Manhattan Invitational Boys Letter Race Previews

43rd Annual Manhattan Invitational Boys Letter Race Preview

Much of the day's action at Van Cortlandt Park will be devoted to the Letter races, and there are great matches on hand for all. Time was a bit limited for pulling in info from all of the different states. Also apologies to non-NY teams if the rating scores don't quite capture your full strength, as some of the estimations are really tough. The following summaries should give at least some idea of what's in store for the boy's 7 Letter duels.


There always seems to be a single race that is overloaded with talent. That Race in 2015 would be awarded to Letter E, where the three best teams of the letter races, and the deepest field of 170+ find their home. Other highlights include battle between states, some close match-ups for individuals, and some great story lines all around.

Cheers to all, and remember not to start sprinting all out when you come out of the woods. There's still 600 meters to go.

Race by Race Breakdown

Boys Race A

Boys Race B

Boys Race C

Boys Race D

Boys Race E

Boys Race F

Boys Race G