Top 10 Loucks Games Races We're Most Excited For, Ranked

#7 - Girls HJ

When: Saturday, May 12th @ 9:00am

Why: Anytime you have three Girls over 5-7, and five girls over 5-6, you're going to have a close match-up in the High Jump.  Sharde Johnson (Emma Willard) and My' Khiyah Williams (Benjamin Banneker) both have a 5-8 clearance to their name, and both are in contention to take home a State Title, after placing runners-up Indoors.  But from out-of-state comes Anna Jordahl-Henry (Wellesley, MA) at 5-7.75, as well as her twin sister Julia at 5-7, as well as a strong 5-6 clearance from Brooke Bensche (Scarsdale).  The margin of error here is thin, and should make for an exciting competition.