State Spotlight: The Boys Class A Race Is Hotly Contested

This time of year always gets competitive. Starting next week, we'll start rolling out our Sectional previews, highlighting our picks for titles. But before we do, we want to glance ahead just a little bit further, and detail one of the biggest races in quite a few years.

The Boys Class A race is set to be one of the deepest in recent memory. There is no clear favorite. Corning is the defending State Champs, and that gives them the nod, but on a straight merge, they don't have enough distance on the field to become invincible like they did last year. Monroe-Woodbury is gaining. Fairport and Northport are getting better every weekend. Throw in the Fed teams, and things get even messier.

We decided to run the numbers. We took the most recent performance from every major player, by section, to run a mock State Meet if things were run today. These numbers may be made irrelevant soon enough, because in some sections, there are no guarantees you will even make it to the State Meet. There are some hotly contested races on the docket for Sectionals first, before States can even be thought of. However, we took our best shot at what things look like right now.

Some adjustments were made, when athletes were at one level all season, but took it easier in a local race. But we're pretty confident in the numbers, and ran the numbers without trying to manipulate the scores. What we got is below.

The first set of numbers reflect the NYSPHSAA State Champs. The numbers below add both the CHSAA favorite (Saint Anthony's) and the PSAL favorite (Brooklyn Tech) to the mix. We also included the raw numbers on the next page for you to make your own adjustments.

These next few weeks are going to get competitive real quick.