)

Team Data:  173.0 TR. Finished 2nd at McQuaid-AAA race behind Rush Henrietta

Comments:  Needs a little more help at the back to get into the top 5 in ES. Gabriel looking to be in top 10.


St. Benedicts (NJ)

Overview:  Unranked.

Roster:  Edward Cheserek (187), Garland Miller (156), Tahlief Jackson (144), Adabayo Eisape (133), Morgan Kipchumba (133)

Team Data: 150.8 TR. 2nd in Great American-Indepent.

Comments: Cheserek should represent team near top of field.


La Salle College (PA)

Overview:  Ranked #9 in PA

Roster:  Tom Trainor (188), Tom Coyle (156), Seamus Morgan (154), Brendan Stone (151), Kevin Quinn (150)

Team Data: 159.8 TR. 4th in Briarwood Championship

Comments: Trainor is among the top runners in the ES.


Fayetteville-Manlius (NY)

Overview:  Ranked #18 in US and #4 in NYS-AA. 2nd in Eastern States race last year.behind Christian Brothers-NJ.

Roster: Mark McGurrin (184), Andrew Roache (181), Nick Ryan (169), Ben Thomas (164), Owen Strong (162), Andrew Villieux (161), Jules Wollner (158)

Team Data: 172.0. Took 1st in Chittenango-1

Comments:  FM has lost a bit of its ranking luster following its customary reserved September that included just one kind of low-key race 4 weeks ago. This is the kickoff to the major competitions season, so look for them to make a big leap. McGurrin is in contention for top 10.


Great Oak (CA)

Overview:  Unranked.

Roster:  Karson Frank, Kevin Chamberlain, John Mattoon, Brandon Masserly, Eddie Carrillo

Team Data: NA. Ran at Woodbrdge Invitational with unknown results.

Comments: The boys team does not have anything like the school’s girls team’s strength, and only Frank ran in last year’s CA State championship meet and finished 43rd in Div. 1.


Rush Henrietta (NY)

Overview:  Ranked #1 in NYS-AA, and therefore NYS.

Roster:  Nate Kozyra (179), Mickey Burke (179), Andrew Sweeney (176), Nick Watson (176), Alex Raymond (171), Colby Burke (169), Jared Jones (163)

Team Data: 176.2 TR. Won McQuaid-AAA.

Comments: RH has steadily developed during the season and now has a small bit of TR separation from its NY rivals and great pack density with 5 runners in the 170s. Look for a statement to be made here.


Midlothian (VA)

Overview:  Ranked #1 in VA, and finished 2nd in B race in 2009

Roster: Braydon Burleigh (188), Darren Barlow (182), Sam Hush (174), Andrew Gorsuch (173), Sean Willard (172), Ryan Peterson (172)

Team Data:  177.4 TR. Placed 2nd in Great American Race of Champions

Comments: Only the defending champion CBA-NJ team has a better TR, so this could be a great matchup, with Burleigh aiming for a top 5 finish.


North Hunterdon (NJ)

Overview:  Unranked

Roster:  Matthew McDonald (190), Jaimin Vekaria (161), David Folsom (156), Neel Sangel (138), Arthur Schwabe (149)

Team Data: 156.6 TR. 10th in New Jersey Shore Coaches-A race.

Comments: McDonald should contend for a top 3 place.


Corning – Painted Post East (NY)

Overview:  Unranked.

Roster:  Ryan Carl (175), Tim Babach (165), Stephen Rossettie (163), Austin Holbrook (160), Zach Williams (159), Noah Chauvin (155)

Team Data: 164.4 TR. Finished 3rd in McQuaid AAA race well ahead of two NYS-AAA ranked teams.

Comments: Seem to be flying a little under the radar and even as the 6th of the 6 NYS teams in race, Corning could be a surprise.


Friends Central (PA)

Overview:  Unranked

Roster:  Josh Glen, Yorito Nakata, Alex Sheltzer, Dan Segall, Ian Lopez

Team Data: 12th in Quad X Invitational

Comments: No real info on this team, but they may be in it for the experience.


Warwick Valley (NY)

Overview:  Ranked #5 in NYS-AA. Finished 11th in the Eastern States last year.

Roster:  Tim Luthin (182), Dan Paez (175), Paddy Grandinali (170), Ian Sullivan (169), Aaron Peterson (165), Grant Parelli (159)

Team Data: 172.1 TR. Finished 1st in Warwick Wave-1 race.

Comments: WV has had a fairly light schedule so far, so they should be well-rested for a test of its place in the NYS top 5. Tim Luthin should be in the top 10 after a 10th place finish in the 2009 Eastern States,


West Windsor – Plainsboro North (NJ)

Overview:  Ranked #19 in US and #2 in NJ.

Roster:  Jim Rosa (197), Casey Dalrymple (176), Pat O’Connel (173), Eddie Cunningham (162), Danny Lee (161)

Team Data: 173.8 TR. 3rd in New Jersey Shore Coaches-Championship.

Comments: The loss of last year’s top Manhattan Invitational runner Joe Rosa is huge for WW-PN, but brother Jim emerges as the favorite to not only win race but also break the course record. Team should still be in top 10.


 La Salle Academy (RI)

Overview:  Ranked #3 in RI.

Roster: Zachary Fraielli (187), Ryan Walsh (163), Sean Phayre (157), Andrew Estrada (147), Adam Rego (145)

Team Data:    159.9 TR. 4th in Carlisle-Reebok Challenge

Comments: Not one of the stronger teams, but Fraielli could place in top 10.


Bishop Hendricken (RI)

Overview:  Ranked #1 in RI.

Roster:  Ryan Meehan (189), Andrew Andraka (176), Drew Manning (172), Mark Vuono (167), Nicholas Chrones (162)

Team Data: 173.2 TR. Placed 5th in Great American Race of Champions.

Comments: Could be a top 10 team, and Meehan could finish in top 5.


West Windsor – Plainsboro South (NJ)

Overview:  Unranked. WW-PS should not be confused with WW-PN.

Roster:  Dan Sheldon (174), Jake Ruff (172), Dan Ruff (171), Brian Schopefer (168), AJ Chavez (157)

Team Data: 168.4 TR. 5th in New Jersey Shore Coaches-Championship.

Comments: Doesn’t have cross-town team’s cachet, but with three 170+ TR runners it should still finish in top 12.