Top Ten Moments of 2018 - Numbers 6 & 5

#6 - Carlon Hosten Blasts Off In A New State Record

Hosten's State Title Sprint

If there is one for certain, it would be that the PSAL routinely has a stranglehold of the Sprint leaderboards in New York State.  That alone elevates the 100m PSAL Title, and in turn, the Indoor 55m PSAL Title, in high regards.  With all the drama of an Olympic final, the Indoor PSAL 55m Title race didn't disappoint.

All eyes were on the center lanes.  In Lane 5 was Michael Miller Jr. (Christopher Columbus), who the year before, had a breakout performance in this very same race.  Miller was a known entity then, having broke the Sophomore State Record in mid-January of that year, running 6.38.  He still came into the PSAL final as an underdog, with eventual State Champ Ramone Newland (South Shore) playing favorite.  That didn't play out, however, as Miller blasted another race, this time smoking a 6.33 winning performance, to lower his own Soph State Record.

It was now 2018, and Miller was back in Lane 5.  But to his left, was Carlon Hosten (Taft).  Hosten had been a rising star, more known for the 300m in 2017.  But one year later, and he was now the top Sprinter in the PSAL for both the 300m and 55m.  His 300m was the stronger event, running 33.83 at the Dr. Sander Invite.  His 55m was still good, clocking 6.39 earlier in the year, but Miller had proven that was beatable.  The race was on.

The prelims looked promising for Hosten.  He dropped an easy 6.38 to be the fastest qualifier.  Miller was at 6.56, with Kimani Brown (Cardozo) right there as well, as 6.59.  It was time for the finals.  Settling into the blocks, the tension was high.  The gun went off, and Miller got a great start.  But Hosten exploded from the blocks, and began to separate.  Powering through the line, Hosten had gotten a decisive win, despite Miller putting up a strong 6.39 for second.  But what about Hosten's time?

The clock read 6.28!  It was the fastest time ever by a New Yorker, faster even than any mark run en-route through 60m.  It was the first time a New Yorker had run under 6.30, with the prior State Record of 6.31 dating back to 1995.  23 years later, and it was gone.  Hosten would go on to put his name in serious consideration for the NY Gatorade Athlete of the Year Conversation, by sweeping the 55m and 300m at the Indoor State Meet, and doing the same at the Outdoor State Meet for the 100m and 200m.  He would move to NY #7 All-Time with his 200m State Meet win at 21.13.  He also qualified for the IAAF U-20 Worlds team for his native team of Trinidad, and will be competing in Finland later this month.

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