The Seven Matchups We're Missing Most This Spring Season

Sarah Trainor (FDR) Vs. Brooke Rauber (Tully) Vs. Karrie Baloga (Cornwall)

Headline: The National Record Holder vies to fight off the younger challengers.

Breakdown: Last year, Sarah Trainor became the fastest High Schooler to ever clear a Steeple Barrier, and went on to repeat that performance in winning the State Title. However, two athletes have been close on her tail through the Recordbooks, as Brooke Rauber and Karrie Baloga have been setting class records as they pass through High School.

Baloga was sure to take Rauber's name off the Record Books this year, as her time as a 8th Grader surpassed Raubers Frosh State Record. Baloga won the 3000m Indoor Title, and was looking in strong form. Likewise, Rauber was now a year stronger, and looking at possibly going toe-to-toe with Trainor.

Trainor also would Mary Hennelly right there too, a fellow senior looking to make one last go of it in the event where she garnered a Class State Record. Four girls ready to go under 6:40 in a single race.

All-in-all, it was set to be a stellar year for the Steeple, one we may not get to see again.