Ocean Breeze Freedom Games Preview Blowout

Boys Sprints


Two seniors are expected to battle out front.  Daniel Whitfield (Wise, MD) has gone 7.53, while Chinemerem Ononiwu (Archbishop Molloy) has hit 7.60.  The pair are two of the best from their respective states, and will do battle on the in-field.  Also in the mix is JaJuan Hudson (Camden) at 7.76 and Joshua Titus (Archbishop Molloy) at 7.79.


It took 6.70 or better to be considered a top seed here.  Your favorite will be Mordecai McDaniel (St. John's College, DC), who has clocked a 6.53 personal best.  Right on his heels is Jared Trefny (HHH-E) with a 6.55 last week.  Also under is Dorian Ryan (Xavier), who has hit 6.58.  Luke Colehower (Haddonfield, NJ) and Thomas Hampton (Clayton, NJ) are two from Jersey to round out the field at 6.65 or higher.


Like the 55m, Mordecai McDaniel leads the field here with his 35.75.  But now, he'll have Luke Colehower on his shoulder, as the pair have both clocked 22-low marks in the 200m.  The latter doesn't have a mark in the 300m yet, so anything can happen.  Verified athletes like Ra'Mel Manley (Wise, MD) at 35.91 and Daniel Whitfield (Wise, MD) at 36.18 can use those team tactics to break up the party.  Jamarr Garry (Central, MD) rounds out the top seeds with his 36.64.


Because so many southern states run the 500m distance, this one was incredibly hard to predict.  Based on the shorter distance, sophomore Napolean Hernandez (Tatnall, DE) is your top seed, also a 50-point guy in the 400m.  His 1:06.91 in the 500m surpasses the 1:08's run by Ra'Mel Manley and Quazeem Adeyinka (Central, MD)

However, based on true marks, it's Zalen Nelson (St. Francis Prep) with the target on his back, running 1:23.19 last weekend.  Brett Asay (Ridgem NJ) is next in line at 1:25.95, and then there is Atharv Kulkarni (WWP-N, NJ) who has hit 1:55 for the 800m open.

Expect this to be an unpredictable finish.