Manhattan Invite Race Assignments Now Available


Please note that the 2018 schedule's order of events is different than those of past years. The Freshmen and Sophomore race times traded places.
19:05Freshman Boys "A"Br. Raphael Cecchini FSC '42 Memorial
29:11Freshman Girls "A"Brian Kivlan, '69
39:17Freshman Boys "B"Br. Francis Bowers FSC '41 , Memorial
49:23Freshman Girls "B"Jacob Korn Memorial
59:29Freshman Boys "C"Kye Courtney '61 Memorial
69:35Freshman Girls "C"Pierce Power '50 Memorial
79:41Freshman Boys "D"Mark B. Codd '71
89:47Freshman Girls "D"Pat Petersen '82 Memorial
99:53Freshman Boys "E"O'Malley Family
109:59Sophomore Boys "A"Eugene & Sally Trigo Memorial
1110:12Sophomore Girls "A"St. Francis Prep Coach Jim May
1210:25Sophomore Boys "B"Jim Harrington, '51
1310:38Sophomore Girls "B"John A. Cunningham Memorial
1410:51Sophomore Boys "C"Kevin Kearney '74 Memorial
1511:03JV Boys "A"Coach Jim McHugh
1611:15JV Girls "A"Sal Marro,' 51 Memorial
1711:27JV Boys "B"Thomas H. Lindgren '55 Memorial
1811:39JV Girls "B"Kate Welling Memorial
1911:51JV Boys "C"Michael J. Codd Memorial
2012:03JV Girls "C"Coach Irv Kintisch Memorial
2112:15JV Boys "D"Gerald F.Buckley '64 Memorial
2212:27JV Girls "D"John N. Johnson Memorial
2312:39JV Boys "E"Louis Vazquez Jr. Memorial
2412:51Varsity Boys "A "Coach Peter L. Waters Memorial
251:03Varsity Girls "A"Warren Ring, Memorial
261:15Varsity Boys "B"Coach George T. Eastment Memorial
271:27Varsity Girls "B"Br. Gregory Hunt, FSC '50 Memorial
281:39Varsity Boys "C"Dr. Francis J. Sweeny '16 Memorial
291:51Varsity Girls "C"Mike Cohen Memorial
302:03Varsity Boys "D"Joseph P. Kearney '67 Memorial
312:15Boys Eastern States ChampionshipPeter Aquilone Memorial
322:32Intermediate Boys (Grades 7-8)Edward E. Walsh '70
332:38Intermediate Girls (Grades 7-8)
342:46Girls Eastern States ChampionshipEdward J.J. Bowes '64
352:58Varsity Girls "D"Coach Fred Dwyer
363:10Varsity Boys "E"Edward D. O'Toole '47 Memorial
373:22Varsity Girls "E"Crown Trophy - Brooklyn
383:34Varsity Boys "F"Lindy J. Remigino '53
393:46Varsity Girls "F"Sr. Geraldine Bowes, OP '71 Memorial
403:58Varsity Boys "G"Edward J. Walsh , Jr. 47