Catholic Tradition Carries On During Coronavirus

Much like with our history of the PSAL, the CHSAA has been going just as strong, for just as long. And one event in particular, has cemented itself as the marquee of the league.

What has been cemented as the 4x800m for the last thirty years, may not have always been that distance. Prior to that period, from 1976-1989, it was the full two mile relay. That accounts from the transition from yards to meters going on in the sport at that time. And before 1976, dating all the way back to 1920, the Catholic High School league was doing half the distance. The Mile Relay is closer to what we would now call a 4x400m, with a switch to the 1.25 Mile Relay in 1945.

- - -

Flash forward to 2021, and the tradition continues. Ahead of the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, the CHSAA held the relay portion of their annual Intersectional competition. It was a slice of normality in what may be the only major indoor competition head-to-head in New York this year. And at the center, for the distance runners, was that 4x800m Relay, held in honor of George Eastment.

For the first time in six years, Saint Anthony's was back on the throne, winning in 8:00.22, the fastest mark since 2018. Their effort was aided by the strong 1:53.58 anchor leg by Robert Doherty. The mark makes them currently US #3, and the most likely to keep New York's Sub-8 Streak alive.

High School Mile Relay
1920De La Salle3:48.0
1924De La Salle3:40.2
1931St. James3:34.0
1935St. Augustine's3:32.0
1938De La Salle3:22.8
1941La Salle MA3:26.5
1943La Salle MA3:33.2
1944La Salle MA3:37.2
1945La Salle MA3:40.3

CHSAA 1.25 Mile Medley Relay
1945Bishop Loughlin4:44.5
1946Bishop Loughlin4:45.5
1947Bishop Loughlin4:45.6
1948St. Augustine4:47.5
1949LaSalle Academy4:42.6
1950Bishop Loughlin4:39.9
1951Bishop Loughlin4:40.9
1952St. Augustine4:44.8
1953St. Augustine4:42.3
1954Cardinal Hayes4:44.8
1955Cardinal Hayes4:41.5
1956St. Francis Prep4:42.6
1957LaSalle Military Acad4:39.6
1958Fordham Prep4:45.0
1959Archbishop Stepinac4:44.4
1960Archbishop Molloy4:43.2
1961Archbishop Molloy4:38.8
1962Archbishop Stepinac4:35.6
1963Cardinal Hayes4:38.3
1964Archbishop Molloy4:35.4
1965Archbishop Molloy4:37.2
1966Archbishop Molloy4:34.8
1967Power Memorial4:34.8
1969Archbishop Molloy4:37.6
1970Power Memorial4:37.7
1971Archbishop Molloy4:38.6
1972Power Memorial4:36.4
1974Power Memorial4:43.4

2 Mile Relay
1975Bishop Loughlin7:59.6
1976Holy Trinity8:04.8
1978Mount St. Michael8:06.8
1979St. Anthony's8:05.2
1980St. Anthony's8:03.8
1981Bishop Loughlin7:58.2
1982Bishop Loughlin8:01.75
1983Bishop Ford8:05.88
1984Iona Prep8:11.94
1985Msgr. Farrell8:09.04
1986Archbishop Molloy8:14.37
1987Bishop Loughlin*8:07.26

George T Eastment 3200m Relay
1991Bishop Ford8:01.52
1992Bishop Ford7:53.36
1994Bishop Ford*8:15.65
1995Bishop Loughlin8:05.55
1996Bishop Loughlin8:03.44
1997Christ the King8:09.44
1998St. Peter's8:11.08
2000Bishop Loughlin*8:09.12
2001Bishop Loughlin8:08.69
2002Fordham Prep8:11.34
2003Fordham Prep8:11.06
2004Fordham Prep*8:10.07
2005Fordham Prep8:07.63
2006Fordham Prep8:04.07
2009Fordham Prep*8:05.27
2010St. Anthony's8:13.44
2011St. John the Baptist8:06.59
2015St. Anthony's7:52.67
2016Archbishop Molloy7:55.57
2019St. Joe Sea8:06.23
2020Iona Prep8:08.33
2021St. Anthony's8:00.22