A Quick Look At New Balance Nationals Indoor Standards

We've hit the halfway point here in the Indoor Season, and some of the States' best are lining up their post-season. New Balance Nationals will return to the Armory in 2022, alongside the famous backpacks and general fanfare. Below are the standards for entry, for both the Championship and Rising Stars' Divisions. Check out which benchmark you have to hit to make the big show.


  Championship EventsRising Stars Events
  Indoor '21-'22Outdoor '21Indoor '21-'22Outdoor '21
Boys Events  
60m Dash366.94X7.04X
55m  6.49X6.54X
100m X10.54X10.65
200m Dash3622.1421.2422.4421.44
300m 35.40X35.90X
400m Dash3649.9947.9950.4448.24
500m 1:05.50X1:06.50X
600m 1:23.44X1:25.00X
800m Run361:56.001:52.501:58.001:54.00
1000m 2:31.50X2:35.00X
1 Mile Run364:19.004:15.004:26.004:20.00
1500m 3:59.993:57.004:08.004:02.00
Two Mile Run369:30.009:17.009:45.009:37.00
3000m 8:50.08:40.09:05.08:57.0
5000m Run3615:3015:1016:0015:40
60m Hurdles368.24X8.42X
55m HH 7.60X7.79X
110m HH X14.15X14.36
4x200m Relay301:32.01:32.01:33.51:33.5
4x400m Relay303:28.03:28.03:31.03:31.0
4x800m Relay368:08.08:08.08:15.08:15.0
1600m Medley (2-2-4-8)303:41.53:41.53:47.03:47.0
Distance Medley3210:35.010:35.010:59.010:59.0
4x1 Mile3218:2018:20XX
Shuttle Hurdles (39") 33.0XXX
1 Mile Race Walk 9:209:20XX
1500m Race Walk 8:00XXX
Freshman 60m 7.45XXX
Freshman 55m 6.87XXX
Freshman 100m X10.94XX
Freshman 200m 23.9922.31XX
Freshman 400m 54.1450.54XX
Freshman 800m 2:09.01:59.99XX
Freshman 1 Mile 4:49.04:40.0XX
High Jump 06-056-906-046-7
Pole Vault 15-016-014-615-6
Long Jump 22-523-122-022-8
Triple Jump 45-546-844-245-6
Shot Put 54-0060-052-258-4
Weight Throw 57-3X51-1X
Pentathlon 32503250XX
Composite of season bests     
  Championship EventsRising Stars Events
  Indoor '21-'22Outdoor '21Indoor '21-'22Outdoor '21
Girls Events     
60m Dash367.68X7.93X
55m  7.18X7.58X
100m X11.77X11.92
200m Dash3625.0323.9425.8124.34
300m 40.5X42.99X
400m Dash3657.3354.6659.7455.35
500m 1:16.00X1:20.0X
600m 1:38.0X1:43.0X
800m Run362:16.862:10.02:22.942:11.83
1000m 2:58.0X3:05.0X
1 Mile Run365:05.04:53.05:15.04:57.77
1500m 4:45.04:33.04:55.04:37.0
Two Mile Run3611:12.010:59.011:40.011:32
3000m 10:27.010:1010:55.010:42
5000m Run3618:3018:0018:5018:20
60m Hurdles368.96X9.52X
55m HH 8.35X8.92X
100m HH X14.2X14.45
4x200m Relay301:45.01:45.01:51.01:51.0
4x400m Relay304:04.04:04.04:14.04:14.0
4x800m Relay369:40.09:40.010:00.0010:00.00
1600m Medley (2-2-4-8)304:18.04:18.04:25.04:25.0
Distance Medley3212:35.012:35.012:45.012:45.0
4x1 Mile3222:0022:00XX
Shuttle Hurdles (33") 37XXX
1 Mile Race Walk 9:209:2010:0010:00
1500m Race Walk 8:00XXX
Freshman 60m 8.12XXX
Freshman 55m 7.54XXX
Freshman 100m X12.18XX
Freshman 200m 26.9625.01XX
Freshman 400m 1:01.557.73XX
Freshman 800m 2:27.02:16.89XX
Freshman 1 Mile 5:30.05:14.0XX
High Jump 5-65-85-00 
Pole Vault 11-11.513-011-03 
Long Jump 18-419-017-0 
Triple Jump 37-538-1034-1 
Shot Put 41-145-035-0 
Weight Throw 42-5X35-0X
Pentathlon 30003000XX
Composite of season bests     
Events actually contested are aligned left in bold     
Pentathlon is limited to the first 15 athletes who meet the standard   
All Relay team members must attend the same high school or be on the same HS team   
Rising Stars grades = 7-12   
Cross Country Qualifying Standards    
Eastbay NationalsAll Athletes Qualify   
Eastbay RegionalsTop 12     
NXN RegionalsTop 5    
Running LaneTop 10    
TullyRunners.com Speed RatingBoys 185 / Girls 140