2019 NY Girls XC Preview: Class A

Fayetteville-Manlius (Hornets)

Section 3

States Teams: 1995 (A-2nd), 1996 (A-2nd), 1998 (A-5th), 1999 (A-4th), 2000 (A-4th), 2005 (AA-6th), 2006 (AA-1st), 2007 (AA-1st), 2008 (AA-1st), 2009 (AA-1st), 2010 (AA-1st), 2011 (A-1st), 2012 (A-1st) 2013 (A-1st), 2014 (A-1st), 2015 (A-1st), 2016 (A-1st), 2017 (A-1st), 2018 (A-2nd)    NXN Nationals: 2006-2012 (1st), 2013 (2nd), 2014-2017 (1st), 2018 (4th)
States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Kathy Mills (1975, A-1st), Allison Mann (1994, A-4th) (1995, A-6th), Cory Roos (1996, A-3rd), Karen Hannum (1996, A-4th), Laurel Burdick (1999, A-1st) (2000, A-4th), Kathryn Buchan (2006, AA-8th), Courtney Chapman (2007, AA-3rd) (2008, AA-1st) (2009, AA-1st) 2010 (AA-6th), Hannah Luber (2007, AA-5th) (2008, AA-3rd), Molly Malone (2007 AA-6th) (2008, AA-6th) (2009, AA-2nd), Meaghan Anklin (2008, AA-7th), Jillian Fanning (2009, AA-3rd) (2010, AA-2nd) (2011, A-1st), Katie Sischo (2009, AA-5th) (2010, AA-5th) (2011, A-3rd), Christie Rutledge (2010, AA-1st), Heather Martin (2010, AA-8th), Katie Brislin (2010, AA-9th), Annika Avery (2011, A-4th) (2012, A-9th) (2013, A-6th) (2014, A-10th), Hannah Smith (2011, A-6th), Alana Pearl (2011, A-7th) (2012 A-8th), Mary Barger (2012, A-10th), Jenna Farrell (2013, A-7th) (2014, A-9th), Jessica Howe (2013, A-9th), Sophie Ryan (2014, A-3rd) (2016, A-7th) (2017, A-5th), Samantha Levy (2014, A-8th), Claire Walters (2015, A-1st) (2016, A-4th) (2017, A-3rd) (2018, A-3rd), Kaitlyn Neal (2015, A-7th), Rebecca Walters (2015, A-9th) (2017, A-4th), Phoebe White (2016, A-5th) (2017, A-6th) (2018, A-9th)

Last Year's Summary:  4th at NXN, 2nd at NXR-NY, 2nd in States A, 1st in Sectionals

NameGradeSect. PlaceStates PlaceSeason TR
Claire Walters1213154
Phoebe White1249133
Grace Kaercher111230127
Hannah Kaercher91117122
Lejla Borcilo112144108
Izzy Crovella11

Amelia Amack10


Outlook: Ever since she was a surprise (for some of us, anyway) winner at States as an 8th grader in 2015, Claire Walters has been leading her team to the top, capturing three NXN championships from 2015 to 2017. Now in her senior year along with Phoebe White, she has a final shot to collect a fourth winged Nike trophy and help the Hornets get their 12th. Rated #2 in the nation and tops in NY, FM looks well positioned behind the senior duo and Grace and Hannah Kaercher, but some back-end depth will be needed to complete the quest for the Muddy Dozen. Trivia note: Walters is also shooting to become the first Hornet to finish in the States top 10 five times, top 4 actually.

North Rockland (Red Raiders)

Section 1

States Teams: 1985 (A-7th), 1988 (SA-5th), 1990 (A-6th), 1992 (A-4th), 1993 (A-6th), 1994 (A-4th), 2010 AA-3rd), 2011 (A-5th), 2015 (A-3rd), 2016 (A-2nd), 2017 (A-3rd)  NXN Nationals:  2015 (10th)
States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):  Katelyn Tuohy (2015, A-10th) (2016, A-2nd) (2017, A-1st) (2018, A-1st), Haleigh Morales (2016, A-8th) (2018, A-10th)

Last Year's Summary:  4th at NXR-NY, 3rd in States A, 1st in Sectionals

Katelyn Tuohy12
Haleigh Morales12210128
Catherine Ruffino121150108
Cara Fagelman10861106
Gianna Dellamedaglia10958105
Brittney Pezzementi111072101
Rachel Keller11138098
Leyla Ventura1014

Outlook: Katelyn Tuohy's senior season should be very special as she goes for a variety of course and meet and mind-crushing records on the quest for a third NXN crown. But what would be really special is if she and longtime sidekick Haleigh Morales can lead the Red Raiders back to Portland in their final XC season. There is a good amount of depth behind the top duo on this year's team, and some very promising track results indicate that North Rockland may be ready to rumble west.

Saratoga (Blue Streaks)

Section 2

States Teams: 1987 (A-1st) 1988 (A-2nd), 1989 (A-1st), 1990 (A-1st), 1991 (A-1st), 1992 (A-2nd), 1993 (A-1st), 1996 (A-1st), 1997 (A-1st), 1998 (A-1st), 2000 (A-1st), 2001 (A-1st), 2002 (A-1st), 2003 (A-1st), 2004 (A-1st), 2005 (A-1st), 2006 (A-3rd), 2007 (A-2nd), 2008 (A-2nd), 2009 (A-2nd), 2010 (A-2nd), 2011 (A-2nd), 2012 (A-2nd), 2013 (A-2nd), 2014 (A-2nd), 2015 (A-2nd), 2016 (A-3rd), 2018 (A-1st)    NXN Nationals: 2004 (1st), 2005 (2nd), 2007 (3rd), 2008 (4th), 2009 (2nd), 2010 (2nd), 2011 (2nd), 2012 (5th) 2013 (15th), 2014 (10th), 2015 (4th), 2017 (14th), 2018 (6th) 
States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Cheri Goddard (1987, A-2nd) (1988, A-1st), Stacy Pearce (1988, A-8th) (1989, A-4th), Annie Burtman (1989, A-3rd), Stacie Snider (1990, A-2nd), Jessica Milosch (1991, A-1st), Marissa Mathiesen (1991, A-4th), Tobey Kearns (1991, A-8th) (1992, A-4th) (1993, A-2nd), Suzy Clark (1991, A-9th), Erin Davis (1992, A-1st) (1993, A-1st) (1994, A-1st) (1995, A-3rd) (1996, A-1st), Erin Karl (1993, A-3rd), Laura Kearns (1995,A-5th) (1996, A-2nd) (1997, A-2nd), Jocelyn Heighton (1995, A-8th) (1996, A-7th), Danielle Coon (1996, A-8th) (1997, A-2nd) (1998, A-2nd) (1999, A-3rd) (2000, A-3rd), Kate Markopoulos (1988, A-3rd), Melissa Glotzbecker (1988, A-9th), Amanda Meyer (2000, A-5th) (2001, A-10th), Margie Boltzer (2000, A-6th), Allison Rowe (2000, A-8th) (2001, A-5th), Melissa Sue Trauchst (2000, A-9th), Tess Auwarter (2000, A-10th), Nicole Blood (2001, A-1st) (2003, A-1st) (2004, AA-1st), Lindsey Ferguson (2003, A-5th) (2004, AA-3rd) (2005, AA-3rd), Ruby Solomon (2003, A-10th), Karyn Delay (2004, AA-6th), Hannah Davidson (2004, AA-5th) (2005, AA-2nd) (2006, AA-2nd) (2007, AA-1st), Caitlin Lane (2004, AA-8th), Cassie Goutos (2007, AA-7th) (2008, AA-5th), Keelin Hollowood (2009, AA-7th) (2010, AA-10th), Estela Smith (2011, A-10th), Taylor Driscoll (2012, A-4th), Kelsey Chmiel (2015, A-3rd) (2016, A-1st) (2017, A-2nd) (2018, A-2nd), Ella Kurto (2018, A-6th)

Last Year's Summary:  6th at NXN, 1st at NXR-NY, 1st in States A, 1st in Sectionals

Ella Kurto1036138
McKinley Wheeler91534121
Emily Bush81021118
Sheridan Wheeler931
Catherine Mongan9


Outlook: The Blue Streaks got their 15th States title in 2018, 13 years after they got their 14th. The loss of longtime all-World runner Kelsey Chmiel will be massive for this year's team since it also comes with other key losses, but Saratoga still enters the season as one of the top 5 teams with a decent shot to repeat at States if more depth can be found behind sophomore standout Ella Kurto and an extremely young group including McKinley and Sheridan Wheeler and Emily Bush. Saratoga has been a factory for new young runners for more than four decades, so it would be no shock if a young Toga team takes on a still younger look.

Shenendehowa (Plainsmen)

Section 2

States Teams: 1994 (A-1st), 1995 (A-1st) 2017 (A-2nd)   NXN Nationals: 2009 (8th), 2014 (18th), 2016 (14th)
States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Michelle Lauritzen (1987, A-4th) (1988, A-2nd), Dana Ostrander (1993, A-6th) (1994, A-2nd) (1995, A-1st), Julie Shapiro (1994, A-8th) (1995, A-10th), Cara Janeczko (2007, AA-10th), Lizzie Predmore (2008, AA-4th) (2009, AA-8th), Nicole Irving (2009, AA-6th), Hannah Reale (2017, A-7th)

Last Year's Summary:  5th at NXR-NY,  4th in Sectionals


Hannah Belleville1211
Jada Dennis12738120
Skyler Knott92742108
Jade Dennis1222
Luccabellla Hotaling10

Amanda Curtis933
Charlotte Gable936
Brianna McLaughlin939
Cassie McLaughlin11


Outlook: A year after a historic win in S2-A and two years after a trip to NXN, Shen fell back to 4th in Sectionals before recovering strongly for a 5th at NXR-NY in 2018. This year with the top four back and an unusual mix of mainly seniors led by the trio of Hannah Belleville and Jada and Jade Dennis and a pack of freshmen led by transfer Skyler Knott from last year's state champion Saratoga team, the Plainswomen will enter the season as the favorites in S2-A with not only good speed ratings but also the best compression factor among the top 25 Class A teams. Shen has great depth and an emerging group of young runners, and if sophomore Luccabella Hotaling can return from injuries to anywhere near the form she had while taking 17th in the McQuaid AAA, Shen will be even more formidable.

Shaker (Bison)

Section 2

States Teams: 
States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):  Laura Lemena (1982, A-7th) (1983, A-10th), Krissy Hacke (1989, A-5th) (1990, A-6th) (1991, A-3rd) (1992, A-7th)

Last Year's Summary:  3rd in Sectionals
Leoni Griffin8529122
Kayleigh Higgins9426121
Tori Mariano1213
Olivia Miles1232
Madelyn Miles1034
Ciara Bullington1037
Lilia Korniss941

Outlook: Last year behind 8th grader Kayleigh Higgins and 7th grader Leoni Griffin, Shaker reemerged as an S2-A force, jumping from 6th at Sectionals in 2017 to 3rd in 2018. Now with the top 7 back from last year and seniors Tori Mariano and Olivia Miles supporting the young top duo at the 100+ TR level, Shaker will be a dangerous contender among the five States top 10 S2-A teams. With expected development on the young back line, the Bison could be taking their first ever Sectional crown.

Liverpool (Warriors)

Section 3

States Teams:  2002 (A-5th)   NXN Nationals: 2017 (13th), 2018 (15th)
States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):  Jennifer Rhines (1989, A-10th) (1990, A-3rd) (1991, A-2nd), Karen Polinsky (1993, A-10th), Jenna Schulz (2016, A-10th) (2017, A-8th) (2018, A-4th), Madison Neuner (2017, A-10th)

Last Year's Summary:  15th at NXN, 3rd at NXR-NY,  2nd in Sectionals
Jenna Schulz1224145
Sydney Carlson118
Gabby McCarthy1118
Isabella Brancato1222
Rosie Petrella1225
Eva Woodworth1023

Outlook: Even while missing a key runner, the Warriors came close to capturing their first Sectional championship in 16 years, as they led by 2 points after four places but lost to Fayetteville-Manlius again by a point at 43-44. Madison and Emily Neuner and Windsor Ardner are gone from the top quintet that led Liverpool to a second consecutive NXN berth, so 2019 will be a bit of a rebuilding year for a team that still has enough strength to be rated 6th in Class A in preseason. Senior Jenna Schulz returns as one of the top 5 runners in the state and junior Sydney Carlson is coming off of a 22nd at NXR-NY last year, but the Warriors will need not only some development at the back but also an infusion of young legs to get on track for a third straight visit to Portland.

Niskayuna (Silver Warriors)

Section 2

States Teams: 1979 (A-8th), 1983 (A-3rd), 1984 (A-8th) 
States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Sue Hay (1980, A-4th), Colleen Mason (1981, A-8th) (1982, A-4th), Caitlin McTague (1999, A-9th) (2002, A-2nd) (2003, A-6th)

Last Year's Summary:  8th at NXR-NY,  2nd in Sectionals
Liyat Kebbede10645118
Orit Shiang1118
Erin Boler916
Katherine Hesler1217
Skyler Smith1026
Sophia Boler1045
Abigail Thomas10


Outlook: A young Niskayuna squad surprised expectations last year with 4th and 5th place finishes in the major McQuaid AAA and Manhattan Eastern States races. Now with 7 of their top 8 back on a balanced team with nice compression, the Silver Warriors look to compete very well in a brutally tough S2-A group after locking down 2nd place for a second conseccutive year. On a young team with four sophomores in the top 7 and only one senior on the preseason roster, Niskayuna will need to keep pushing upward and packing into the sweet spots in the Sectional results behind States finalist Liyat Kebedde if the team is to take its first Sectional title in 35 years.

Cornwall (Dragons)

Section 9

States Teams: 1997 (B-9th), 1998 (B-4th), 2001 (B-5th), 2002 (B-5th), 2003 (B-5th), 2004 (A-2nd), 2005 (A-3rd), 2006 (A-4th), 2007 (A-4th), 2008 (A-2nd), 2009 (A-4th), 2010 (A-4th), 2011 (B-9th), 2012 (B-5th), 2013 (B-6th), 2014 (B-2nd), 2015 (B-5th), 2016 (B-5th), 2017 (B-4th), 2018 (B-1st) 
States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Suzanne Gold (1991, B-8th), Lynne Mundy (2003, B-6th) (2004, A-3rd) (2005, A-3rd), Aisling Cuffe (2008, A-2nd) (2009, A-1st) (2010, A-1st), Beatrice Boylan (2012, B-6th) (2013, B-8th), Dara Cuffe (2014, B-3rd), Victoria Caroli (2015, B-8th), Karrie Baloga (2018, B-3rd)

Last Year's Summary:  
Karrie Baloga913132
Ashley Hickman12847109
Clare Kelly11727106
Julia Samuelson11934103
Adrianna Cecchetelli10

Abigail Schewtschenko10147687

Outlook: On its 20th visit to States and 18th consecutive appearance, a Cornwall team that had been projected 5th in the preseason ratings came away with its first state championship in Class B. As a reward (for its expanding student base), the Dragons were sent up to Class A, a place they haven't been since 2010 back in the 5-class era. Even with longtime stalwart Meredith Hickman gone along with Molly Cameron and Gia Flores from last year's champs, the Dragons will be favored in an S9-A battle with Warwick Valley after reigning champ Monroe-Woodbury graduated much of its team. Freshman Karrie Baloga lit things up in her newbie year with a 3rd at States, and with a strong returning cast of senior Ashley Hickman and juniors Clare Kelly and Julia Samuelson, Cornwall should be in the hunt for a 19th straight visit to States.

Arlington (Admirals)

Section 1

States Teams: 1986 (A-4th), 1987 (A-8th), 1089 (A-9th), 1991 (A-11th), 1995 (A-3rd), 1996 (A-6th), 1998 (A-8th), 2001 (A-7th), 2007 (AA-5th), 2008 (AA-3rd), 2009 (AA-4th)
States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Crystal Elmendorf (1994, A-5th), Elizabeth McGarvey (1994, A-10th), Kaylan Kemink (2002, A-3rd), Bella Burda (2012, A-2nd) (2013, A-1st)

Last Year's Summary:  2nd in Sectionals
Anna Recktenwalt11541112
Kaitlyn Murtagh1112
Raven Stanet11646107
Jalyssa Smith1226
Anna Mae Nellis1216
Shannon Pfeiffer1020
Rebecca Fastiggi1224

Outlook: The Admirals fell 19 points short at Sectionals of upsetting a North Rockland team without Katelyn Tuohy, but the top 7 are back for this year for an attempt at its first States visit in 10 years. States finalists Anna Recktenwalt and Raven Stanet return along with Kaitlyn Murtagh to form a junior trio at the top, and senior Jalyssa Smith looks to be nicely recovered from last year's XC injuries, so Arlington will be running closely enough behind the Red Raiders to be troublesome.

Bethlehem (Eagles)

Section 2

States Teams:  1982 (A-9th), 1986 (A-6th)   NXN Nationals: 2004 (A-13th)
States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Judy Parker (1979, A-5th), Leslie Warren (1979. A-9th), Emily Malinowski (2004, AA-10th)

Last Year's Summary:  16th at NXR-NY,  5th in Sectionals
Gillian Roeder1214
Rylee Davis912
Rachel Hodge1221
Emily Smith1235
Amelia Evans1275
Katie Grossman1166

Outlook: 2018 was a year of mixed results for the Eagles as they fell back to 5th in S2-A and sent no one to States. Still, nearly everyone is back on a senior-heavy team led by seniors Gillian Roeder and Rachel Hodge and freshman Rylee Davis, a track results were promising enough to indicate that the Eagles should be competitive while battling in a very tough section.

Suffern (Mounties)

Section 1

States Teams:  2003 (A-6th), 2004 (AA-5th), 2005 (AA-4th), 2012 (A-5th), 2013 (A-3rd) , 2014 (A-3rd)
States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Diane Dougan (1985, A-8th), Meghan Howell (1998, A-6th), Shelby Greany (2004, AA-9th) (2005, AA-4th) (2006, AA-4th) (2007, AA-2nd) (2008, AA-2nd), Kara McKenna (2005, AA-5th), Mary Hennelly (2015, A-5th) (2018, A-7th)

Last Year's Summary:  3rd in Sectionals
Mary Hennelly1217137
Brooke Hirsch1017
Deirdre Young1219
Jessica Korman1118
Josette Audi1143
Monal Daterao12

85* (2017)

Outlook: Entering her sixth season of high performance, Mary Hennelly has logged a lot of miles over the years, which included a trip to Foot Locker Nationals in 2018. Now leading a Suffern team with enough talent to be feisty, Hennelly will be watching to see if there is enough of a Mountie youth movement to give the team a shot at it first Sectional win since she teamed with Rachel Ludwikowski and Kate Zendell to win S1-A as a 7th grader in 2014.

Warwick Valley (Wildcats)

Section 9

States Teams: States Teams: 1988 (B-9th), 1989 (B-3rd), 1990 (B-3rd), 1991 (B-2nd), 1992 (B-2nd), 1993 (B-5th), 1994 (B-7th), 1995 (B-9th), 1996 (B-4th), 1997 (A-6th), 1999 (B-4th), 2000 (B-4th), 2001 (A-6th), 2003 (A-3rd), 2005 (AA-3rd), 2006 (AA-5th), 2007 (AA-3rd), 2012 (A-4th)    NXN Nationals: 2007 (11th) 
States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Aislinn Ryan (2002, A-9th) (2003, A-4th) (2004, AA-2nd) (2005, AA-1st), Lillian Griebesland (2007, AA-8th), Megan Reilly (2012, A-1st) (2013, A-1st)

Last Year's Summary:  2nd in Sectionals
Kristen Thompson11869106
Katherine Smith1110
Simone Sullivan1112
Gabby Goodman1216
Leigh Ann Tanner1122
Mary Calandra11


Outlook: Last year's Sectional battle between Monroe-Woodbury and Warwick Valley that was expected in the preseason never really developed as the Wildcats were missing some key runners. This year it is not the Crusaders that are likely to stand in the way of Warwick Valley's first Sectional win in 7 years but a newly promoted Cornwall team that is sporting its first States title. A Wildcat junior trio of Kristen Thompson, Katherine Smith and Simone Sullivan had some promising track results, so we'll be watching to see if there is a Purple Wave of development behind them.