2017 NY Boys XC Preview: CHSAA

St. Francis PrepTerriers

Section: NY-BQ CHSAAClass: AColors: Blue and red

St. Francis Prep's Constantinos Athanailos (no. 1204) is in a big pack of runners and coaches as he charges home to 33rd in the CHSAA championship.

Last Year's Summary: 14th in CHSAA, 9th in NY-BQ CHSAA

NameGradeCHSAA Place Top Notes Federation ResultsSeason TR
Constantinos Athanailos113327th in NY-BQ CHSAA209152
Marco Costello116244th in NY-BQ CHSAA
Zalen Nelson12--8th in Jim Smith
Glen Fiocca1210514th in NY-BQ CHSAA
Jack Lynch11--38th in CHSAA-FroshSoph
Kobe Hall11987th in BQ-CHSAA-JV
This Year's Outlook
St. Francis Prep was well back at 14th in the CHSAA last year, but the Terriers have five of their top 6 back including frontrunner Constantinos Athanailos, so the young team should move up in 2017.

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