Which Team Has The Best Throws Program In New York State?

Which team has the best throws program in the State? We dig in to find the answer.

It's easy to look at the head coach of a program and laud them for their accomplishments. But we won't forget about the event specific coaches, who make programs shine from within, and add to the overall depth of the team. Today we look at those Throws coaches.

We ranked teams across four disciplines. Boys and Girls Shot Put and Weight Throw. As you would with any relay, we took the Top 4 performers on each team across the State, and scored them like you would an XC Meet. We didn't use averages, as one thrower could skew things, but we included averages and totals for transparency. What did we find?

Shenendehowa is dominating the Shot Put in both genders, but it's Class B Jamesville-Dewitt doing much the same in the Weight Throw.

You can check out the full stack rankings below!

Full Results

Boys Shot Put
Girls Shot Put
Boys Weight Throw
Girls Weight Throw