2017 NY Boys XC Preview: Class C

Albany AcademyCadets

Section: 2Class: CColors: Black and Red

Albany Academy's Alex Foyt (no. 215) led the Cadets to 4th place in their first visit to States.
XC History
States Teams: 2016 (C-4th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):  Jon Catlett (1994, B-6th), Kevin Catlett (2001, B-6th)

Last Year's Summary: 2nd in Sectionals C


NameGradeSect. Place Top Notes States ResultsSeason TR
Alex Foyt1232nd in Burnt Hills-222164
Marcus O'Leary1254th in McDaniel-Baxter-142161
Trevor Gulock122222nd in Colonial Council81138
Dick Graziano114826th in Colonial Council107118
Daniel Lacey126630th in Colonial Council120110
This Year's Outlook

The Cadets have a chance to move up from their 4th place at States with senior frontrunners Foyt and O'Leary leading them out, but after some key losses to graduation, Albany Academy needs to fill out the ranks.


Section: 3Class: CColors: Green, red and white

Marcellus senior Max Strempel has Mustang temmate Joe Riccardi hiding right behind him as they help propel the team to 5th at States.
XC History
States Teams: 1971 (B-6th), 1977 (B-3rd), 1984 (B-7th), 1985 (B-7th), 2010 (B-4th), 2011 (B-5th), 2015 C-5th), 2016 (C-5th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers): Ron Cox (1989, B-7th), Chris Stogsdill (2006, B-8th) (2007, B-2nd) (2008, B-1st), Jesse Garn (2009, B-5th) (2010, B-5th), Ryan Manahan (2010, B-3rd) (2011, B-2nd) (2012, B-1st)

Last Year's Summary: 5th in States C, 1st in Sectionals C


NameGradeSect. Place (B)Top Notes States Results (B)Season TR
Joseph Riccardi1272nd in Tully-Sm49157
Ethan Mosure121116th in Byram Hills43152
Grayson Hoag112922nd in Tully-Sm108130
Riley Burns125123rd in Tully-Sm
Aidan Shea10
37th in McQuaid-JV
Nicholas Rosenbloom11
3rd in Tully-JV
This Year's Outlook
With a senior heavy team last year, Marcellus captured the S3-C and finished 5th in States. This year the task will be harder with just three guys back from the 2016 Mustang varsity, but Joe Riccardi and Ethan Mosure had top 50 places at States, and that's a start.

Port JeffersonRoyals

Section: 11Class: CColors: Purple and white

Port Jefferson's Sam Walker at left was the lead guy of a trio of Royals at States last year.
XC History
States Teams: 1952 (B-1st), 1953 (B-1st), 1958 (A-2nd), 1964 (A-2nd), 1965 (A-2nd), 1974 (C-1st), 1975 (B-2nd), 1976 (B-1st), 1977 (B-2nd), 1978 (B-5th), 1979 (B-4th), 1980 (B-7th), 1982 (B-4th),1983 (B-4th), 2000 (D-8th), 2001 (D-4th), 2002 (D-7th), 2003 (D-10th), 2004 (D-7th), 2005 (D-5th), 2006 (C-9th), 2007 (C-7th), 2009 (D-5th), 2010 (C-6th), 2011 (C-5th), 2013 (D-5th)

States Individuals (Top 10 finishers):  Mike Caraftis (1952, B-1st) (1953, B-1st), Melvin Solomon (1953, B-10th), Fred Zittel (1961, A-1st), Lee Jordan (1964, A-3rd), Brian Tolvanen (1970, B-9th) (1971, C-2nd), Joel Carpenter (1976, B-6th), Steve Breit (1987, A-4th) (1989, A-6th), Matt Vanlierop (1990, A-7th), Eric Fleckenstein (1999, D-3rd), Brendan Sullivan (1999, D-4th) (2000, D-3rd) (2001, D-2nd), Sean Sullivan (2002, D-4th), James Burke (2013, C-3rd) (2014, C-6th)

Last Year's Summary: 2nd in Sectionals C


NameGradeSect. Place (B)Top Notes States Results (B)Season TR
Sam Walker12131st in Section 11 Div. Merge57157
Alex Rebic12713th in Suffolk Coaches-A71144
Cooper Schoch986th in Section 11-FroshSoph
Grant Samara91018th in Section 11-FroshSoph
Joseph Samara1211165th in Section 11 Div. Merge
Michael Ruggiero12
57th in Suffolk Coaches-A
This Year's Outlook
The time finally came when Port Jefferson rated a profile and the whole history had to be typed out, which includes team or individual championships in three of the four classes the Royals have bounced around in. This year's team won't be adding a state championship to the tally, but it could very well win Sectionals with five guys returning from S11-C's top 11.

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