New Names Rising in Section 4

Cortland, NY - With some of Section 4's top athletes not yet competing, this weekend was a chance for new athletes to move up into the spotlight

Small School - Results - Photos

Large School - Results - Photos

Boys 3200m
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Top Athletes - Overall
Recap- Both races were very close and were decided on the final lap. Eisenhut and Mancuso both had the best kick, and were able to pull away from the athletes tailing them in the final meters.
  1 Ben Eisenhut              12 Lansing                    10:10.83    Small School
2 Garrett Butters 12 Elmira Notre Dame 10:12.64
3 Dylan Brickner 12 Marathon 10:17.80 1 Logan Mancuso Oneonta 1 10:06.80 Large School
2 Parrish Bridges Owego 1 10:11.90
3 Ilian Kozarski Union Endicott 1 10:13.67

Girls 3000m
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Top Athletes - Overall
Recap - The Yoder sisters went 1-2 in the small school race while the Corning xc team hit the track for the 1st time. Jess Lawson and Natalie Rogus led the 5-strong Corning contingent that all cruised home together under 11:40.
  1 Payton Yoder              08 Elmira Notre Dame          11:42.69    Small School
2 Chase Yoder 10 Elmira Notre Dame 12:00.34 1 Natalie Rogus Corning 1 11:34.60 Large School
2 Jessica Lawson Corning 1 11:34.66

Boys 1000m
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Top Athletes - Overall
Recap- Evan Degraw ran out front by himself, and came through in 1st with relative ease. The large school race came down to a select group on the final lap. Owego's Joe McDonald pulled away from Micah Page to break the 2:40 barrier and post a NY Top-20 result.
  1 Evan DeGraw               11 Union Springs               2:45.98    Small School
  1 Joe McDonald                 Owego 1                     2:39.65    Large School
2 Micah Page Horseheads 1 2:40.38
3 Boris Kozarski Union Endicott 1 2:41.58
4 Rani Marhaba Vestal 1 2:41.76

Girls 1000m
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Top Athletes - Overall
Recap - Claire Melvin won with just over a second advantage over Tatianna Trajnor-Hill from Moravia. In the second race, Emily Mackay made her debut on the track after a breakout end to her XC season. Mackay took the lead out front early and easily rolled through in 3:20.
  1 Claire Melvin             10 Trumansburg                 3:32.87    Small School
2 Tatianna Trajnor-Hill 11 Moravia 3:33.76 1 Emily Mackay Union Endicott 1 3:20.10 Large School
2 Meredith Briaman Horseheads 1 3:26.67

Boys 55m
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Top Athletes - Overall

Recap- Dryden typically has quality sprinters, and with the Joyce brothers absent, the team's depth was displayed when they placed 2-4 while missing their Top-2. Kahyle Capers crashed the Dryden party and posted a time that would've placed in the Large School finals.

With 2 final heats, athletes had to fight against the clock and not worry about anyone else in their heat. That's exactly what Mike D'Andelo did. He won the "slow" heat of the large school finals and scored a 2nd place finish overall behind C.J. Bergman.

1.  Kahyle Capers(10)      Trumansburg                        06.91 Small School
2. Gavin Marsh(10) Dryden 06.96
3. Tor Wildenstein(11) Dryden 07.09
4. Corey Seymour(9 ) Dryden 07.165 1. C.J. Bergman Owego 1 06.77 Large School
2. Mike D'Angelo Union Endicott 1 06.84
3. Jerry McPeak Elmira District 1 06.85
4. Dylan Hunt Vestal 1 06.86

Girls 55m
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Top Athletes - Overall
Recap - Deborah Diarra earns her 1st 55m win of the season while Michaela Burrell gets redemption for her narrow miss at the top spot last week in the Bomber Invite.
1.  Deborah Diarra(12)     Elmira Notre Dame                  07.60 Small School
2. Mallory. Stillman(9 ) Sidney-Delhi-Unatego 07.65
1. Michaela Burrell Corning 1 07.45 Large School
2. Tia Jones Vestal 1 07.49

Boys 600m
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Top Athletes - Overall

Recap- With Section 4's top ranked 600m runner Evan Degraw mixing it up in the 1k & 300, this race looked to be an easy win for Dean Howard. But it was Degraw's teammate Zach Balog who had a big race and almost made it two 600m victories in back to back weeks for Union Springs.

The Large School race had a completely different finish. Ricky Houghtelling ran his 1st 600m of the season, and after opening a large gap in the 1st 400m, no one was able to gain any ground as he ran to the 2nd fastest time in Section 4 this season.

  1 Dean. Howard              11 Sidney-Delhi-Unatego        1:29.35    Small School
2 Zach Balog 11 Union Springs 1:29.56
1 Ricky Houghtelling Elmira District 1 1:27.44 Large School
2 Sean Strayer Horseheads 1 1:30.17

Girls 600m
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Top Athletes - Overall
Recap - After spending most of her running career in the short sprints, Abbey Yatsko joined Dryden's newly created XC team this fall. After earning some quality results over 5k, she is transferring the distance confidence to the track. In her 1st attempt at the 600, she moved out front on the 1st lap then settle into a rhythm and cruised home to a new Section 4 best time of 1:42. So far this season it has been the small school athletes dominating the 600m. Lyndsey Lehr and Kaylee Uhl ran quality races, and Pearl Cooper was the only large school athlete to break 1:50.
  1 Abbey Yatsko              11 Dryden                      1:42.29    Small School
2 Lyndsey Lehr 11 Lansing 1:44.22
3 Kaylee Uhl 12 Waverly 1:46.54 1 Pearl Cooper Corning 1 1:47.45 Large School

Boys 55m Hurdles

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Top Athletes - Overall

Recap- While Jacob Cozzarin posted the fastest time amongst the small schools, Vestal placed 2 in the top-3 even with the absence of Chris Murphy. Dylan Hunt remains undefeated in the hurdles this season and looks well on his way to another trip to states.

  1 Jacob Cozzarin            12 Trumansburg                    8.58    Small School
2 T.J. Robinson 12 Chenango Forks 8.87
3 Nick Muldoon 11 Dryden 8.98
1 Dylan Hunt Vestal 1 7.96 Large School
2 Tyler Hubeny Union Endicott 1 8.32
3 Kyle Kulp Vestal 1 8.52

Girls 55m Hurdles
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Top Athletes - Overall
Recap - Dryden and Sid-Del-Una dominated the smal school hurdles. With a 3rd Sid-Del-Una athlete placing 6th, the two schools earned all but one of the scoring places. Kari Stromhaug continues to win and hold onto her place at the top of the Section 4 rankings.
  1 Emma. Egli                12 Sidney-Delhi-Unatego           9.69    Small School
2 Mackenzie Todd 12 Dryden 9.76
3 Shaina Sullivan 11 Dryden 9.88
4 Jessica. Champlin 10 Sidney-Delhi-Unatego 9.97
1 Kari Stromhaug Vestal 1 9.41 Large School
2 Anne Wozniak Corning 1 9.72


Boys 1600m

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Top Athletes - Overall

Recap- Patrick Hazlitt took the small school win a few seconds shy of his time from the Bomber Invite. In the large school race, Logan Mancuso came off his win in the 3200m looking for the 32/16 double. He moved to the front with 2 to go and set a pace that only John Sepelak could hang with. Sepelak proved to have more left in the tank as he unleased a punishing kick with 200m to go and extended his lead to the finish. Sepelak is now ranked 3rd in Section 4.

  1 Patrick Hazlitt           10 Watkins Glen                4:56.31    Small School
2 Declan Kottmeier 11 Sidney-Delhi-Unatego 4:59.32
3 Dylan Brickner 12 Marathon 5:00.69
1 John Sepelak Horseheads 1 4:44.16 Large School
2 Logan Mancuso Oneonta 1 4:47.08
3 Ilian Kozarski Union Endicott 1 4:49.56

Girls 1500m
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Top Athletes - Overall
Recap - Pearl Cooper secured her 2nd win as she led a 1-2 Corning finish with Emily Niu. The small school race was a 2 athlete battle for 7.5 laps. Maria Staehr and Allison Morrow went back and forth the entire race with Staehr holding onto the lead and fighting back every time Morrow attempted to move in front. After biding her time, it was Morrow who would attack with 150m to go and power away to the win in an exciting race to watch. The apparent secret to success for Cooper and Morrow was the 600/1500 double. Both athletes competed in the 600 and came back just a short time later and won the 1500.
  1 Allison Morrow            9  Dryden                      5:32.81    Small School
2 Maria Staehr 11 Union Springs 5:35.48
1 Pearl Cooper Corning 1 5:29.53 Large School
2 Emily Niu Corning 1 5:32.20

Boys 300m

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Top Athletes - Overall

Recap- There is no shortage of talent from the small schools in the mid distances races this season. The small schools now hold the top 4 spots in the Section 300m rankings. Dan Harden has had an excellent start to his season for Marathon. After resetting his own LJ school record last week and ranking NY #3 and US #10, he hit the track and set the new top 300m time in Section 4. Degraw moved up into the lead with 60m to go, but Harden put in a huge surge down the final straight to bring him over the line 1st. Kyle Kulp scored a 300m win in the large school race after a solid 3rd place in the hurdles.

  1 Daniel Harden             11 Marathon                      37.17    Small School
2 Evan DeGraw 11 Union Springs 37.42
3 Dean. Howard 11 Sidney-Delhi-Unatego 37.96
1 Kyle Kulp Vestal 1 38.27 Large School
2 Jesus Caballero Binghamton 1 38.75
3 Sean Strayer Horseheads 1 38.81

Girls 300m
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Top Athletes - Overall
Recap - More impressive depth on display for the small schools. One of the many Yatsko - Diarra duels to be fought this season. Michaela Burrell earned the 55/300 double in the large school meet. Lyndsey Lehr held onto 3rd over Claire Melvin who closed strong. Abbey Yatsko slightly lowers her section leading time, and displays her dominance in this event.
  1 Abbey Yatsko              11 Dryden                        42.40    Small School
2 Deborah Diarra 12 Elmira Notre Dame 43.91
3 Lyndsey Lehr 11 Lansing 44.43
4 Claire Melvin 10 Trumansburg 44.74
5 Julia Tantillo 12 Trumansburg 45.42
6 Mallory. Stillman 9 Sidney-Delhi-Unatego 45.63
7 Victoria Schutrum 11 Elmira Notre Dame 45.99
1 Michaela Burrell Corning 1 43.75 Large School
2 Tia Jones Vestal 1 44.54
3 Nicole Leo Binghamton 1 46.32

Boys Field Events

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Top Athletes - Overall

Recap- Tor Wildenstein takes top honors, with Gabe Enicks being the only other athletes over 20' on the weekend.

  1 Tor Wildenstein           11 Dryden                     20-08.75    Small School
2 Tyson. McCarroll 11 Sidney-Delhi-Unatego 19-08.00
3 Daniel Harden 11 Marathon 19-02.75
1 Gabe Enicks Corning 1 20-03.50 Large School
2 Lucas Sutton Windsor 1 19-03.50
3 Noah Holloway Vestal 1 18-11.00
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Top Athletes - Overall
Recap - Huge performance from Jesus Caballero. Far beyond his 5-6 clearance at the Bomber Invite, and now the first Section 4 athlete to clear 6'. He sits tied at NY #12.
  1 Tyson. McCarroll          11 Sidney-Delhi-Unatego        5-08.00    Small School
2 Brandon Damico 11 Moravia 5-06.00
3 Christian English 11 Dryden 5-04.00
1 Jesus Caballero Binghamton 1 6-00.00 Large School
2 Tyler Hubeny Union Endicott 1 5-08.00
3 David Bernstein Norwich 1 5-06.00

Girls Field Events

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Top Athletes - Overall

Recap- Kate Oteng-Bediako proved that her breakout win and school record at the Bomber Invite was no fluke. Freshman jumpers doing well this season. After a 13'7" last week, Brianna Schlicht soars to a 16'03" and near 3' improvement. Amari Hadlock is ranked 2nd in the section and had no trouble winning the large school meet.

  1 Kate Oteng-Bediako         9 Waverly                    16-11.75    Small School
2 Brianna Schlicht 9 Dryden 16-03.00
3 Anna. Egli 10 Sidney-Delhi-Unatego 14-10.50
1 Amari Hadlock Elmira District 1 16-02.50 Large School
2 Emma Sexton Union Endicott 1 15-07.75
3 Taylor Jubilee Corning 1 15-07.50
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Top Athletes - Overall
Recap - Hight jump is heating up in Section 4. After securing the win Shaina Sullivan moved the bar up and nearly cleared the state standard and Dryden school record at 5'3". Julie Nemcek tied her performance from the Bomber Invite and won over Franny Sariego also at 5'. Behind Kari Stromhaug at 5'4", there are a bunch of athletes around the 5' mark. With quality competition, the state spots should be hotly contested this season.
  1 Shaina Sullivan           11 Dryden                      5-00.00    Small School
2 Bailey Burr 10 Union Springs 4-10.00
1 Julie Nemcek Windsor 1 5-00.00 Large School
1 Franny Sariego Corning 1 5-00.00

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